The era’ where we all are in the digitally connected world’ has vast scope of new opportunities for the merchants to attract their target audience and retain the potential ones. In the tech-driven market, those eStore owners who constantly adapt themselves in the modern technological changes and opt the updates’ win the cutthroat competition.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is one of the latest and revolutionary technologies in the eCommerce arena. In the last ten years, AR and VR have gained immense popularity’ taking growth steadily. With the combined business in the market of 9.3 billion dollars in the year 2016-17, it is expected to hit 220 billion dollars industry by 2021.


Tech freaks and eCommerce store owners reap the benefit of augmented reality for creating interactive and consistent user experience’ in-store and on digital platforms. AR is making the entire process of shopping highly engaging and interactive with the help of making a connection between the real and virtual world. Undoubtedly, 45% of the purchasers ready to spend more than product which comes with augmented reality experience.


Companies use various types of augmented reality for promoting services and products, increase the brand’s customer perception, and give a boost to the entire shopping experience. In this article, we can discuss those three areas where AR can give higher value and enhancement to eCommerce business through

mobile app development.


Product customization and modification:


AR gives the best scope of opportunities for the customers to see more available products and customize them in real time as per the liking. With the help of AR’ anyone can change color, texture, dimension, and other characteristics with easy. Being a customer, they cannot do it in a physical store as the essential stocked item can certainly go out of stock. Not just to understand the fact, but the modification must be made a custom’ for the customers. This is specifically for the one involved in apparel and furniture industry.


There are various examples available for such case. The AR-enabled app initiates the buyers to see the product from any angle and customize them as per the preference.


Visualizing and testing the product:


Compared to physical retail points, the main drawback of online stores is the lack of proper visualization. Even the product with a high-quality image sometimes fails to represent their best performance. Augmented Reality easily addresses this issue by providing visuals like reality and displaying products from every angle possible. In this way, customers get a clear idea about the visualization of any product in real.


At the time of making the purchase, specifically the costly one, customers are highly keen to discover the features for ensuring the product or services which meet best to their needs. Through animations and dynamic visuals, AR enables the end user to see and test the product easily.


A renowned sunglasses and eyewear brand uses AR based face detection technologies for letting the customer see the glasses. The feature makes use of a virtual model of end user and helps them in selecting the glasses to analyze how it looks on their face.


End-user experience and engagement:


Customer experience is something which gets impact through AR technology. Buyers can interact with the nearby areas and products and gets new’ unique experience. It not only allows them to get a better visualization experience of a product but also makes the shopping process more effective as well as interesting. Apart from this, the use of AR contributes to a more personal approach, as customers can test different things on themselves. It all results in more conversions and enhanced loyalty of the customer.


Even in the cosmetic industry, AR technology has provided the best experience to the buyers. The app enables the end users to apply makeup on face visually to see whether it looks good or not.


Summing up:

Augmented reality is a game-changing technology, which initiates the best opportunities for increasing the customer experience and change the way customer purchase the products. Faster the online eStore retailers start opting this trend, smart mover advantage they will get. There are numerous options to reap the advantages of the abilities of innovative technology, AR-driven mobile application, or component in a website can create a vast impact on the growth of eStore. It can take the eCommerce store at the next level.  So, reap the benefits of AR and upscale your business and contact

app development companies

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