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Dahi Handi

Dahi handi is every year ritual in Panacea. The event marked some great moments with our Founder and CEO. The event began with some fun activities and awesome performances that made everyone smile. All senior members including founder and CEO joined the celebration with sporting spirit and made it memorable for all staff.


A festival of light, delicious sweets, fireworks and enjoyment is here!! Once again Panacea indulged in the festivity of Diwali by carried out the event in Panacea style with diyas, rangoli, wishes and sweet memories.

Christmas and New Year Celebration – 2015

Like every Christmas and New Year celebration, this year’s celebration was unique and full of fun! All the employees attended the activity session organized by HR department. The session was outstanding and everyone enjoyed it a lot. All the teams enjoyed the event together and showed the example of dedication and teamwork. Along with Santa’s Hats, the entire atmosphere was full of Christmas.

Ganesh Festival

The birthday of Lord Ganesh is celebrated with full enthusiasm and great devotion at Panacea, where all the employees were indulge in Ganpati Puja which last long for continuous 10 days. All the employees enjoyed this festival by wearing traditional clothes and were fully engaged and devoted in this festival.

Potluck Party

A potluck lunch is a festive occasion. Panacian’s brought various traditional dishes that represented their country’s cuisine to the potluck. Employees savored unfamiliar, but delicious dishes that they have enjoyed a lot.

Blood Donation

Donation of Blood means a few minutes to you but a lifetime for somebody else.

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