With almost 5.15 billion unique mobile phone users worldwide, exhibits that customers enjoy using Mobile Apps. Such a splendid stat implies that seeking success by Mobile App Development will not be a bad idea.  

A successful mobile app, developed with a seamless user experience, can boost user retention, which in return will attract the desired leads.   

So, what is user retention? Why is it a crucial term to be looked after? How to improve user retention through Mobile App Development?  

Here are your answers.  

What is user retention?  

In simple words, it means the ability of a company’s apps to retain its target audience to use it or stay over a certain period.   

NOTE: User retention is directly proportional to profitability. The more the user retention more the profitability and vice-versa.  

Why is it an important term to be looked after?  

The sole purpose of creating a mobile app is to attract users, increase their retention rate, and get desired profits. After all, apps that cannot retain their customers is of no use. Hence, your app must provide a seamless experience to the users, which can be attained by providing great value, design component, easy access, etc. 

How to improve user retention through Mobile App Development?  

Below are the tips that will create a compelling user onboarding experience to enhance user experience while interacting with the mobile app. 

Tip 1  

Keep the onboarding process easy-peasy  

Yes, whenever your customers are using any mobile app, they expect the onboarding process to be less complicated. Allow them to type less and login with just one click. The purpose of developing a mobile app is to easy their approach by ditching any tricky navigation.   

The best example to depict the path of least resistance is social media apps or any entertainment apps. 

Tip 2 

Customize the keyboard 

Mobile users often wish to buy any product online or update personal details in the mobile app. In that scenario, customizing the keyboard according to the query will help. For example, if the user is asked to type their name, display the alphabetic keyword. On the other hand, if the phone number needs to be added or any numeric value, the numeric keyboard should display.  

Make sure that this customization of the keyboard is applicable throughout the mobile app. This will reduce a user’s cognitive load and allow seamless access. 

Tip 3 

Personalize user experiences  

The mobile applications developed to personalize user experience is supposed to be more successful. By doing so, you know more about the users’ likes and dislikes. Personalizing apps will increase the user retention rate and can encourage them to shop more.  

For example, considering a user’s purchase history and suggesting similar kinds of products will work great. Even denoting the user with their username is a great approach to keep them engaged.   

Of course, it will be done if users allow you to track for customization. Also, you don’t want to overdo that and sound too invasive. 

Tip 4 

Push Notifications 

Another way to increase user retention on the mobile app is to push notifications. These are the small pop-ups that appear on the user’s mobile notification bar. It is one of the fastest ways to attract users back on the mobile app.  

It is efficiently used to communicate timely marketing messages or any relevant information like special offers, ongoing sales, reward points, check-in updates, etc. 

Hence, it increases the conversation rate by grabbing their attention. And yes, it increases user retention and boosts app engagement. 

Tip 5 

Regularly develop, optimize and test 

Mobile applications should be developed, keeping in mind users’ perceptions. Introducing new features as per users’ feedback and reviews will keep your users interested in using the applications and improving their onboarding experience. Also, checking out competitors’ versions can help in coming up with something exciting.   

Once taken into consideration, test whether the purpose of the app’s updated version is fulfilled or not.  

If you are looking forward to making the most of Mobile Apps, then this is the time. Go for it.   

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