Key People

Vivek Ghai
Founder and CEO

Vivek has over 17 years of experience in engineering, operations, marketing and business development in technology and service industry.

Vivek firmly believes and practice that the key to develop a successful IT company is to be adaptive and agile in aligning with customer requirements along with managing and retaining top talent.

Vivek founded Panacea Infotech Pvt Ltd in Pune in 2004 as a software service company focused on providing custom software development services to its clients across the globe.

You can learn more about Vivek via his LinkedIn profile.

Smita Ghai
Co-founder and M. D.

With a postgraduate degree in Economics from Lucknow University and a course from CDAC, Smita put in great efforts to reach where she is today. She started off with freelancing in her preliminary days and put down the lid of a comfortable freelancer; gaining a good amount of experience in her start off days it made her proficient enough in 2004 to form Panacea Infotech as a Private limited company and it brought her great amount of joy as all the hard work compensated. She struggled for almost 2 years in the local market with successfully completing 250+ projects during the initial stage of Panacea.

Smita took a step ahead in 2011 to polish her skills when she participated in the Women Entrepreneurship program-ISB, Hyderabad, which gave her an auxiliary in growing the company. She always had an aspiration to build an organization on her own determination, put after the struggle in the initial days there was no looking back.

She plays the chief in business planning, strategize the big picture, resource planning and ensures that everything goes as planned.

Smita straddles her personal and professional world with élan. Her business acumen ensures that she does a great job of her involvement in the strategic decisions of the company. Smita gives herself food for thought by reading motivational books and surfing the Internet.

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