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  • 24th December 2018

Crucial tips to initiate your apps for this Holiday season


The Christmas bells are already beginning with the enchant the ears with its pleasant and heartwarming sound. People are purchasing the gifts and decorative items from the streets and markets to decorate their homes, and children are excited and waiting for Santa Claus to come. And it’s just a week when we say goodbye to 2018 and will welcome 2019 with positivity, hopes, and aspirations.


So, just when various people are planning for a memorable vacation this Christmas with their friends and family the app developers require preparing a base to serve consumer need.


If you check the statistics, then you must see that mobile commerce has crossed the mark of $800 billion in sales during the holiday season. Well, these figures are highly motivating and if you are looking to developing an app or owe an app, then reap maximum benefits from it. Check hire php developers service.


Here is one can give a new look to their apps for a holiday makeover:


1. Unique design for the apps:


Well, a design of the holiday app is one of the crucial factors for the customer in your application. This just means you are required to process a list of crucial tourist destination that will be suggested to a targeted audience.


You can also give inclusion of main hotels and places based on accommodations, to upload beautiful pictures of popular attractions, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. Moreover, one can also give information about the travelers what activates one can look upon while traveling.


2. Features as per festive season:


The app developers are more or less familiar with the fact that it has the features that make you app always in a spotlight of users. So, when one is getting the apps ready for a festive season, be very sure about adding interesting and crucial features that are good for the specific period.


Moreover, you can also add a page where visitors can initiate their Christmas and New Year shopping, and they do not need to visit other website or app for sure. Moreover, it will be interesting if one can provide a suggestion to select their destinations, type of holidays and facilities, etc.


3. In-depth research of customer’s demand:


The grand Christmas holidays come every year, and after 365days we welcome it with full enthusiasm. It is crucial to inspect user demand and trends that are going on in the market.


So, it is crucial for app developers to keep updated with the current going demands that are in the mind of users for which it is required extensive research for being evident. So, offering what people are searching for is to prove highly beneficial.


Let’s just understand with an example:


You are highly aware with the fact that at the time of Christmas and New Year eve, various events get organized like concerts, dance, carnivals, fests, and drinks, etc. where people visit to enjoy.


4. Captivate customer by contests:


As it is a fun time, you can boost the pedal to increase the excitement and enthusiasm of the customer by initiating the exciting contests and competitors for end users.


Like you can keep contest of photography where one can ask the users or tourists to update the best photo click at the time of vacations. So, you can ask the end user about what they like at the time of the holiday. The best one can win the contest.


5. Discount coupons and offers:


One of the other techniques one can apply for making the app ready for the holiday goers is launching the great offers and discount coupons that will help in moving and attracting the customers. You can also avail special coupons for rebates on room tariffs or discount on lunch and dinner of specific restaurants.


What one can do more in such regards is that you can offer free passes to specific events where the end user can buy the ticket to look upon and participate. Value-added coupons should be given high priority and more preference in comparison to coupons.


6. Push notifications to attract customers:


It is great that you are sending emails and offering rewards, discount coupons so that more people can visit the app. But in the latest scenarios, push notification is one of the crucial tools for boosting sales and promotion.


It is with the help of push notification that only you can inform a customer about great contests and coupons etc.

Summing Up:

Let the Christmas enlighten the lives of people, and one can play an essential role in enhancing the enjoyment of the people with the worthy holiday apps. The fun, excitements, and enthusiasm have started, and an app can double the spirit of vacation.


So, it is high time to prepare as one can face high challenges from competitors. Be in touch with reliable and best app development companies in USA and across the globe for developing high-value holiday and Christmas focusing apps.


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