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  • 10th May 2017

Choose Magento 2 For eCommerce Development in 2017

Magento eCommerce development company


Magento has emerged as an ideal eCommerce development solution for online merchants to establish powerful online stores. It not only provide you with the complete control over your eCommerce website but also provide you with the flexibility to customize your store the way you want. It is a perfect solution to build a full-fledged shopping cart to address your large scale eCommerce needs. In this regards, there is no competition to Magento and with its new version, it has become invincible in the eCommerce world.

Magento eCommerce development company


Magento 2 offers several advanced features and functionality develop eCommerce store that stay ahead of the curve. It would be not wrong to call it an eCommerce powerhouse due to its amazing capabilities. Let’s check out what makes it the most sought framework for eCommerce development in 2017.


Advanced Search

Customers in today’s digital era are impatient. They want instant gratification. With Magento 2, you can provide your audience with advanced search feature where they can find what they want using various types of search options such as faceted search and filtered search.



eCommerce development is all about creating personalized user experience. It is what helping merchants attract more visitors and turn them into buyers. Magento 2 provides you with the features to track shoppers’ behavior, preferences and browsing history. On the basis of this data, it becomes easy for online sellers to offer personalized services, products and offers.


Improved Optimization Capability

Magento 2 comes with more optimization capabilities than Magneto 2 which can help you optimize your store for search engines as well as users effectively. Leveraging its potential, you can optimize SEO as well as SMO specifications with a modular approach.


Responsive Design

According to the Google, a large number of eCommerce shoppers visit different eCommerce sites through their mobile devices. Considering this fact, Google has already declared that it would give preference to mobile-friendly sites while showing search results. Magento 2 provides developers with the opportunity to build responsive websites that offer seamless user experience across all the devices.


Speed and Security

Speed and security have become the key parameter for earning customers trust. Magento 2 promises 20% more speed than the previous Magento version. Also, it comes advanced security features that make it perfect fit for developing highly secure eCommerce stores.


Instant Development

Magento 2 eliminates the complexity in the development process with its “view in module” concept which significantly reduces the development time. Developers can leverage this advanced concept to begin their start immediately.


Compatibility and easy integration

As an open source, PHP-based framework, Magento 2 shows great compatibility with latest PHP frameworks and versions. Also, it performs seamlessly with top databases such as Oracle, Hadoop, and MySQL.


Advanced databases make integration challenging for eCommerce developers. Magento 2 take the complexity out of integration process and provide developers with the easiest way to integrate third-party tools, services, and data.


Usability and internationalization

Magento 2 makes eCommerce development easier and faster as well as empower back-end users with powerful tools to manage sales, orders, reporting and inventory with a great ease.


With Magento 2, you get an opportunity to go beyond boundaries and develop an online store that supports various languages and currencies.



In today’s competitive digital world, online stores require a bunch of features and functionality to stand tall and blow away the competition. Magento 2 enable online sellers to meet the expectations of new generation customers with its incredible features.


If you are planning to develop an eCommerce store to take your business to the next level and accelerate its growth, then Magento 2 can help you accomplish your goal. However, for the best output, you need a team of certified Magento developers who are expert in exploiting Magento 2 to help you make your Magento eCommerce development a great success.


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