Everyone knows the relevance of time. Time equals money. Higher will be the cost of the app if it takes longer to develop. If you have started analyzing the options available in pricing for the development, you will see that it is a highly expensive process. Well, every app is unique, and there are numerous factors which impact the tenure. We will see it in details about such components in this blog.

The tenure of the

app development

depends upon the things you are looking forward to involving. On the other hand, you want to develop the app rapidly. The cost will be lower, and this can make you start earning money. The whole point is this, after all.

But, if you try to make a rush for

mobile application development

, it can end up in more money in the long run. But, that’s also a case, that going for higher perfection in the app can cost your pocket much higher and will elongate the phases, and you definitely don’t want this to happen. So, it is essential to find the parallel ground between these two ends.




The scope is basically referred to as the outreach. Like for an example: Is the app for small neighbor school? Or it is getting develop for MNC corporation that has the connections to be made with numerous backend API’s? You can see how the gap between these examples can have a massive impact on size. In addition, the scope should be done with the size of the screen, which is supported and targeted to the platform. So, if you are looking forward to launching an app on Google play store, it will require support on the screen sizes for every type of tablets and android phones. Also, addressing the size of the screen during development is not very complicated. The tougher decision is to focus on the platform. Which app would you like to develop firstly? IOS or Android? The answer must impact on the size. Depending on this data, you can see very clearly that iOS apps are bigger than Android apps. So that you are trying to determine the scope of your development when you can keep in mind that something else is there.




The depth of your app must be done with the user’s reach. Do you want users to access only at the time of the necessity? Or will they require frequent interactivity and new features? Therefore, if the application will be used only repeatedly and for the same purpose, then the user will not take much time in development. But if you are trying to make something that requires constant user interaction to give the best experience, then you can expect to pay more and wait until you can launch it.




Features are usually a deep piggy bank. The time of development is directly related to the complexity of your facilities. If your app is going to use normal plugins, then for a developer, it will be easy to install, and it will take less time. But this process will take more time for those of you who need fully customized features. There will also be an impact on the features. Here I mean. Does each user see the same interface while accessing your app? Apps that need new profiles and customized logins have highly in-depth- functionalities. Typically, those applications also have other complicated features like real-time updates.


Let’s see an example of an app developed for finding the taxi in any location, which is Uber like app.


Think about how much facilities are needed to develop for anything’ so complex. They were able to connect drivers with riders with the help of real-time GPS tracking. Each user has to keep his specific profile. This safeguard is also necessary for this application to store and process payment information. And these are just primary aspects. There is a lot that goes into the creation of the app with such features. Depth will also require continuous updates. In essence, if you are looking forward to developing something with similar characteristics, then it is going to fall at the end of the average timeline.




Every app development starts with an idea. But you have to make sure that the ideas change into the obvious purpose of your app. Who is getting benefited? Why any of your targeted audience will use this? How will this app transform the life of an end-user? If your answers are almost in every place, it is difficult to find a clear purpose. You need to recognize that the longer it takes for your app to develop, the more it will be expensive for you. There are many factors that can give you the determination of the time of realistic development for any of the new or never faced situation. Quality and size are two of the greatest elements that affect time. You can make your budget as per that so that you can have those features which are essential for your business enterprise and also meets the core purpose of the app. Who creates your application, will also play a prominent role in your launch timeline. Knowing what you want, what you are getting, and how you are planning to go there will help to complete this process faster and more efficiently.


I hope that this blog has given you a clear understanding of the genuine requirement needed regarding app development timelines. If you have any query regarding

mobile app development

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