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Online bidding websites are becoming a popular destination for buyers and sellers to buy and sell services and goods as per their respective industry. With their ability to attract a huge community of sellers and buyers, online auction platforms are being recognized by business owners, retailers, and other businesses as a new opportunity to expand their business horizons.

Panacea provides custom-built auction solutions that enable you to establish and manage an online marketplace platform where sellers get an opportunity to offer their products for specific time span to the bidders. Collaborating with us, you can either create an auction platform to sell your own products or play the role of facilitator by launching an advanced auction platform for buyers and sellers to interact and transact.

We offer Solutions for the Below Auction Platforms

Reverse Auction

Here sellers set the minimum price for the products that they want to sell. If the bid reaches to the price, the deal gets sealed.

General Auction

In this type of auction, highest bidder takes the service or product. It doesn't consist factor like minimum pricing.

Penny Auction

Here both the seller and buyers need to pay a non-refundable fee for placing each bid.

We have ready-to-integrate auction software in place for all the above auction platforms. You can integrate it with your existing site or utilize it to launch a fully-featured auction platform. Based on your requirement, we can build solutions that surely meet your business goals. We also offer custom auction website development services to provide you with the custom-build auction platform. Our expertise lies in the all above mentioned types of auction.

With the proficiency that we have achieved by successfully launching different types of auction websites for our clients, we can help you develop advanced auction portals integrated with the features seen in the below auction websites.

Auction Portal Development Services We Offer

  • Custom auction website design and development
  • General auction portal development
  • Reverse Auction portal Development
  • Penny Auction Portal Development
  • Bidding/Auction website development
  • Auction Portal Maintenence

Key Features of Auction Portals

  • User Registration
  • Unlimited Categories and sub-categories
  • Message facility
  • View and track bids placed on the products or services.
  • Auction/product management console
  • User Mangement
  • Auto Workflow
  • User-friendly admin panel
  • More Custom features (As per your requirement)

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Project Planner

Use our project planner to estimate the deliverables

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