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22 Feb

The New iOS applications Must Prop up Super Retina Display from April: Says Apple

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The developers have now been informed the all the new applications caved in the App Store from April 2018 must support the iPhone X’s Super Retina display. So, the developers of new iPhone app must make sure that they adhere to the snick and appear perfect on the 5.8-inch OLED screen. Though no deadline has been set by Apple yet, still from next April, every iOS application development has to be built on the iOS 11 SDK. Along with this, the updates to the existing applications should also support iPhone X natively.

Apple X


When it comes to supporting latest devices, Apple has happened to impose rules more rigorously in the last few years. Apple has interacted with the media via an email and has encouraged adoption of the latest iOS 11 features like Sirikit, ARKit, and  Core ML.


Requiring miscellany with the iOS 11 SDK does not really mean the apps have to prop up new traits and attributes. At the same time, it ascertains the fact that the new app developers are utilizing the recent Apple development software which not only checks the entire App Store from going off and rancid but also stirs up an array of top-end features. Most of the developers in the vogue of initiating new iPhone app development services always have also started targeting iPhone X as a top priority. Whatsoever, the rules will come into effect from April 2018.


iPhone X is exclusively crafted to curtail down the effects of long-term use and expand the viewing span of the Super Retina display. Following are the things you can avail out of Super Retina Display.


      • Whenever a new update is on air, you will automatically be nudged to update your iPhone X to the latest version of iOS. You can also check for updates in Settings > General > Software Update


      • Based on the surrounding light in your location, you can easily control the brightness as well as the contrast of your display. The ‘auto-brightness’ option should be used for the same. To check this setting, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations 

      • You can also branch off the display when it is not in use. Your iPhone X can be perfectly set for the same. However, it’s always suggested to opt for a shorter time. To take control over the setting, go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock


You should always avoid displaying invariable images at maximum brightness for a long gap of time. In case, you have an application that keeps your display on even when your iPhone X is in a passive mode, you can just lessen the brightness level by using Control Center.


Now, you might want to know how Super Retina Display exactly works? Using organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology,  the Super Retina offers further advancements over traditional OLED displays to make the users experience a matchless viewing experience.


Apple is actually very firm and stern when it comes to application updates. Nevertheless, the act of not setting any deadline by the Tech Giant has been widely appreciated. The venture has shown the much-required clemency towards the developers as it does not believe in compulsion and enforcement.  It has only asked the developers to think about implementing the iOS 11 features but there is no obligation or constraint at all.


Apple wants all its iOS developers to get amended with the latest tools, bringing them into practice while creating apps. Keeping its App Store fully up-to-date, it has actually taken the right move, thereby fortifying its foothold in the industry yet more.


This new OLED technology takes round an outstanding high contrast ratio and high resolution. And with no backlight on board, OLED can still give off light through each pixel, allowing for a thinner display. The Super Retina display overcomes challenges with traditional OLED displays with its high illumination and wide color support. Also, it has the best color precision in the industry.


Panacea Infotech is a leading iPhone iOS app development company, offering top-end solutions to redefine the innovation in the mobile app development services. We follow the latest application trends to make sure that your iOS application development takes a significant position in the market. Also, in case, you have any special requirement for mobile app development, feel free to Contact Us and give your business a new height.


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20 Feb

 How to Develop a Taxi Booking App

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Are you trying to develop a new taxi booking app? Are you on the vogue to initiate something that will create a boom in the industry and trigger the folks to rate your app as the top one? Well, then you have come to the right page. This post is going to discuss how to make an Uber like app solution for your business. When it’s going to give you an end-to-end guide about the same, it will also steer you on the right track. The high demand for this trend has booked us to cover all the details on this blog.


Taxi Booking App Development


The first thing you need to know about developing an advanced taxi booking app is that you actually have to build two separate applications, which would be connected to your admin dashboard: one for the drivers and one for the passengers.


So, once you are all set to create an amazing Uber like app solution, following are the essential features you should develop for the passenger’s app:-


    • Register/login page: Social media integration is the best way you should plump for; sometimes, an email option is also fine to fo with


    • Booking interface: The user will prop in their travel data in the screen and call a taxi or book one for later


    • Fare calculator: Before a user places an order, fare calculator will help him/her get a perfect estimate of the cost


    • Driver’s rating and reviews: This features will enable the user leave the much-required feedback on the driver, the trip, and the vehicle


    • Messaging:  This feature will be exclusively used by the operator to contact the driver and settle all the details including exact pickup point and drop-in location


    • Payment: The app you develop should always enable your user to receive a fair quote and pay within the app itself. They should always be allowed to store their credit and debit cards for one-click checkout

    • Push notifications: Apart from keeping the user updated on the booking process, it will also let him/her get all the necessary information on their ride like car model, color, number, estimated time of arrival etc

    • Ride history: This feature will help the user get a complete detail of the previous trips. One can also rebook the same ride just with a single click


The idea of developing a taxi booking app should always be vibed with such creation that is enriched with a plethora of customizations to meet the requirements of the customers. The following features should always be developed from your end in order to provide the users with exactly what they are looking for.


    • Easy Registration that permits the user to register and use the app on his/her mobile itself


    • The most important payment feature that will allow the users to register their cards and automatize the payments


    • Google maps that will be used as an indicator for measuring the pick-up and drop-in location


    • Types of cab should be easily selected by the user


    • The fare should be easily calculated


    • The tracking feature should be perfectly accessible by the user


    • Outstation cab booking features should also be there to offer the users the best of services
    • A separate profile should be created for business and personal use

    • GPS should be accessible in the form of voice-activated navigation app

    • Analytic features should also be there in the app to enable some essential stuff like tracking of payment and other things


Now, when it comes to the driver’s app, some of the features are certainly going to match with the passenger’s app- push notifications, login, messaging and support etc. Nevertheless, there are additional features as well which are as follows:-


    • Driver profile and status: While registering, the drivers will always be required to provide extra details for verification like tax number, license etc. Their availability and schedule will be adjusted by the status functionality used in the app.


    • Order alert: Along with the details of payment and route, accepting and canceling of orders should also buzz the driver’s app as special alerts.


    • Navigation:  The passenger should be suggested the best route through the navigation option.


    • Estimation: The ordered fare with the estimated discount should also be available in the app.


    • Voice commands: The option of voice command should also be there to help the drivers when they will be too busy to type

    • Waitlist: The feature of ‘waitlist’ will allow the users to add themselves to a waiting list, rather than refreshing the app over and over again in search of a ride.

    • Free in-app calls: Last but not the least; free in-app calls should also be there in the taxi driver app, though in such case, VoIP integration may increase the price of the overall taxi app development.


Most importantly, the admin panel should always suggest the best navigation for the drivers. At the same time, it should also manage the entire revenue and collect data on your clients for further improvements. It’s always recommended that you start investing in admin panel development right from the very first day.


Panacea Infotech is one of the leading taxi booking mobile app providers, offering exclusive solutions right from beginning to the end. Having a core professional team on board, we adhere to every single requisite of our clients and give the best endeavor even if the project requires additional resources. Also, we have already implemented a number of successful projects and are ready to share our experience and answer all your queries.


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16 Feb

How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Beneficial for Mobile Application Development

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As a technology maniac, you must be well-aware of the term ‘artificial intelligence’. Involving a machine with the potential to copy intelligent behavior, AI allows the iOS users to get the best essence of natural language processing, machine learning, machine vision, knowledge management etc. So, if you are in the vogue to develop some new app and create a ripple in the industry, it’s time for you to roll your eyes through the post, as it’s going to take you through a new saddle, giving you a sound idea about the new technology on board namely ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and how it’s going to be beneficial in mobile application development.

Mobile App Development

The founder and CEO of Blonde 2.0, Ayelet Noff was quite appropriate in this regard. “Machines are lacking an emotional understanding that enables them the emotional capacity to interact with us as humans. Thousands of new ‘smart’ apps and devices are being launched every day. However, no matter how smart they are, they lack the ability to interact and engage with us on an emotional level.”


At the same time, Bryan Kraner, one of the best selling authors and Keynote & TED speaker, “Computers in our hands and on our heads will start to shift via true AI and voice recognition to provide a higher level of digital assistance that truly understands our contextual experiences.


In other words, we need to be better understood by technology and receive better experiences based on things like location and timing. The software will have to adapt in order to deliver these experiences.” This is where AI paves in and makes sure the users experience an array of groundbreaking features to stay on par with the current technological gush.


There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is almost going to bring in a change to the entire world like no other technology has ever done. Especially, with the smart assistants like Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant and Alexa, there’s literally been a surge in the demands for iOS devices.

Customers conduct while purchasing-

Have you got a significant number of downloads for the app you have developed lately? Well, then it’s time for you to increase your revenue. It’s quite obvious that getting hold of new customers is not easy all the time; however, the best way you can retain your old customers is by up-selling to your existing customers. When it will work as a crucial propeller to the growth of your app, it will also act as a perfect solution to the problem of acquiring new customers in a costly and time-consuming manner. Nevertheless, the marketers should be perfectly targeted and informed about exactly when and what they put on sale for the users. AI, with its amazing trait, can manage the data in a jiffy. Right from segregating between those who can be identified as hot leads and ‘who is not’ to looking over the behavior of the users, AI can give you the perfect clue about which features your endeavor towards mobile application development should offer to the users.


A recent research says that a big segment of users happens to cast aside an app just within three months from the initial download. And, the reason is quite simple. Either they are not satisfied with the features offered in the application or they find something better. With the technology becoming more and more advanced day by day, the users always tend to expect something out of the box. Demands for customized and tailor-made experiences are always on air and something lighter is simply not going to meet the expectations of the users.


However, with Artificial Intelligence on board, you can easily put on a learning algorithm to keep an eye on the choices your users make while using your application. Netflix and Youtube are the best examples of such applications that have initiated similar algorithms and are already in practice to use AI to perk up the user experience.

Right content-

Whether it’s a push notification, email or in-app message, the content of the message should be fastidiously researched, written and in agreement before it’s sent to the top users. Right from obtaining the right phrase to making sure there is enough space for customization, it has to be perfectly ordered. A recent study has revealed that a significant amount of business content will be scrutinized by machines by this year itself.


With AI operating within the background, the mobile app marketers are certainly going to see a surge in the overall user engagement. Still, like several new technologies, AI has its limitations, but, provided it’s used quite wisely, the users are surely going to experience the best innovations ever. Ultimately, AI takes the estimation away, giving the app marketers the much-required confidence that they’re delivering the correct message, to the correct user, at the correct time, via the correct channel.


What is the wait for? Give your intellect a sharp ruffle and create simply wonders for your customers through the magic of AI!


Panacea Infotech is one of the leading mobile app development companies in Pune, offering a complete solution for an array of mid and big scale ventures. You can take recourse to us in order to bring in the much-required perfection in your apps.


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13 Feb

A Dissertation on How to Create Google Assistant Apps

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Are you into mobile app development services? Up with some plan to create apps for Google Assistant? This post is going to give you a sturdy idea about the same. When Google Assistant apps are quite conventional in nature, it will also let the users get easy access to a number of things like playing games, scheduling appointments, getting updates about the latest news etc. The apps for Google Assistant are considered as a sturdy gateway for the advanced users to take recourse to the top-end services you provide through Android phones, Google Home, iPhones. It’s not only a well-run way to interact with the users but is also a wise tactic to have a line of satisfied customers on board.

Google Assistant App


This post will show you how to build a Google Assistant app and how it’s going to leave a steep impact on the users. Before you develop an app, it’s very important to know about the basic concepts of Actions on Google and the Google Assistant.

However, mobile application development is never a cakewalk! Dialogflow and Firebase are the two common mediums you can use while creating a Google Assistant App.


Following are the steps a user has to come across on request for an action to be fulfilled-


When users request an action to be fulfilled:


    • The Assistant asks Actions on Google to invoke the simplest app to satisfy the intent


    • Actions on Google receive a response that it hands off to the Assistant


    • The Assistant renders the response in its UI and displays it to the user. The voice communication between the user and the app begins from here


  • The Assistant sends user input on to the app and also the app responds on to the Assistant. This voice communication continues until the app gathers the user input


A user talks to the Assistant requesting an action, “I wish to find out regarding numbers”. The Assistant asks the Actions on Google to search out the most effective app to handle the degreed Actions in the app named “Geeknum”.


The Assistant asks the user if she desires to invoke the Geeknum app and the answer is given as “Yes”. The Assistant introduces Geeknum, then hands off the user to the same app.


The app displays a welcome message and then the oral communication begins with the user.


During the oral communication, the Assistant breaks the disclosure between the user and Geeknum, thereby issuing out the required knowledge which would fulfill the purpose of the intent.


Finally, the oral communication ends once the user is done with learning numbers.


Dialogflow handles a lot of slogs and helps you get the information you would like to obtain from the user. However, throughout the spoken language with the user, you usually got to perform some business logic to reply to the user and to complete the requested action. You are doing this with an online service (called fulfillment) that implements the Dialogflow webhook, a JSON-based protocol that defines the apps that should be integrated into the Assistant with Dialogflow.


When users say one thing, you receive the raw text and a group of parsed parameters from that input. You then use this knowledge to come to a response to maneuver the spoken language forward. once you are done conversing with the user, you’ll be able to fulfill the requested action.


When you produce a Dialogflow agent, a Default Welcome intent is mechanically created. This intent represents the main action your app is going to be delved into. All of your apps should have this main action outlined so that Actions on Google are aware of the way to invoke your app. This intent has the subsequent characteristics:


The Events section of the intent specifies a WELCOME event, which signifies that every agent should have one and just one intent that declares this WELCOME event. The Google Assistant uses this event to trigger your app once the users invoke your app by name, like with “Ok Google, consult with Silly Name Maker”.


The Action field then specifies an input welcome name. Once an intent is triggered, this action name is distributed to your fulfillment, therefore, it will map the action’s name to the task to hold out.


Panacea Infotech is a leading mobile app development company providing exclusive solutions to help you perk up your business with a new tint. Adhering to the latest trends and technologies, we make sure that you find the right key to success and pave the way for ultimate triumph.


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06 Feb

Few Exclusive iOS Application Development Trends to Aim for in 2018

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Do you belong to the list of people who always like to be updated with the current technological vogue? Well, if yes, then you would certainly like to know about the top iOS application development trends in 2018. According to a number of surveys done lately, it’s revealed that Whatsapp and Facebook are not the only two apps downloaded from Google play store. Instead, there are an array of different applications that many Android users might not have heard of. So, it’s quite obvious for many new app developers to come up with several groundbreaking features in this year. While making an app, it’s always important that the developed facets stand out in the crowd and this can only be possible if a set of right techniques are adopted for the same.


iOS App Development


Following are the list of quite a few iOS application development trends to look for in the year 2018.


Cloud technology- This is surely going to be one of the most noted iOS development trends in 2018. With cloud technologies enabling several small business and startups to launch mobile apps without permeating into physical infrastructure, it will definitely remain the most hyped over iOS application development trends of the year. However, it’s expected that the developers will make space for something yet more advanced so that the application doesn’t have to deal with internal memory constraints. By enabling the app to fetch data directly from the cloud, the developers are surely going to introduce something that will create a boom in the market.


On-demand apps- The on-demand apps will always be in high demand, such applications have already become a crucial part of modern lifestyle. Right from cab services to beauty services, today’s tech-savvy people are mostly reliant on several on-demand apps on board. When the easy payment options out there drive people crazy, the lucrative features offered in such apps again compel the individuals to download them from the play store. So, it’s quite anticipated that the huge popularity of on-demand apps will certainly induce an array of companies to develop the same and perk up their revenue in the manner.


Artificial Intelligence- Transforming the entire notion of enterprise app development in 2018 is no more a herculean task. With its exclusive traits and attributes on board, most developers are likely to prefer AI technologies to enhance their mobile apps and pave in an amazing user experience.  AI will additionally help the specialists to make applications that can be utilized as a vigorous medium to get to constant bits of knowledge through machine learning advances, progressed investigation, psychological interfaces and many more. Also, the developers may use AI to make intelligent apps for the web of Things (IoT) age.


Augmented reality and virtual reality– At present, AR and VR area units are widely used in the development of recreation and amusement apps. AR is used by the developers to fabricate a real-world atmosphere while VR is used to recreate real-life things or atmosphere. With the major technology firms increasing the amount of investment in the AR and VR spheres, the demand for this technology can actually surge in 2018. The developing honchos are most likely to explore numerous ways by making the best use of these two amazing mediums and create an array of innovative apps. The arena of virtual reality is going to be utilized for the development of games, whereas the augmented reality is going to be the main arena of interests in varied industries like healthcare, retail, land, and engineering.


Blockchain- Within a brief span of time, blockchain has now become one of the most talked-over infrastructures behind Bitcoins. According to a number of surveys done on it,  blockchain is going to be widely used in making apps related to currency. Helping the users in accessing record transaction history, blockchain is going to be a big hit in the digital market. Also, while developing enterprise mobile app, developers can use blockchain to reinforce the safety of the app by eliminating every negative threat. For recording a range of sensitive and valuable transactions, there cannot be a better alternative than blockchain.


Panacea Infotech is a leading iOS app development company, offering end-to-end solutions which are based on latest trends and technologies. The small and mid-scale ventures looking towards flourishing their business can take recourse to us and bring in the much-required clarity and perfection in the services they provide.


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02 Feb

Ways How You Can Boost the Quality of Your Mobile App Development

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Don’t you want your mobile app to go viral? Don’t you want to create a significant ripple in the market? You would surely want! So, what are the DOs and DON’Ts for the same? How would you even create a distinctive spell among your competitors? Well, this post is going to give you a sturdy idea about the same. Today’s mobile application development demands a lot of suppleness and your ideas always need a gamut of power tools to be converted into veritable apps. Even if you hire the best talent in the city, it doesn’t always ensure that all your expectations will be met for sure. For this, you need to fortify the quality of the product.

Mobile App Development


You should always put a special emphasis on the fact that customers are becoming quite selective nowadays and especially with an array of new designing trends prevailing the market, the only way you can showcase your excellence is by presenting something unique on board. Thus, as a developer, you should always make it certain that you are, in no way, compromising on the quality of the product. For the success of any mobile app, adhering to this special benchmark is more than important.


Following are the ways how you can improve the quality of a mobile application:-


Testing- This is the most important thing to consider while developing any iOS or Android solution. Quality assurance is only guaranteed when you get all your solutions tested quite rigorously. Testing is always considered the key to success. There always remains a chance for any modern application to get affected by several threats. The more you test the app, the better is the chance for you to detect any viable bug that comes up. Even a single flaw may lead to severe consequences and the most effective way you can get away with it is by undergoing a systematic testing procedure.


Responsiveness- Now Responsive Website has come up as a mandatory inclusion to any app development. A responsive website changes its layout and appearance based on the size of the screen the website is displayed on. A webpage that looks great on a desktop or a laptop may look out of sync while seeing it from a mobile. Responsive website here does its duty to make the webpage look similar even when seen on a mobile device. Though the main reason for many companies to switch over responsive websites is its high-end functionality, there are also many businesses that are converting their system to responsive design only in order to look trendy and snazzy. So, before you lag behind due to some severe mistake on your end, consider responsiveness as your top priority while going through an Android or iOS application development.


Security- Though security is one of the most important aspects to consider, still it’s often ignored even by the greatest app developers. Security breaches are the most important thing you need to take care of while developing an application. Especially with cyber attack becoming one of the most common threats of today, you have always got to take up the best security measure on board. Designing the appropriate user authentication has huge significance, as it not only ensures the security of any sensitive information but also makes sure that every solution in every step is perfectly locked at the safest chest.


Documentation- Your iOS application development should always get every feature properly documented. You should always ensure the fact that every integral part of your app is minutely described so that the professionals in charge of making the gizmo can clearly understand it.


Data distribution- Last but not the least; users always tend to give special emphasis on real-time data distribution and as a wise mobile app developer, you should never ignore this part. The users always tend to be attracted towards such apps that give the most up-to-date information. No matter how much swanky the application is, it always has to get the latest data in use. Your app fails to do it and you will be lagging behind the list of the most competent mobile application developers. Thus, before you launch your app, always make sure that it’s going with the perfect sync with real-time data distribution methods.


There is an end number of ventures developing new mobile apps across the country; but in order to come out with flying colors, the application you craft should always be exceptionally qualified so that it can give your customers the best return of investment.


So, what is the wait for? It’s time for you to abide by all the above guidelines for the best of your interest and create a significant exemplary in the industry.


Panacea Infotech is one of the top-end mobile app development companies, offering exclusive solutions to explore the change in Android and iOS app development services.


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29 Jan

Ways You Can Buck up Your Taxi Booking App

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Trying to improve your taxi business? Looking for unique ways to make your venture reach the top level of excellence? Then, the first thing you should start with is enrich your taxi booking app to a significant extent. We, in this post, are going to discuss a number of ways how you can boost your app like never before!

Taxi Booking App

Ensure a perfect loop between your drivers and operators- Your taxi booking app should always possess certain features which make sure that the drivers and the operators stay in constant touch. There have been many instances where it’s seen that the passengers have been told that the cab will appear in about 5 minutes; but, sometimes, due to the miscommunication between the operator and the driver, wrong information is showcased to the passenger, thereby leading to a number of unwanted events. So, always ensure that your taxi booking mobile app flashes the correct time on the display.


Keep space for advanced features- Again, one of the most effective ways you can top up your cab booking app is by taking recourse to several upgraded tools. It will not only help you get connected to your customers easily but will also aid you in beefing up a solid taxi business. Having a cloud dispatch always has a special significance. At the same time, the passengers are always in need of a guarantee that the taxi will be there at the gateway just when they need. So, in order to make it a pleasurable experience for them, keep an option for booking in advance. With all the similar details on board like pick-up location, drop-in destination and the preferred mode of service, the only way it is different from the standard cab requests is that the users have to set a specific date and time.


Make your strong presence in social media- This is perhaps one of the most important things to consider, when it comes to perking up your uber like app development. In an era when social media is deemed to be the most powerful channel to promote things, you cannot just miss the opportunity to do the same for your own business. You can easily take recourse to the popular social media channels and create communities to boost your business. There cannot be a better way to boost your company awareness and considering that your customers are already on social media, you can actually make the best use of it and try to promote your business like never before! Also,  always make sure that your company has a webpage as well. Web-page solutions are often considered as one of the most important channels to cater to the demands of the customers, as it’s going to handle your online booking 24/7. So, lagging in this part would certainly be an act of sheer stupidity from your end.


Plump for proper advertising- Proper advertising is also quite effective in this regard. You can just start campaigning for your uber like app solutions on several platforms where your customers tend to hang around the most. Provided, you are steering onto the right track, Google Adwords and PPC can actually proffer you a huge traffic even beyond your expectations. You can also set a small budget and try to aim at certain locations and audience.


How about experiencing your customers fleet branding? Why don’t you get your line of cabs wrapped with your taxi app solutions? The bundled-up taxis will be on road and visible to an end number of eyes, making it more recognizable as well as accessible. You can try making several flyers with promo code and distributing them in public. These coupons will work the best in restaurants, bars, malls, making people aware of your amazing taxi booking app. Also, you can share your promo code through viral sharing. It will actually do wonder!


Get dedicated drivers- Last but not the least; one of the most important paradigms you should stick to is stay committed only to dedicated drives. Your taxi booking app can reach the summit of success, only if the drivers take the best care of your clients. So, in order to keep your service level high, you should always ascertain the fact that you are not working with such drivers who are interested only towards money. Instead, you should be in tie-up with such drivers who just love what they do and don’t consider payment as the prime concern. Now, the question remains, where to get such drivers from? Well, you can always check for reviews and ratings on the web and opt for them coming with good grades.


So, what are you still contemplating over? It’s time to upgrade your app adhering to the above tricks and get your taxi booking app to a new height of distinction.


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22 Jan

Create Your Brand New App- This Is How You Can Do It!

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Up with some amazing idea to create a new app? Is this something which has just robbed your sleep at night? Now in case, you have a wholesome idea but no clue about how to execute it into reality, you have landed up onto the right page. We, in this post, are going to discuss about how to build an app- right from scratch to end. As an amateur, it’s quite likely that you will not be aware of the nitty-gritty of the process. When you need to learn about the intricate ropes of mobile app development services, you should also be chalking it out quite perfectly. Well, although there are a number of app building programs available in the Internet which can give you a fair insight about the same, still you are always recommended not to adhere to any random program for trials.


Mobile App Development


We have brought before you a sound guide about how to do it the best.

How can you even proceed without setting a goal?

Just stay away from the hurl-burl of technology in this stage. Simply take a pen and paper; scribble out the entire idea you have in mind. Ask yourself what exactly you want from the application? How is the app going to unravel the lives of people? How do you want the app to be marketed?

A good research will always steer you into the right track-

Well, it might not seem so important, but it’s perhaps one of the most imperative steps to reflect on. You can never come up with the best thing until you conduct a sizeable research on the same. It’s really very much crucial to judge the competition of the app idea you have got. You can never be successful plumping for such idea that doesn’t work only. Thus, before you come out with the final plan,  always probe into its demand as perfectly as you can.

Choose the best wireframe site-

Wireframe is the platform using which you can bring the required clarity and functionality in your mobile application development. There are an end number of sites. Take time to opt for the best one to convert the sketches into veritable designs.

Welcome criticism-

How can you even think of delivering the best app without welcoming diverse thoughts to improve your idea? Just don’t give it a second thought to discuss your idea with your fellow friends who happen to understand this segment. You will receive a lot of criticisms; consider the best ones and try to ameliorate your things.

Create an account in Google play-

This is something through which you can let the whole world get introduced to your app. It might take quite a few days to get over with the process; just be patient and wait for the task to get over.

It’s time to design-

Creating the user interface (UI) is what you need to do in this stage. People are attracted to things that are visually attractive and easy to navigate. So, while designing the app, always make the best use of the feedbacks you have got from the testers and waste no time to pull off the same.

Test the app-

Now that you have found your app to be in the perfect position to be released, take some more time to run a thorough testing on the application, so that there’s not a single loophole found. This part is really important. You are required to check if all the screens of the app are properly working as well as casting an attractive visual appeal. Also, you need to ensure that both the look and texture of the app are meeting the expectations of the end users.

Make modifications if required and then, time comes to release the app-

Now, finally the time comes to share your creation with the whole world! Though it’s the finish line, still you are not just supposed to sit back and relax! This step is also very crucial just like the above ones. The new features in your app are certainly going to bring a lot of changes to the world! You have surely come out with flying colors and now, it’s time to let the whole world relish its charm! If it’s an android app, you can simply add it to the android store and your mobile application development will be on air. However, in case of IOS app, the store might take some time to review the application.


What are you still mulling over? The above steps are certainly going to come to your immense aid. All you need to do is adhere to the same and your ideas are not going to take a sizeable amount of time to be pulled off into reality. Also, there are a number of mobile app development ventures which can give you exclusive guidelines about the steps involved in building a brand new mobile app. Panacea infotech is a leading mobile app development company offering end-to-end solutions to redefine the innovation in the mobile app development services.


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16 Jan

5 Exclusive Mobile App Development Trends to Mark in 2018

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Being the biggest technology in market, Mobile App ecosystem has now come up as one of the most hyped over concerns in the market. With a great variety of mobile app development trends reformulating the digital landscape in every innovative way, taking your business to a new height is no more a herculean task. Mobile apps are no longer seen as an additional investment; rather, it’s considered as an obligation. Mobile being the best way to cater to the requirements of the customers, the success line of a company is often reliant on the fact that how effectively it utilises the current trends on board.
Mobile App Development

While mobile applications in large scale companies are used for firsthand campaigning, branding and shooting up customer engagement, in small-scale ventures, they are used for bringing their own apps into being. So, if you are in search of some exclusive mobile development trends to create an exemplar before your competitors, you have come to the right page then! This post is all set to provide you with a set of new app trends to get a headstart from your business rivals.

Accelerated Mobile Pages- The faster your web page is loaded, the greater is the chance for you to engage more customers towards the site. So, how will you do it the best? Having Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is always the most recommended way how you can perk up your web page load time to a significant extent. Apart from enhancing the conversion rate, it will also heighten the visibility of your site in more than one way. At the same time, good user experience is something which is the lookout of every customer and with an accelerated mobile page, you can actually take your online business to a new level of perfection. One of the most exclusive trends on demand, accelerated mobile pages can just make your site create wonder!

Mobile App Security- Well, with mobile payment and mobile banking becoming a significant trend today, it’s quite obvious that there will be a huge surge of security by 2018. Especially with Google and Apple focusing on this particular measure like never before, mobile app security is surely going to be one of the most hankered after units among the customers. Before you release your application to the app store, it should always be your prime concern to explore as well as probe into the same as much as you can. Again, the security checks should always be taken at the development stage itself through scales like code encryption, reputed payment gateway, API, secure back-end etc.

Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality Apps- With the increasing demand of the customers, when entertainment and gaming have become one of the most sought after straits among the fellow buyers, the importance of VR & AR apps has, quite naturally, torqued up like never before. When the demand for new technologies has paved in the way for groundbreaking automation, the quest has also surpassed beyond the want for mere games. The consumers want to explore yet more and once AR graphics are merged with VR tools, it can actually create wonder. The leading mobile app developers are already on the vogue to wander through the drift and as a smart mobile app development company, you should also consider this trend on a prime note and steer your way towards perfection.

Cloud Based Applications- Gone are those days when you were left with no option other than saving all your important files in your device only. However, with the inception of cloud technology, things have become much easier. The mobile phone users no more have to slow down their internal phone memory, as cloud technology will help you store anything on the cloud itself. Apart from Google Drive and Dropbox, there will certainly be many more such apps on the go and the year 2018 is actually going to witness the scenario at its best. As a leading mobile app development company, you should always blaze the trail towards this trend and keep updating your applications accordingly. When cloud based mobile apps are good for personal uses, they are quite in demand in big enterprises as well, for they are most likely to trim down the data security issues prevalent in every venture.

On-demand Applications- Who doesn’t want to get an easy access to all the important locations just with the click of a button? Yes, on-demand apps can make it happen in a jiffy! Bringing along every important thing within your reach, such engaging apps can actually come to your great aid. Be it a shopping mall or a restaurant, a stationery store or a mobile store, a hospital or a clinic and even a gymnasium or a fashion parlour, on-demand apps can get the users convenience and comfort under a single jolt.

It’s always important to adhere to the latest trends in order to set forth the best mobile app in the market. Panacea Infotech is one of the top mobile app development companies adhering to the ongoing trends to make sure the application creates a significant ripple in the market.

Yes, now it’s your turn to paddle the boat !

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10 Jan

5 Checklists to Follow while Launching a New Mobile Application

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Are you into delivering a gamut of mobile app development services for various business companies?? Is it a start-up? Or, have you been running the venture for a long time? Well, in either way, you might be receiving an end number of opportunities. Can you really afford being laid-back or easy-going even for a minute? The answer would definitely be a big ‘No’! Researches have shown that the biggest challenge involved in such business is not being able to figure out the real scope connected with the vocation. When it becomes too tricky at times, too many ideas also make it quite tough to meet the success line. However, you can actually make it easier by following some simple lineups or ballots.


5 Checklist For Mobile App Development


This post brings before you few important checklists to mull over while launching a new app as well as dealing with your clients.


Know Your Product the Best This is perhaps the most important thing you should consider while you are up with your mobile application development business. Among a number of other vital things to be done, you should always be well-aware of the main essence of the app in the best possible manner, so that you can brief the product to your clients just in a jiffy. The better you can summarise your app, the greater is the chance for you to crack the deal.


Recognise Your Target Audience And Their Requirements This is again one of the smartest ways to stay close to your profit line. The perfect way you can offer the best product to the users is by understanding their needs. So, before you proceed with anything, try to gauge out the issues your mobile application is going to puzzle out for them. Once you are done with it, then you better know which platform should be in use for the best outcome. At the same time, you should also be aware of every possible risk involved in making the application; thereby shunning away all the possibilities of incurring loss. Make sure that you are always one step ahead of ruining your mobile app development capability.


Take Time to Eye around All Your Constraints Although you are all set to launch a new mobile app, you should always take time to adjudge the limitations the application has got to function within. This way, you can not only manage to pave in the way for a user-friendly product, but will also be able to retain customer satisfaction at its best. Is it going to appear good in the application store? Will this work equally on every format? What are the possible sweeps and scopes it leaves for the clients to let them have an amazing experience?- These are the common queries you should always be asking yourself before setting the app afloat.


Try to Figure out How Exactly Your Application Is Going to Be Anchored There are always better ways to do things. When certain micro services can make it do wonder, some patent add-ons can also make it work faster. As a sharp-witted mobile app development company, you should always be wise enough to look into the fact that which additional service needs to be plugged into time to time. A mobile responsive website should always be there along with the app in order to pitch in with the user’s requirements. Adhering to such important criteria is what a pro must be in practice with. Last but not the least; one should also have the best knowledge about how the user generated content is likely to appear on the app before it is launched.This way, you can always pave the way for customer delight.


Explore Your Competitors This is again one of the main yardsticks to follow. The better you know your competitors, the smarter you are going to be on your deliveries. You should always be well-aware of the strength and shortcoming of your opponents, so that you can compete with them the best. Before you kick off your new mobile app, make sure that the new features you are launching are highly in demand. Hence, you can trigger your target in the best possible manner.


These are the important lineups to adhere to while rolling out a new mobile application. This post is surely going to find the key to many of your doubts and make it a pleasant encounter for you.


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