When the ongoing coronavirus epidemic is being discussed around the world, we thought that there is a separate blog topic that will prove to be fascinating to read. Well, before we talk about Apple’s famous products which are to be launched in the second half of the year – let me tell you that Apple Inc. has no plans to launch the product. Apple products will be launched slightly due to the epidemic. Well, iphone app development companies are definitely keeping a strong eye on these launches along with the common people.

So, let us discuss Apple operating software and products which are going to be launched in the second part of the year soon.

iOS and iPadOS 14

A major announcement is expected on iOS and iPadOS 14 during the worldwide developer conference to be held during June 2020. We think the date will be extended due to the epidemic, but the incident will not stop.

MacOS 10.16

There are many rumors in the tech-market about the launch of MacOS 10.16 during the worldwide developer conference to be held in June 2020. We think the date will be extended due to the epidemic, but the event will not stop.

WatchOS 7        

It is expected that WatchOS 7 will launch during a worldwide developer conference in June. Typical features introduced with watchOS are blood oxygen monitoring, sleep tracking capability and more.

The much-awaited iPhone 12

After the iPhone11 launch, Apple lovers are waiting for the expected launch of iPhone12. In the second half of 2020, Apple fans are expecting the new iPhone release. So what you think is going to be in advance and latest iPhone 12 as per the tech-rumors?

It is expected that the new Apple iPhone 12 will get release with some improvements, including 5G wireless chips compared to the first version. Cellular motion will be super quick and exciting in the new product. Rumors are also heard about the rear 3D rear camera, which comes with A.R. The experience with the iPhone 12 proves to be amazing. Apple customers have discussed the price of the device since the iPhone 11 was launched at an initial price.

Products to Be Launched Beyond 2020 By Apple Inc.

A.R. Smart Glasses:

It has long been rumored that Apple’s famous A.R. Smart glasses are about to launch.  Over the past several years, technology i.e. A.R. and V. R has progressed further and is getting immense traction. Related to this, Apple Inc. Will be interested in offering some products that will help directly experience AR / VR technology.

Apple Car:

Many people in the U.S. are not aware of the Apple car announcement and rumors. Apple plans to launch a fully autonomous vehicle with an Apple car. Imagine driving a car that is smart and intelligent to provide you with great driving experience.

March 2020 Apple Inc. official announcement done:

  • iPhone SE
  • iPad pro
  • Magic keyboard
  • Mac mini
  • Powerboats
  • MacBook Air

IOS developers have a great future:

With so much development in Apple products, there is a possibility that iOS developers may have improved demand in the world. Certainly, the future of iOS developers is safe for numerous upcoming years as Apple tries to go with various innovations with every launch they do.

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