Our world is facing a hard time. The spread of coronavirus has forced businesses to stand still. Every business is seeing a downfall, as this pandemic hard hits our economy. Amid this chaos, we shouldn’t leave our hopes. Remember, opportunities are waiting for you on the horizon.   

Online marketing has been outshined as a solution to deal with the current situation. No doubt, your audience is searching for answers online. A powerful Digital Marketing Strategy will help your brand in reaching potential customers.  

It is high time to increase your digital footprint and make way to reach your customers online. In further paragraphs, we will be discussing five important digital marketing strategies that can help you thrive amid COVID-19.  

COVID-19 Digital Marketing Strategy 2020 to Outshine as a Winner  

  • Use Social Media Marketing to reach your customers  

In the present scenario, we all are giving our best in adopting the new normal. Employees are working from home, students are attending online classes, live webinars find their way into your daily schedule, and people are spending more time on social media platforms. This is the reason why you need to boost your brands presence on social media.   

Speak up to your audience about your business performance. Let them know that you are present online and are working hard to deal with the situation. It is essential to use unique ways to strengthen your relationship with them. Come up with creative content and online campaigns to keep your customers adhere to your page.  

If appropriate, post value-based content, comic relief, educational content, live-at-home content, and more. By portraying your brand as more human, you are likely to converge more engagement or support. 

  • Paid Advertising is a smart move  

With a more significant number of people online provides your brand with an opportunity to attract more potential eyes with PPC marketing. 

A 40% increase is recorded in the use of Whatsapp, which suggests that this is the right time to invest in Instagram and Facebook advertising. According to Jacob Wulff- Thrive, senior PPC manager, the cost-per-clicks have decreased by 6% across all verticals, which again shows that the ball is in your court. Hence your business must come forward to grab this opportunity.  

It is suggested to craft a quality message taking into consideration the customers’ sentiments and behavior.  

  • Influencer Marketing can give you a breakthrough  

As already mentioned, screen time on social media is booming. Approaching the right influencer can give your brand the desired breakthrough. As they are the people with many followers, it would be significant to market through influencers. Before approaching one of them, make sure that they have the right audience for your brand. Also, you have to be extra conscious of the sensitivity of the message displayed. Else, it can backfire.  

  • Focus on SEO Marketing   

Putting quality time in increasing your organic traffic will be like grasping at straws. Let SEO minimize your brand’s concern on online visibility. We all want to be highlighted on the first page of Google’s SERP and top the list so that when a customer types a specific keyword, your brand should be on the top to attend their queries. SEO digital marketing can increase your chances of getting more organic traffics. The ladder to top the list requires perfect strategies. Hence, it is essential to invest in the best SEO service to optimize your website content regularly.   

Below mentioned are a few tips to improve your SEO: 

  • Find trending keywords to get proper visibility  
  • Invest in SEO if/not your brand is positively/negatively impacted by the pandemic 


  • Utilize this downtime to improve Web Development and Design   

As more customers are online searching for answers to their queries, keeping your website up to date will be a significant step. For every business online, the website reflects the emotion of their brand. An updated website has the power to hold customers’ interest. It’s better to utilize this downtime to uplift your website’s overall experience. Also, we suggest having a CRO audit to ensure your CTAs are converting visitors into customers.  

Below provided are some of the latest features to have on your website amid COVID-19: 

  • A simple landing page  
  • Appropriate banners   
  • Email sign-ups   
  • Welcoming imagery  

Wrapping up 

Don’t fall victim to the panic move. As a smart digital marketer, use intelligent digital marketing strategies to face the situation. Play your part well, and success will be yours.  

Panacea Infotech is one of the best companies to offer digital marketing services. We can help you settle with a perfect digital marketing strategy, where you will be crowned as a winner.   

Let’s discuss our services. Feel free to contact us.  

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