With new technological advancements that push the boundaries of business time-to-time, operating to benefit from new opportunities can be a task in digital marketing. One of these changes in the market results from the extensive use of voice search technology and its impact on the use of the Internet.

According to an article published by Forbes, around 30% of all web sessions will be conducted without screen by 2020.

It has been around for years, but recently it has reached a level of popularity that has led it to spread and is one of the topics most discussed by digital marketers.

Voice recognition technology has improved significantly since its inception. Google claims 95% accuracy, while the Chinese iFlytek Voice search system is 98% accurate.

How Voice Search Is Blending With SEO?

Voice search SEO works in a similar format as SEO. Voice search marketing plays a key role in scripting those queries according to search engine.

Keyword Length

The spoken language is generally not as succinct as the written word. Therefore, searches will be longer than the three or four most common keyword search terms in the graphical user interfaces (GUI). SEO strategists will need to adapt using more long-tail keywords, with the added benefit that the longer the keyword combinations, the higher the chance of a conversion.

Semantic Search

Unlike lexical searches that search for literal keyword matches, semantic searches try to find the user’s desired meaning in the terms used. This notion can be supported by the user’s search history, general search history, user location, and variations in the spelling of keywords.

Natural Language

With refined and capable voice recognition systems, voice technology is suited to accompany everyday language, allowing users to issue commands as if they are speaking to a person. In all areas of potential misperception, emerging technologies are trying to improve the user experience.

Interrogative Words

SeoClarity states that just 25 keywords activate 20% of voice searches. This includes questions and other common verbs, how to create, as well as adjectives and nouns. They can be integrated with SEO strategies, and question-format queries can reflect the user’s intention to a greater extent. Thus, marketers can optimize content based on higher-value issues.

Simple Steps To Optimize Your Voice Search With SEO

Voice search technology affects SEO in several ways. Below are some steps recommended to adapt them.

  • Google Voice indexes fast loading sites. Therefore, brands must ensure that images are optimized, files are compressed, response time is reduced, and the place becomes fully responsive.
  • The extracts presented are concise responses from web pages that can be used in position zero. To enhance content for this purpose, add recognizable snippets to show and make the content more readable to Google using H tags and pointers.
  • Local brand information must be provided to respond with a voice to the increased search volume of local companies.
  • Content optimized for Voice search be optimized with long-tail keywords that reflect popular searches used in voice searches. Focus on natural language.
  • Increasing the authority of the domain will help rank searches. This can be improved by including high-quality links.
  • Structured data and scheduling layouts provide more information about a brand and generate traffic. They help page display in rich snippets, which increases the probability that the first result will be delivered in voice searches.

In Nutshell,

The impact of voice search SEO is certain and expected to be deep. Given the sharp increase in acceptance and use of voice speech, the effect on companies will be significant. Brands that will adapt this new-age marketing technique will keep them stay ahead of changes are sure to reap the benefits in the coming period.

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