Over the decade, there has been a drastic rise in mobile app globally, where the mobile app has shaped up our everyday lives ever since its advent. Undoubtedly, they are even re-designing our daily and corporate tasks, helping us to develop an extensive network of professional and innovators. With the competitive landscape, all the business started leveraging mobile apps and developing their own mobile application or hiring app development companies to stand tall in the competitors. Even as per the survey, by global CEO PricewaterhouseCoopers, 81% of CEOs approves that mobility plays an essential role in their strategic decision-making process. Well, deciding to partner with an

app development company

is the best decision to help your mobile application to reach its full potential.


Below are the given tips to make your mobile app breathe forever:


Market research


Start your market research with people pain points’ and pick the one which you can actually solve. So, to find proof that your idea is going to resolve an issue of society, Google trends will help you to show a percentage of people searching for a similar term. Google keyword planner is another tool which can assist you finding a proper volume data for search phrases so, based on your research data’ you can make your app better than you expected because designing, developing and marketing it all depends upon how you research your idea.


Competitive analysis


Since there are thousands of apps in play store and iTunes, then it is utmost essential that you perform through a competitive analysis of the existing marketplace. However, competitive analysis is the evaluation of the current existing app, which is similar in nature to the one you expect to launch. So, competitor web presence, their unique offering, and their reviews are some of the main points which can consider while performing competitive analysis. Moreover, the aim is to present a new rigid app to the audience, which will keep them hooked on your app.


Scalability matters


Almost about 61% of the users wouldn’t give an app a second chance’ if they had first bad experience. So, the journey of ideation to development filled with many ups and downs and when your app is about to handle the growing number of customer, users, or clients, then it is very crucial to check its scalability. Therefore, prioritizing the scalability will help to higher the activity and lower the maintenance cost, along with that, it also enhances the user experiences.


Key design principles


You need to be active during the designing of your user interface and making your app aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, it is essential that your

mobile app development

should be attractive and user-friendly. However, as per the statistic, first impressions are 94% design related. So, the material design is one of the top ongoing deigning trends, which even Google follow, where the most exciting feature of the material design is the layers, and navigation over the layer is quite comfortable. So in order to get the best from your application, you can even experiment with hidden styles.


Measuring usability


Measuring usability is one of the crucial tasks’ for ensuring that your application is perfect, and has sufficient speed and security to offer the user profile. So, for measuring usability, you have to smartly use the tools’ that can do tricks for qualitative analytics and in-app feedback forms. Therefore, qualitative analytic helps you to view how your user is behaving within the app and understand what exactly working on your app and what’s not. So, you should make the process simple for your end users by introducing in-app feedback tools, because organizing an open, seamless and real-time channel for your app users can easily help them to share their opinion and questions about specific aspects of your application.


Testing for quality assurance


Lack of quality assurance may force your users to uninstall the app right after downloading them because in a survey it is found that 44% of end user deletes the app, right after facing the problem like freezing, crashing or draining of phone charge. Therefore, your

mobile application development

team needs to be attentive on each step for testing quality assurance with different internet speeds to test for proper use of regional styles.


So, for wrapping up to make sure your set target audience always connected with your application, you need to establish a good practice where above tips will help you to engage your end users with a higher value.


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