Do you wish to rank on Google’s first page? Well, every business out there is hoping the same. Ever thought, how to stand out amidst this cutthroat competition? The answer is by using proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies.  

Turning eyeballs isn’t a challenging task if you have something different and interesting to offer the viewers.   

The very first step to rank on Google is to trust SEO. Gaining organic traffic isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You need to be regular and updated with the Google algorithms. It is a known fact that SEO drives worthy leads, but make sure to have a proper marketing strategy. If you find it difficult, approach any digital marketing company with proven records in driving sales via SEO 

Now it’s time to walk you through the paragraphs for which you are here.  

5 Effective SEO Strategies to Kick-start your Ranking Journey  

Use long-tail keywords  

Google prioritizes long-tail keywords because this is how users search the Internet. You need to understand that when someone searches on Google, they are not focused on placing the keyword; they type their queries. And if your website has any relevant information on the user’s concern, you increase the chances of getting ranked.  

For example, if your target keywords are:  

  • Apparel design software  
  • Digital Marketing Service  

Users’ may search their query as:  

  • Affordable apparel design software  
  • Best digital marketing service in Pune  

In the above example, your content stands a chance to show on Google because you offer something of their concern.   

Hope it cleared the air.   

NOTE: It is better to understand users’ perspective to search and use long-tail keywords accordingly.  

Asking for Reviews will help  

Before buying any product, shoppers look for reviews. Reviews are a symbol of loyalty. The users’ who have used your products/services will love to share their experience if you ask them. Always look for a chance to ask reviews.   

You can send it on the mail or create a link to visit the Google review section or use your website’s footer. Even you can approach any social media platform that’s working great for your brand.  

After getting the reviews, make sure to revert. Doing this will let your customers feel noticed and encourage them to come back again.  

NOTE: Do not fear of any negative feedback. It will only help your brand to become the best version of itself.  

Make use of quality pictures  

Uploading quality pictures is always helpful. Customers visiting your website in a hurry, avoid reading the content. By uploading relevant images with eye-catchy text that has a call to action can grab their attention, and you can buy their time to go through the website thoroughly.  

Quality pictures work great for Google My Business (GMB). It helps in local rankings. Presenting a plethora photo of your business or the product/service will improve customers’ engagement.   

Then why wait? Take out your smartphone and do the deed.  

NOTE: Ensure that you pin the images used on Pinterest. By doing this, if someone clicks on the picture, it will be diverted towards your website.  

Add FAQs  

Another best way to engage your customers is to provide FAQs on your website. Try to answer all the general queries which a visitor might have if visiting for the first time. Also, you won’t like to be contacted asking for the basic information.  

Customers’ who are really interested in using your product/service will go through those FAQs and will contact you for business-related queries. That sounds pretty motivating. Isn’t it?  

NOTE: Providing FAQs will generate users’ interest and can help in getting organic results.  

Never hesitate in backlinking  

Whether it is internal linking or external linking, never hesitate in inserting them. They work great in generating leads. It also gives credibility and promotes trust among the viewers. It’s better to use more number of internal links than the external links 

So, how internal linking works? Here’s the image to answer. 

NOTE: Try to keep relevancy.  Do not overdo any of the two—especially the external ones, as you don’t want to divert the traffic to others’ websites.  

Take away  

The above pointers were the five effective SEO strategies that can help a business rank on Google. If followed efficiently, no one can stop your appearance on the first page. 

Cheers to your upcoming rankings and leads.  

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