With the online grocery delivery, one can stay at home and let someone bring grocery at their home. At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, grocery delivery is one of the best options for the ones who do not want to go outside their homes for purchasing food and supplies.

This is our third blog in the series where we discuss leading on-demand grocery services and their features that are successfully serving customers amidst pandemic.

Grocery apps are usually divided between various categories. When people use a service like Instacart, they are hiring a person to bring the grocery in their place. Online demand grocery delivery app like Peapod operates everything from digital grocery stores. Walmart Grocery, on the other hand, is a pickup and delivery service for brick and mortar stores. They have their stock, and that’s the reason they deliver the groceries with utter efficiency and discipline. This article will give you a clear understanding about the services offered by these online delivery companies if you are looking forward for mobile app development.

Let’s see 7 Best Grocery Apps and Services:

  • Shipt

Shipt is one of the robust grocery delivery services across the USA. It is currently operating in numerous major cities across the USA, which includes Southeast, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, and Arizona.

Talking about the application, once you sign up for the membership after download the mobile app, you can select any groceries, can choose the delivery option and checkout. The best part about Shipt is that it offers products from major grocery chains like Publix, Kroger, Fry’s, and H-E-B and use their team of local shopkeepers for handpicking the customer’s items. This helps in ensuring the order to be fresh. End-user use this app at the time of store hours. Well, in some cases, it means they deliver 24 hours of availability.

Talking about membership, Shipt costs $100 every year or $14 every month, and those who are ordering above $35 can get free delivery. Else customers have to pay $7.

  • Instacart

Instacart is also a leading grocery delivery enterprise operating across the USA. Its primary delivery and operations are in the United States, which includes Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, and New York.  Instacart uses the team of local shoppers to deliver groceries in the customer’s area. The best part about the Instacart is, customers can schedule their delivery in order on-demand segment. The delivery charges of the Instacart are based on the size of the order and the time one chooses.

Talking about the delivery fees, it may surge at the time of busy shopping times, as customers can also sign up for Instacart Express membership, which enables free delivery for them even if it exceeds $35.

While services such as Shipt and Instacart depend on products offered by other local stores, many of Peadpod’s items come from its inventory.

  • Amazon Prime Now

Prime now is the service offered by Amazon and is one of the leading and best grocery delivery firms in USA and across the globe. It serves nearly in dozens of big cities of the USA, which includes Atlanta, Chicago, Brooklyn, Las Vegas, Nashville, San Antonio, and Seattle.

It comes with its prime membership for its users, which benefits them in various discounts and free delivery. Well, the delivery service is entirely based on items that are stored at one of the Amazon’s warehouses. Moreover, customers can also get products from local markets like Whole Foods. Prime Now, also delivers more than food. They have everything right from batteries to cleaning supplies at the customer’s doorstep in less than 2 hours.

The membership of Amazon Prime now cones with $100 every year. They do not charge anything for 2 hours delivery. Moreover, customers have the option of special instruction for delivery orders.

  • Peapod

Peapod is a Chicago based online grocery delivery service. It is a limited liability company, having operations in several cities of the USA.  Customers can enter the zip code for finding out the availability in the areas. While services like Instacart are dependent on local stores for offering the products, Peapods products come from their very own stock that helps in efficient and timely delivery. The best thing which attracts the customers towards the Peapod is like they are much more like standard grocery store as it offers various other options in the list. The store is organized by “aisles,” and as the stock is stored in warehouses of Peapod, customers can forgo delivery costs for picking the orders.

Talking about the delivery, Peapod charges $10 for minimum orders of $30. Moreover, orders can also be picked up from the Peapod for no fee.

  • Google Express

Partnering with major retailers, Google Express provides customers with anything they want in retail. Customers can go online and browse snack food, cooking, and baking ingredients and pantry essentials, among other categories.

Their food products come from numerous different stores, which includes Walmart, Target, Costco, and Walgreens. Delivery options are available with the next day or two after shopping. Google Express charges no membership fees with the services, and almost all delivery is free if you meet the store at minimum.

  • Walmart Grocery Delivery

One of the best and largest Grocery Delivery services, Walmart is also one of the biggest grocery delivery companies in terms of revenue. It operates in almost the significant states of the USA. Customers can visit the Walmart grocery store app or website for shopping. The app offers most of the products which one can also find in their physical stores. Moreover, customers can also find the product of makeup and Tylenol. The best part about Walmart grocery is that they can choose the pickup and delivery as per their comfort and timeslot.

Delivery fees are usually between $8 to $10. Moreover, customers can sign up for a service called Grocery Unlimited, which enables the customers with unlimited deliveries for $13 per month or about $100 per year.

Usually, the delivery slot is available within 24 hours order, and there has been minimal slot of delivery available these days because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

  • Fresh Direct

FreshDirect is an online grocer that delivers online grocery to the residences and offices in the New York City metropolitan area. Fresh Direct is indeed one of the best online grocery delivery services, which is worth checking out. They focus on freshness. Fresh Direct is available on all major cities, including New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Washington DC.

The delivery charges vary from location to location, but yes, customers can expect to pay $6 on a minimum order of $30. Fresh Direct doesn’t offer instant delivery, but FoodKick service provides faster delivery times.

So, here we discussed the top 7 online grocery delivery apps and services in the USA. Panacea Infotech is a leading on-demand grocery app development company in the USA and across that offers ready-made solutions. This helps our clients’ to start their services in their locations. As coronavirus outbreak is at its peak, the online deliveries of products are proving a boon for people, whereas this is the best time for enterprises to come up with and start making potential user-base in the long run.

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