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19 Jun

Explore the Benefits of DevOps- The Ultimate Guide to the Same

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In search of best means to develop a brand new mobile application? On the lookout for top-end application development companies in USA? Are you trying to get a better command over what DevOps actually is? This blog post is going to be a big help for you! DevOps has now turned out to be a weigh down buzzword which has made people shed different views towards the same. However, this way it becomes a challenge when you are trying to define DevOps the best. DevOps can be explained simply as operations to get things done faster in an automated and repeatable way.

Agile Development

Now, you must be quite keen about knowing where DevOps has actually come from. DevOps has got its origin from agile software development – inbred from the need to keep up with the increased software velocity. Advancements in agile culture and methods over the last decade exposed the need for a more holistic approach to the end-to-end software delivery lifecycle and this is how DevOps has come into the scenario.


In the beginning, agile teams used to be constituted of developers only. Nevertheless, with agile teams becoming more effective and efficient in producing software, it has now become pretty clear that having Quality Assurance (QA) and Dev as separate teams were inappropriate only. Agile grew to comprehend QA in order to increase the velocity of delivering software and now again, it is growing to take in the support members in the best possible manner.


While each of the agile methodologies is distinct in its one-of-a-kind approach, they all tend to share some common vision and core values. They all involve continuous planning, testing, integration, and evolution of both the project and the software. They are all lightweight, especially compared to traditional waterfall-style processes, and inherently adaptable. And, what is most important about agile methods is that they all focus on entitling people to collaborate and make decisions together quickly as well as effectively.


DevOps is an IT mindset that peps up conveyance, teamwork, integration and automation among software developers and IT operations in order to tweak the speed and quality of delivering software. Also, DevOps teams emphasize on standardizing development environments and automating delivery processes to perk up delivery predictability, efficiency, security and maintainability. The DevOps ideals provide developers more control of the production environment and a better understanding of the production infrastructure. DevOps encourages authorizing teams with the autonomy to build, validate, deliver and support their own applications. With DevOps, nothing gets passed off to the unwanted source.


At the same time, DevOps comes with a number of goals that are as follows-


    • Improve deployment frequency
    • Achieve faster time to market
    • A lower failure rate of new releases
    • Improve mean time to recovery


Coming to the main benefits of DevOps, it is again to shake up the readers in several ways-


    • Ensure faster delivery times that improve ROI. DevOps is basically the application of Agile principles, and thus, it results into the faster development of software, ensuring more frequent delivery
    • Providing stable and reliable operating environment, it has got a direct role to play in the growth of any organization.
    • Improve collaboration between teams by improving the transparency required for effective decision making. Nowadays, development teams need to break down their inter-departmental silos and collaborate and communicate in a dynamic, round-the-clock environment. DevOps revamps business agility by providing the desired atmosphere of mutual collaboration, communication, and integration across established IT organizations. With this, all the team members become responsible for the quality and timeline of deliverables
    • Identify defects that, in turn, helps provide the best services and robust features that must be delivered to customers
    • Offer continuous release and deployment, continuous testing, and continuous monitoring. Today’s software development practices require teams to deliver quality software on a continual note. DevOps, using its practices of continuous release and deployment, continuous testing, and continuous monitoring, provides just what is required


At the same time, DevOps may be essentially disruptive, but it is here to stay because it is a very practical and valuable asset for today’s organizations and they are realizing a wide range of real, measurable benefits as a result of its implementation. Integrating automated testing with your DevOps is the best thing to do if you want to save time and money while increasing quality and time to market.


Panacea Infotech is a renowned mobile application development company in USA, offering comprehensive services for businesses as well as startups. Our team of expert mobile application developers has extensive experience in managing the complete lifecycle of mobile apps for global clients. So, if you are in search of anything related to the same, we are just a yard away! We are among the top app development companies in USA and our proficient developers will be more than happy to come to your aid.

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12 Jun

Some Innovative Features to Arrive in iOS 12

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Are you trying to develop some exclusive iOS application? In search of top iOS app development companies in USA? Before you opt for one, it’s important for you to stay updated with the latest additions that are taking place. iOS 12 now introduces new features to reduce interruptions and manage screen time.

iOS 12 Features


A “DND During Bedtime” feature will keep your display clear during the evening, so you don’t look down at your phone in the middle of the night and see a zillion notifications. Now with Do Not Disturb you can also set a time limit, so that DND ends in an hour or at the end of an event, so you don’t accidentally leave it on.


With the new OS, you’ll be able to turn off notifications for apps you don’t want to deal with from the lock screen. iOS 12 is also bringing support for grouped notifications. Notifications can be grouped by the app as well as topic and thread. For instance, all your calendar notifications will be stacked on top of each other and you can dismiss them at once.


A new feature called Screen Time will offer weekly reports about your iPhone. This will include information on how much time you’ve spent on Twitter or iMessage, as well as what apps are sending you the most notifications. If there’s an app in your activity report where you’d like to spend less time, you can set a limit. When you’re about to hit your limit, on say, Instagram, you’ll get a note letting you know you only have a few minutes left to use it. Once the limit is reached and you open the app, another message will pop up reminding you that you’ve already used your maximum allotted time, though you can always choose to ignore it. It’s an interesting feature that helps Apple to position itself as an ally in the fight to reclaim your time.


Revamped performance- Apple is working to make iOS feel faster than ever — particularly on older iPhones and iPads. Federighi said that in Apple’s tests on an iPhone 6 Plus, apps launch 40 percent faster, the system keyboard comes up 50 percent faster, and opening the camera is 70 percent faster. Apple is working to speed things up for the full range of devices supported by iOS 12. The company is also focused on times when devices are under heavy load; iPhones and iPads will now be better than ever at delivering optimal performance while also prolonging battery life.


Desired Screentime- Like Google, Apple is trying to help users strike a better, healthier balance between gadgets and life. A new Screen Time feature in iOS 12 will detail how much time you’re spending on your device and using individual apps. It can break down app usage by category and track which apps are sending you the most notifications. Screen Time will provide a weekly summary of your usage habits. Similar to Android P, you’ll be able to set time limits for each app. iOS will automatically notify you when you’re running out of the allotment of time you’ve given to each application. A “time’s up” message will display when the counter runs out. If you want to continue using that application, you can simply request more time. Apple is also applying this abundance of usage data to parental controls, giving parents greater oversight and supervision over how often their kids are staring at a screen.


Intriguing Animoji has come up- The roster of Animoji characters that first debuted with the iPhone X is expanding again with a ghost, koala, tiger, and tyrannosaurus rex. And starting with iOS 12, Animoji will be able to detect when you’re sticking out your tongue and mimic that.


It’s time to embrace Memoji as well- But the bigger advancement around personalized avatars is what Apple calls Memoji. In iOS 12, you’ll be able to create characters that have your own appearance, choosing skin color, hairstyle, and outfitting your Memoji with accessories. It’s like a cross between Bitmoji and Nintendo’s Mii characters. Samsung introduced something like this with the Galaxy S9 to mixed reviews, but Apple seems to have put a lot of work into Memoji.


Facetime for groups- Apple’s video chat app will soon be capable of hosting more than one-on-one conversations. iOS 12 will introduce group FaceTime sessions that can include up to a staggering 32 people. Group FaceTime will be supported across iOS and macOS. When multiple people are on a call, their video windows will get larger when they’re speaking and shrink when they’re not. And for conversations where your face feels a little boring, you’ll be able to use Animoji and Memoji characters during calls.


ARKit 2 peeps in- Apple is trying to own the conversation around augmented reality and establish iOS as the platform that’s leading breakthroughs for the unique, mixed world experiences that AR makes possible. The company is updating its ARKit framework and giving developers the ability to create shared experiences; two users on different iPhones can see the same thing when running the same app.


Panacea Infotech is a leading iPhone development company in USA aiming to take innovation to the next level and transforming the business across the globe through its first-rate app development skills. The exclusive tools and solutions we provide have always been of a great help to all our clients who wanted to enter the dynamic marketplace and improve their products as well as services in the manner.


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01 Jun

Developing a Taxi Booking Mobile App? Factors You Should Always Consider

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Have you built a taxi booking app? What factors should you consider while building your app? Planning a taxi app isn’t an easy task. You must take into account several factors starting from competition, local fares, essential paperwork, and going all the way to designing interface and integrating payment methods.


Running a cab booking app is difficult without right resources, technologies, infrastructure, and marketing strategies. With help of taxi software solutions, it has become easy to create and launch a taxi booking app. Features that are built with latest technologies are very important for taxi booking app developed on any platform like Android, iOS or Windows Phone. For example, integration of Google maps or GPS is must for taxi booking application, as without it the app couldn’t run. The company can also include additional features, apart from the main features to provide hassle-free rides. The features should be included keeping in mind the needs and requirements of both the drivers and the passengers.

Cab Booking App Development Company


With the increasing use of application and taxi booking apps, there are various factors that an entrepreneur or the taxi business has to narrow down to bring out a successful taxi booking solution.


Following are the factors you should consider before you delve deep into the vocation of developing a new taxi booking mobile app.

• Before starting to build an uber like app development, it is important to understand the competition in the area where you want to launch your services. If you want to launch your app for a metropolitan city, you must gauge the existing competition, what features your competitors offer and how will your app be different from them? If you’re working in a small town, make sure you find out if there’s a need for taxi service app.

• Geolocation technology is essential when it comes to developing an uber like app solution. The GPS facility when tightly integrated with Google Maps goes a long way. The integration helps to find the fastest routes while saving your time. In addition, the customer can ensure that the driver takes the right and fastest route.

• While creating an app, it’s quite challenging to include all features and elements into a single interface and create a visual harmony. No user would like to use an app that makes it difficult for them to figure out how it is used and where to find a particular feature. So, make sure your user interface is simple and self-explanatory.

• The car tracking feature is not only used for safety purpose but also helps the user order a ride for someone else. It is also an interactive way to entice customers. A realistic design always appeals to customers, and many of them like to follow routes on their devices.

• Implementing payment integration for your taxi app lets you notify the amount a user needs to pay when the taxi reaches its destination. The best part is that the user doesn’t have to pay cash. Instead, they can link their credit or debit cards and e-wallets with your application and pay while on move.

• Considering the competition has again huge significance. Before launching an app, it is really important to know exactly where you’re standing in the market. At the same time, take into account the area where you want to implement it. If you are in a small town, ask yourself if there is really any need for a cab booking app.

• Verifying the interface also makes a big sense. With all the things that you have to include in an interface, it’s quite a hard task to make space for all of them and to create a visual harmony that will combine all the elements. Nobody wants an app where it’s hard to figure out what does it offer or where can you find a particular feature.

• At the same time, having the right cars is highly important. Not every car is suitable for being a taxi, so it’s better to inform yourself in advance. Try as much as possible to have cars that are modified for this type of service and which are safe. Search for ones with clean interiors and lots of space for luggage.

• Also, you should be quite mindful of the payment integration feature. This feature is particularly useful, since it lets the taxi users know about the source and the destination of the trip, the distance and the payment details as soon as the ride is over or even when they’re in the taxi. One thing that is really appreciated about the successful taxi apps is the fact that you don’t need to use cash when paying, which is one worry less.

Panacea Infotech is a top-end mobile application development company in USA, using agility to bring the much-required velocity in your business and help you respond to the changing needs of the digital economy. We, a leading taxi app development company, help organizations to propel further and go beyond developing completely new categories and introducing new products as well as services faster than ever before.

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29 May

iOS Users to Experience Group Audio Call Feature in WhatsApp

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WhatsApp for iOS app has now been given a new feature. The beta app has been updated to version 2.18.60, and it has now received a group audio call feature. The beta app is being rolled out to select users, and the new feature was spotted by WABetaInfo.


WhatsApp Announced Group Audio Call Feature For iOS Users


Interestingly, this feature was first spotted towards the end of last year on WhatsApp’s Android beta app. It was expected to roll out on the final build soon, but that has yet to happen. The overall UI and functionality of the feature on both Android and iOS are likely to remain the same. Nevertheless, it is still not clear how many participants from a single group can participate in one group audio call.


Earlier this month, WhatsApp rolled out new features for groups. Users can now add Group description – a short blurb found under group info that allows you to set the purpose, guidelines or topics for the group. When a new person joins a group, the description will show up at the top of the chat. In group settings, there’s now a control that allows admins to restrict who can change the group’s subject, icon, and description. Also, if you’ve been away from a group chat, you can now quickly catch up on messages that mention or reply to you by tapping on a new @ button that appears at the bottom right corner of the chat.
Members of a group can now find anyone in the group by searching for participants on the group info page. Admins can now remove admin permissions of other group participants, and group creators can no longer be removed from the group they started.


This version of WhatsApp beta also brings in the “Request Account Info” feature. This essentially lets users download all their personal information collected by WhatsApp. A new version of WhatsApp for Android beta too is being rolled out. This new version brings in a ‘select all’ feature. As the name suggests, it lets users easily select all messages and then mark them read/unread or even archive them. Using the same feature, you can also easily delete all the chats on the app with a single tap.


WhatsApp has also introduced protection so that users can’t be added to groups they’ve left. These new features are available for Android as well as iPhone users. The company is also testing a feature that will show if a message has been forwarded multiple times.


According to the information on the WABetaInfo website, ‘WhatsApp has modified the behaviour of the feature that will show on the bubble (when the feature will be enabled in future) a forwarded message string, if the message has been forwarded from another chat (or from the same chat),’ We all have been victims of forward messages and have long waited to stop such posts. Now when a message will be forwarded numerous times, you will be able to see a label on the bubble. The company is also working to add the possibility to forward stickers to other chats. Both these features are yet to be executed.


Panacea Infotech is a noteworthy iPhone app development company in USA, providing advanced and effective services to build apps that are informative and graphic-rich. We make the best use of distinctive iPhone features to turn your thoughts into reality! Our team of talented developers works with you closely to create apps of your preference and as per your business needs.


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25 May

The Release of Android Jetpack by Google Would Now Spur on App Development

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As one of the best mobile application development companies in USA, you should always be well aware of the recent tech affairs making news nowadays.

App Development Companies in USA


Google has a new tool designed to help developers produce Android apps faster than ever. Called Android Jetpack, it builds on the Support Library and has a strong focus on backward compatibility. Android Jetpack is a set of Android components, tools, and guidance inspired by the backward affinity of the Support Library and the ease of use of the Android Architecture Components. Jetpack components can broadly be categorized into four categories: Architecture, UI, Foundation, and Behavior.


Essentially the successor to Support Library, Android Jetpack should develop a decent following — Support Library is already used by 99 percent of apps found in Google Play. The unbundled nature of Jetpack defines that developers will be able to make use of new functionality within their app quite promptly — there’s no more any need to crowbar in new code.


Android Jetpack is built around modern design practices like separation of concerns and testability as well as productivity features like Kotlin integration. This makes it far easier for you to build robust, high-quality apps with less code. While the components of Android Jetpack are built to work together, e.g. lifecycle awareness and live data, you don’t have to use all of them — you can integrate the parts of Android Jetpack that solve your problems while keeping the parts of your app that are already working great.


However, the key components associated with Android Jetpack are as follows-


WorkManager- The WorkMananager component is a powerful new library that provides a one-stop solution for constraint-based background jobs that need guaranteed execution, replacing the need to use things like jobs or SyncAdapters. WorkManager provides a simplified, modern API, the ability to work on devices with or without Google Play Services, the ability to create graphs of work, and the ability to query the state of your work.


Paging- Data presented in an app can be large and costly to load, so it’s important to avoid downloading, creating, or presenting too much at once. The Paging component version 1.0.0 makes it easy to load and present large data sets with fast, infinite scrolling in your RecyclerView. It can load paged data from local storage, the network, or both, and lets you define how your content gets loaded. It works out of the box with Room, LiveData, and RxJava.


Navigation- While activities are the system provided entry points into your app’s UI, their inflexibility when it comes to sharing data between each other and transitions has made them a less than ideal architecture for constructing your in-app navigation. So into GoogleIO18 introducing the Navigation component as a framework for structuring your in-app UI, with a focus on making a single-Activity app the preferred architecture. With out-of-the box support for Fragments, you get all of the Architecture Components benefits such as Lifecycle and ViewModel while allowing Navigation to handle the complexity of FragmentTransactions for you. Further, the Navigation component allows you to declare transitions, automatically builds the correct Up and Back behavior, includes full support for deep links, and provides helpers for connecting Navigation into the appropriate UI widgets, like the navigation drawer and bottom navigation. The Navigation Editor in Android Studio 3.2 also allows you to see and manage your navigation properties visually.


Kotlin extensions- This spectra of Android Jetpack would take advantage of Kotlin language features which, in turn, will make you more productive.


Slice- A “slice” is a way to surface your app’s UI inside the Google Assistant as a result of a search.


To conclude, Google has propelled Android Jetpack components with the goal of perking up the speed of Android app development. It is offering a wide range of benefits such as Support Library, Architecture Components as well as other new components. It is also providing support to Android Studio and Kotlin language. Google has also asked the developers to send their feedback and share their experience of using the Android Jetpack by looking up their official site.


Panacea Infotech is a leading mobile application development company in USA providing affordable Android as well as iOS app development services which cater to the unique requirements of our clients. We, the noteworthy iPhone app development company USA, would help you transform your slow business into a profitable venture. Our team of experienced developers in USA keep themselves up-to-date with the essential skills and can effectively use the latest features in every mobile app. This makes it easier for us to develop the ideal app for you. We are here to help you take your idea right from inception to a full-out app that can be downloaded on smartphones and tablet devices anywhere in the world. Being a renowned company in USA, our IOS application developers set their goals according to your requirement. We provide you with a finished product that helps your target audience to get the right message. We are a troop of solution providers for all your requirements on application development for a variety of iOS devices – from iPhones to iPad, and iPod Touch. So, for any query related to our service, you can contact us right away.


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24 May

Adobe is All Set to Get its Hands on Magento Commerce

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In search of the best mobile application development company in USA? Or, in the lookout for quality magento development services in USA? Well, for either reason to be served the best, you should always be well aware of the recent news (related to your vocation) crossing your way.

magento Development Services in USA

Adobe has announced that it has entered a final agreement to acquire Magento Commerce, a market-leading commerce platform, Adobe has sought to diversify from the digital media products that made it one of the world’s largest software companies. The deal is slightly smaller than Adobe’s 2009 purchase of Omniture, which made the company a player in digital advertising. The Magento purchase would see the company battle cloud-based commerce services Salesforce, Oracle and SAP. This part of Adobe’s business, known as its Experience Cloud, generates less revenue and grows more slowly than its creative software offerings like Photoshop.


Adobe has agreed to buy e-commerce company Magento for $1.68 billion, in a bid to capture a bigger slice of the digital-commerce industry from Salesforce and Oracle.


The Photoshop software provider is making its third-biggest acquisition to create an end-to-end system for designing digital ads, building e-commerce websites and other online customer experiences and completing transactions, the company said Monday in a statement.


Adobe also announced an $8 billion share buyback program through fiscal year 2021. The program is expected to be funded from its future cash flow from operations and won’t have a material impact on the company’s earnings this fiscal year. It expands on the company’s current $2.5 billion repurchase plan scheduled through fiscal year 2019, Adobe said in a statement. The company’s shares rose about 1 percent in extended trading after closing at $238.10 in New York.


The deal for Magento is expected to close in the third quarter of Adobe’s fiscal year, pending regulatory approval. Adobe will gain access to Magento’s mid-market and large corporate customers, and gain a foothold in a physical store and online transactions.


Magento Commerce is a leading provider of cloud commerce innovation to merchants and brands across B2C and B2B industries. In addition to its flagship digital commerce platform, Magento Commerce boasts a strong portfolio of cloud-based omnichannel solutions that empower merchants to successfully integrate digital and physical shopping experiences. Magento Commerce is the number one provider to the Internet Retailer Top 1000, the B2B 300 and the Top 500 Guides for Europe and Latin America. Magento Commerce is supported by a vast global network of solution and technology partners, a highly active global developer community and the largest eCommerce marketplace for extensions available for download on the Magento Marketplace.


On the other hand, Adobe Acrobat, a program that was developed by Adobe systems to create, view, and modify PDFs, is the king in the PDF creation. The PDF format is widely used all over the world, mainly because of its powerful features and because the format cannot be modified. Creating documents through Adobe Acrobat is also quite easy. The Adobe InDesign Exchange has a surprising amount of free software enhancements for Adobe InDesign that considerably enhance the basic product. These are easily found either by visiting the Adobe Exchange online, or by installing a free panel upgrade to InDesign that lets you search the exchange from within the program itself.


With Adobe Acrobat, one can create high-quality documents along with sharing as well as customizing them in the perfect sphere. The most current version of Adobe Acrobat has many great features and addresses security issues that were lacking in the earlier versions.


An Acrobat PDF file can also be converted to Microsoft word file. The good thing with all these features is that they are free. All that you need is to know how to use them.


An easier and efficient way through which you can know how to fully make use of PDF file is by enrolling in an Adobe training course. With an Adobe Acrobat training course, you will be able to properly make use of many Adobe features and therefore improve your documents quality.


Panacea Infotech is a reputed company providing magento development services in USA. We have been reigning in the field of Magento e-commerce development for past few years and have acquired a glut of acclamations from every nook and corner. In addition to designing and programming e-commerce websites using Magento development services, We cater to the all-inclusive requirements of our clients, and share our best practices to fully reach their site’s potential. Whether it’s developing a brand new site or updating an existing one, we will act as a perfect consultant to strategize your functions on the website. Moreover, we also provide the best support for technical as well as creative content development, thereby helping you keep your site updated and ahead of the competition.

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21 May

It’s Time to Beef up App Engagement and Customer Retention Rate

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Looking for some exclusive strategy to improve app engagement? Well, customer retention must also be your prime focus then! This post is going to give you a sound brief about some important tips you should follow while perking up app engagement. The mobile app development services you are offering should always be properly synced up and for the same, you should never be casual towards an ideal app engagement.

Best Mobile Application Development Companies in USA

The idea behind user retention is to acquire loyal users. Naturally, earning engaged users is a far more challenging task than simply pumping up the user base with new customers. To handle this task, your application should be completely customized towards optimal UX. Ongoing app user engagement is absolutely crucial here. It helps create a strong connection between a brand and a user.


Following are the tips you should adhere to in order to bump up your app engagement, thereby retaining your customers in the best possible way.

To improve user engagement, use the data you’ve collected during the signup process or public/private APIs to customize your in-app messaging to new users. personalized messages sent to app users result in a significant increase in conversions compared to generic messaging.


At the same time, introducing your new users to key features of the app would perhaps be wisest decision from your end. Using tooltips and hotspots would be the ideal step for the same. Tools tips are short hints, tips, and descriptions that are displayed after you’ve used your cursor to hover over an item within the web or desktop app. Some tooltips in certain mobile application development venture are also used to offer a tour of an app’s features, but doesn’t necessarily spark off a user to take an action. At the same time, hotspots often appear in the form of strobing circles that also reveal a hint or tip about a specific in-app feature. Unlike tooltips, however, new users must click on a hotspot in order to divulge its content. Many hotspots are programmed to disappear after a user takes an action. Tooltips and hotspots are a great way to curtail down unnecessary in-app text, encourage users to take specific actions, highlight new or unactivated features and integrations, and give new users additional guidance and information about how the app works.


Motivate new users to scroll through your welcome screens, complete an in-app tutorial, or complete their first actions by displaying a progress bar or checklist. This will ensure that new users are educated on how to use features within your app and give new users a boost of positivity after completing all of their tasks.


Promote engagement with your customers by making your app fun and enjoyable to use. Have users compete with themselves, their friends, or a global network of users using app gamification. Gamification encourages users to complete ordinarily repetitive or mundane tasks, like exercising, completing a task on your to-do list, or changing passwords.


Remarketing is all about running email, social media, and search advertisements that keep haunting users outside an app. To be effective, they have to be personalized. Make sure you’ve collected enough insights on user behavior, their interests and preferences, before launching a remarketing campaign. Otherwise, it would be a complete waste of time and money.


Push notification can again do wonder! These short and simple mobile alerts are of great help, especially when it comes to mobile user engagement outside the application. You can poke users to do something or remind them to use an app when they are disengaged. Personalized alerts are again rated higher than other notifications. However, you should always give special emphasis at the frequency at which you’re sending messages, as users tend to opt-out of irksome push notifications.


Promotional codes, mobile coupons, special offers, exclusive bargains, and other discounts get users hooked. They drive installs and in-app conversions without fail if used properly. Attractive deals and offers will help you compete for user attention by bringing a tangible value to them. They prompt users take immediate actions and help improve app retention rate.


In-app messages are the content that users receive while using your application. Make sure you send them short and precise messages, clearly telling of your goal. Visually, they may look like banners, interstitials, or push notifications. You should decide yourself on the most appropriate ad format depending on your needs. So, before you take a single step ahead.


Last but not the least; allow your users get the real taste of your app before signing up. Show them the exclusive features it has and what is so unique about it. Users always tend to grasp such an approach as it’s free, non-aggressive and requires no extra effort from their end. Trying to capture users’ attention, you still give them a right to choose. This really matters.


So, what are you still contemplating over? It’s time for you to cling onto the above tactics and shine in your business like never before!


Panacea Infotech is a leading mobile application development company in USA offering an array of unparalleled services for mobile application development and provides several exclusive business verticals and help them increase their market reach, growth and return on investment. For any query related to our service, you can reach us right away and we will be more than happy to serve you the best.


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14 May

Some Important Announcements from Google I/O 2018

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Trying to bring in a distinct tint to your next mobile application development venture? Well, then you must be aware of all the recent trends that are making news nowadays. The much awaited Google Annual Developers Conference has brought forth quite a few amazing changes that are meant to be beneficial for any mobile application development move.

Google Conference


With Google announcing that it is rebranding its Google Research division to Google AI, there have naturally been a number of highlights from the Google I/O 2018 keynote.


It speaks about significant changes in Google Maps, Google Assistant, and Gmail. Let’s know what Google keynote speakers talked about in this conference and how could it add value to developers and user’s world.

Bid adieu to the monotony over uttering ‘OK Google’ every time you want to make a command-

Google announced a “continued conversation” update to Google Assistant that makes talking to the Assistant feel more natural. Now, instead of having to say “Hey Google” or “OK Google” every time you want to say a command, you’ll only have to do so for the first time. The company also is adding a new feature that allows you to ask multiple questions within the same request. All this will roll out in the coming weeks.

Google Duplex-

Google Assistant goes a step ahead in Artificial Intelligence to become capable of handling phone calls. It is now called as ‘Google Duplex’. With a natural-sounding and human-like voice, Google Duplex has the power to make phone call appointments and reservations for you. In fact, this AI-powered Google Duplex can even handle few back-and-forth questions and answers when it makes a call for a specific purpose.


The functionality of Google Duplex was demonstrated live at Google I/O 2018 by making 2 phone calls: the first call was to book a haircut appointment and second one to make dinner table reservation at a restaurant. The assistant accomplished both the tasks successfully, that too in more humanly and surprising way.


The original Google Assistant voice was named Holly, and it was based on actual recordings. Moving forward, Google Assistant will get six new voices… including John Legend! Google is using WaveNet to make voices more realistic, and it hopes to ultimately perfect all accents and languages around the world. Google Assistant will support 30 different languages by the end of 2018.

The voice of Google assistant-

The original Google Assistant voice was named Holly, and it was based on actual recordings. Moving forward, Google Assistant will get six new voices… including John Legend! Google is using WaveNet to make voices more realistic, and it hopes to ultimately perfect all accents and languages around the world. Google Assistant will support 30 different languages by the end of 2018.

Google Photos-

Google Photos already make it easy for you to correct photos with built-in editing tools and AI-powered features for automatically creating collages, movies, and graceful photos. Now, Photos are getting more AI-powered fixes like B&W photo colorization, brightness correction and suggested rotations. A new version of the Google Photos app will suggest quick fixes and tweaks like rotations, brightness corrections or adding pops of color.


Google is working to become a hub for all of your photos, and it’s able to pay court to potential users by offering powerful tools to edit, sort, and modify those photos. Each additional photo Google gets offers it more data and helps them get better and better at image recognition, which, in the end, not only improves the user experience for Google but also makes the services better.

Step into a friendlier Google Map-

While Google Maps are among the favorites of users, Google I/O 2018’s announcement just made it friendlier to use. We currently use Google Maps to plot the fastest route to work and navigate through unknown places and unknown road. However, the blue dots can sometimes confuse the driver between ‘slight left’ to ‘turn left’.


The company fixes this problem by integrating Google Lens into Google Maps. All you have to do is point the phone at the street. Upon doing this, StreetView AR overlay will pop up to point towards the right direction. At the same time, Google Maps layout is also present at the bottom of the screen. However, there were no announcements in Google I/O 2018 related to when would this feature of Maps be available for use.


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11 May

All You Need to Know before Developing a Taxi Booking Mobile App

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When it comes to taxi booking apps, Uber leads the way and has set a trend which, in turn, has revolutionized the life of drivers and commuters alike.  By offering the commuters all the comforts of a personal car ride accessible on demand minus, it has actually become a trendsetter. When the worries of ownership, repairs or parking space constraints have become things of past, concerns like expenditure and safety have also mitigated to a significant extent.

Cab Booking App Development Company


Are you up with the vogue to shine with an Uber-like app development? Thinking of taking recourse to some cab booking app development company? Today’s unique mobile technology has made it quite easy and possible to run a business just through an application. But, the main problem lies in the fact that there are plenty of good ideas already in the market. What is missing in the business is the uniqueness of idea.


Well, this blog is going to help you with a detail cicerone on how to develop a taxi booking app.


So, in case, taxi app development has made you forget your sleep, then you should take a look at some of the features which drives a successful mobile app for taxi service. Also, if you have no idea about app designing, than you must hire an app development company to do it for you.


Taxi Booking app such as Uber comes with two mobile applications and an admin dashboard. One is used by the commuters while the other one is meant for the drivers. At last, the dashboard is intended for the admin panel.


Passenger App Features:


  • Mark exact pickup location on a map by using inbuilt GPS module
  • Book a cab as needed and track cab movement on the interactive map
  • See estimated fare and personal discount
  • Text or call the driver right from the app
  • Rate the driver after the ride
  • Manage personal information
  • Automatic execution of payment and even option to split fares with a fellow traveler


Driver App Features:


  • Dashboard with driver account details
  • View details of trip – time, date, locations on map, passenger details
  • View all cab requests
  • Accept / Decline cab requests
  • Google navigation support for smooth pick up and drop
  • Mandatory GPS activation upon login
  • Waiting time stop-watch with auto calculation of fare
  • Reports to show statistics of completed trips and earnings


There are some features such as security login, push notifications, in-app messenger and profile editing that are common to both driver and passenger apps.

Web-Based Admin Panel:
The admin dashboard is the control center that allows operators to manage registered customers and drivers.

  • Register new drivers/taxis
  • View and manage all registered customers and drivers
  • Provide quick summary and trip statistics
  • Manage all finance and logistics


Now, if you are confused with the cost involved in developing an uber like app, we will help you with this too. The cost of developing an Uber clone app depends on the functionalities you are envisaging to phase in, the features you need to personalize the application to match up your specifications, the design & UX.


The taxi app can be customized with features that are locally admissible and in demand. The final cost for taxi app development depends on the time it takes to accomplish such important features like geolocation services and routing, payment incorporation, communication & notifications, rating & reviewing and user profile/registration. The price may also rise based on the platforms (Android, iOS, Windows) you wish to support.


As it turns out, giving an exact price without knowing all the requirements is quite tough but developing an Uber like app can cost roughly around $8,000. Nevertheless, this is just an approximate price of developing an App like Uber and it may differ depending on the features you may want the app developers to cast up.


However, there are a number of app development companies around and you can take recourse to any of such ventures that will help you the best with the process. Panacea Infotech, a leading mobile application development company in USA, is similarly expert in developing top-end taxi booking applications.


Our Uber like app solution is exclusively built for providing both the drivers and the passengers with amazing experience. When the initiation of a pool of smart apps have just changed the life of you in more than one way, we present before you something yet more unique and feature-rich addition. Our taxi app solutions, with every required facet on board, make sure that your life is more simple, convenient and hassle-free. In Panacea, a top-end taxi booking mobile app company, the app we develop is exclusive in nature and completely different from how the conventional taxi apps function nowadays. When the useful insights of the app will make it a seamless experience for you, the user-friendly UI will enable you to book a wide with confidence.


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08 May

A Relative Study on iOS Vs Android

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With the smartphone segment witnessing a familiar battle on a year-on-year basis, a tug of war between Apple Vs Android is quite common though! iOS application development Vs Android app development has rather been vying each other for a leading market share and supremacy ever since they have secured their place in the market.

iOS Vs Android

Together, they have created a Duopoly and account for more than 99% in smartphone sales. However, this post is going to shed a thorough light on a comparative study between Apple and Android.

Different faculties offered-

There are several core differences between Android and iOS that affect user experience at its foundation and the choices we make when we engage with either of them. Apple is incredibly strict when it comes to app submissions, push notifications, rules and timelines, Also, they push operating system updates to users to ensure the consistent experience for them.


On the other hand, Android apps can be updated even without a human review. They are also fragmented across various phone manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, HTC and Motorola, which gives a customizable experience to the end user.


Now, both of these scenarios come with benefits and disadvantages, and if you ask the users of either iOS or Android, they will definitely opt for the one which they are comfortable with. Apple users are usually loyal to the consistent experience across all their devices and any updates that come along, while Android users vouch for more freedom and customizability their devices provide.

There are differences in demographics too-

As mentioned earlier, Android currently has the largest global platform share, with a particular prominence in lower income areas and developing nations. Comparatively, iOS users typically have higher income, higher education levels and more engagement, Of course, that doesn’t mean that those who have those same characteristics won’t own an Android device. Instead, this data is simply indicative of the general Android population.


Men are slightly more likely to be iOS users than women. Android seems to be the most common platform among all age groups. Android has a more market share in developing nations like Asia and Africa while iOS leads the market in developed countries like US, Australia, Europe etc. This may be due to the various cultural and socio-economic factors that are in play in the local geographies.


At the same time, Android exhibits a high level of device fragmentation due to the huge variety of models and varieties available. This becomes a problem when a lot of Android users are still running their devices on older versions of the OS. This is a big headache when it comes to fixing the bugs, and it creates vulnerability and security concerns as well. However, with very few models on board, this is not a problem with the Apple users.


Different user experience-


Also, In terms of User Interface and experience, Apple seems to clearly top the charts, followed closely by Android at the second place. iOS offers a simple and clean interface, that is easy to use and navigate, while Android offers a deep-set of menus to choose and use.


Privacy terms differ too-


As the OS model is more open in Android compared to Apple, it is slightly more vulnerable to hacks and cyber threats. The device fragmentation and openness of installing apps that are from third-party makes Android OS susceptible to security concerns. On the other hand, Apple iOS is very rigid in giving access to the user’s locations and contact info.


Also, when it comes to Android App development and iOS App development there are few clear demarcations which make for obvious preferences. Android Application development is easy due to a deeper access to their OS, and high levels of customization are possible, whereas this is not the case with iOS Application development. Last but not the least; maintenance and Bug fixing are difficult in Android OS compared to iOS, due to high levels of device fragmentation.


To conclude, Apple and Android, seem to dominate the market together and are equally good in their own terms. Choosing one over the other becomes a matter of personal preferences or by one that is governed by your business needs. So, if you are an individual planning to buy a new Mobile phone or a Business Owner who has hired a Mobile Application Development Company in USA to build his first App, it’s suggested that you do your homework. Identify your needs, preferences, time and budget and use these as a criterion for your decision-making, as both are Tech giants come with awesome products.


Panacea Infotech is one of the best mobile application development companies in USA, helping businesses to execute their first-rate ideas into viable digital solutions. Also, we have been helping organizations across the world to achieve their business objectives with high-quality solutions in an array of different services.


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