Android 10 was a big shift for Google in the Operating System environment. We did not just finally get to work around the long-awaited Dark mode and saw several important changes happening on the app permission front, we also saw the end of an era.

As per the statcounter, Android holds 73.26% of the market share worldwide which is obviously the highest among all operating systems.

With Android 10, Google brought its tradition to name operating systems behind desserts to a halt.

Android 10 was a testament to the growth and maturity graph that Google has taken. The same principles are being carried over by Android 11 developer preview now. While we are some months away from playing around the final build, the recent developer preview is a sufficient peek into where Google wants to take the operating system. Developers are going through several of its new functionality so that they can use it while doing android app development.

Android 11 Features:

  • Multiple Improvements for Messaging

Going by the Android latest version features, a lot is being done to improve the users’ messaging experience on Android. Here are the upgrades that have been introduced:

Chat bubbles – Android 11 chat bubbles hide all the ongoing conversations in little bubbles on the side of the screen. You can move the bubbles around and tap them to reveal the specific conversations.

To make the process of getting messages real-time, Android 11 has introduced a dedicated conversation section in the notification shade, offering instant access to all the ongoing conversations you are having.

With the Android 11 concept it will now be possible to send images when replying to a message from notifications.

  • One-Time Permission

If you look back at Android 10, one of the unique things about it was how app permissions were handled. Android 10 gave the users a lot more control over the apps and what they could access. Android 11 keeps the train rolling.

Now, when the app asks for permission to use intricate features, the users can grant access on a one-time basis. The application will use the permission during the time you use the application. And the moment you quit the app, the permission will be revoked.

  • Built-in Screen Recorder

Since the past few releases, the Android users have been desperately waiting for Google to incorporate a built-in screen recorder.  Although the chances anyone would need it on an everyday basis is very slim but the function is pretty basic, so the wait for it to get integrated was annoying.

Android 11 update will change this. Developer Preview 2 showed a screen recorder which was accompanied by an extremely polished UI and toggle for recording the audio and showing the touches in the recording.

  • Adaptation on Different Screen Types

If there is one space where we can say that true advancements have happened in the Android ecosystem, it is in terms of foldable devices. 2020 is going to witness a lot of new additions in the foldable smartphone market – all running at different screen sizes and resolutions.

The OS 11 has been developed to run on the foldable devices effortlessly. Thus marketing the time to start working on foldable smartphones app development.

  • Preparations for 5G

5G started making news by the second half of the last year and what has gone off in 2020, with coronavirus pandemic affecting a number of industries and technologies, the need for 5G adoption has only grown in the world. By 2021, the number of 5G connections is forecast to reach a figure of between 20 million and 100 million, as per the report generated by Statista.

To help the smooth processing, Android 11 has added a very important “Dynamic Meterdness API”. One that would allow smartphones to take the complete advantage set that 5G brings.

Summing up:

The time between a new OS launch and the time when companies start preparing their application for the version is wide. And generally, the companies that end up taking a lot of time to get their app ready for the next update tend to suffer from the consequences of cut-throat competition. Doing rapid mobile app development is need of an hour.

Our Android developers have already started perusing the Android 11 developer preview document and experimenting around it on our test applications. This means, we will be ready to bring your application on Android 11 in time of its launch.

Get in touch with our team of Android experts to get your plans of migrating your app on Android 11 moving and take advantage of the first mover advantage.

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