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  • 29th June 2016

7 major factors why your business website needs an explanatory video

7 major factors why your business website needs an explanatory video

In today’s world, the capability to interest, engage and get visitors to return to your www site is seriously important if you want your company to succeed.  So when your websites development is in need of an inventive technique to be seen and overtake you competitors, visualizations are a perfect choice that delivers many profits to your website and business.  Underneath you can find listed advantages of why your business will profit from adding a custom video.


  • Your visitors, when coming to your website, can’t read everything fast. So the video can help them to get the material they are hearing and seeing much faster than material they will have to read.  For that reason, explanatory video is a perfect technique to make visitors easy digest your information. Video cannot replace all the written info but can perfectly sum it up and compliment it.



  • A video is a good method to drive visitors to your business website and will make them focus on the information you want to share audibly and visually. That means the visitors are going to spend more time on your company website and more time exposing them to your main message.



  • As from the SEO point of view – Google and other search engines are very fond of all new types of content. So, every time you make some new addition, the uptick will be seen for the search engine rankings. To maximize your SEO, put the video content then, make sure you include your keywords in the title and even create a channel on YouTube. Share it on social media too! The benefit of multiple locations will be great if you make sure none is duplicate.



  • Try to make your video entertaining, do not stick with the information filled only video. Try to be bold, make it witty, make people remember it. And if they will like it – you can have it shared through social media and it can go viral.



  • A good method to make the connection with visitors a closer one is to start publishing the video contact where your employees play a role. It will make people feel like they know you and your company and for sure will make you appear more reliable and trustworthy for them.  Make some demonstrations of your product or make you employees talk about your company – it all makes you appear like you are close to the visitors and they will keep coming back.



  • Web development specialists’ advice is to add videos for a simple reason – you can grow the reach by sharing your company videos through social media. Making your videos viral by allowing visitors to share them will increase the reach far beyond your website.



  • An explanatory video will make you stand out from the crowd. Nowadays all the companies use all possible web development tools to do this and so should you. To have a big advantage though you need to have the guts and step out. You will have to put loads of creativity, effort and vision to do this but it will be worth it. People love the company with a personality and character. They will come back to you and they will tell their friends to visit you. Your company success is in your hands, so go for it.



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