Amidst this coronavirus pandemic, when social-distancing and e-wallet are becoming new normal, the demand for an ecommerce website is growing. There was a time when shopping online marked customers’ convenience and sometimes luxury, but now it has become a necessity. The e-commerce business has been growing for a while, but its demand has surged in the present scenario.  

Today, many aspiring entrepreneurs are planning to launch a new ecommerce website from scratch. But before joining the league, one must plan the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch phases. Also, it will help if you do initial research and plan marketing strategies.   

Here is the list of 6 important things to know before starting an E-commerce website.   

Do market research   

For entrepreneurs (experienced or budding), performing thorough market research should be the first step. Analyzing the current market scenario will give an idea about your competition. For example, if somlocality already has a well-established grocery store, then you don’t want to come with the same idea. Maybe, you can start a restaurant and attract more customers. In case if you have a well-established business, then going online will be an add-on in your profit.   

Your initial research should answer the following:   

  • What to sell?   
  • Who to sell?   
  • Where to sell?   

Know your target audience   

Once your initial research is done, you need to research about the target audience. Understand their needs, buying preferences, and what makes them buy any product. For better ecommerce results, you should know your audience’s,   

  • Demography   
  • Geography   
  • Culture   
  • What digital wallet applications or online payment system they use? Etc.   

Knowing their preferences can drive you great results.   

Know your competitors   

As mentioned earlier in the initial paragraphs, knowing the competitors will help you take a firm foot ahead and your marketing strategy. A thorough analysis will let you know your competitor’s business process, production plan, purchase plan, selling program, finance plan, etc.   

Accordingly, you can figure out what will work great for your business. 

Payment process & order tracking    

A well-designed ecommerce website gives seamless access to the payment process. As an ecommerce business, you need to make sure that your customers can use any payment mode. Some of them are Amazon Pay, PayPal, Paytm, etc. Make sure that your website has that order tracking section once the order is confirmed. A seamless website experience can encourage the audience to order more and more.   

Return policy   

Managing returns can sometimes be the biggest roadblock for any business. But before providing this section, figure out whether it will suit your ecommerce business or not. If found suitable, make sure the website has a transparent return policy. This will help the honest customer quickly return any unwanted goods or ask for replacement or money return.   


Promotion is a must to gain popularity for your store or ecommerce website. Hire a marketing team to do it the right way. If your advertisement isn’t done efficiently, you may be overlooked by many potential customers. To get their attention, you have to be visible. And an expert marketing team will surely fill up that void for you. Set a marketing budget and allow the marketing team to do their best.   


Ecommerce is a goliath industry with a bright future.   

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