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  • 16th July 2018

How Mobile App Onboarding Is Going to Help You in User Retention

Mobile Application Development Companies in USA


In search of exclusive tips on user retention? Thinking of opting for good application development companies in USA? This blog can be a perfect cohort to you. User onboarding has a significant role to play in lowering abandonment rates and to give a boost to retention, the applications you are building should always offer impeccable user-experience.

Mobile Application Development Companies in USA

Also, when it comes to providing genuine insights into the success of any mobile application, app retention and app engagement are generally the two metrics considered important. You can never give leeway to any such trend that would lead to low app engagement and retention, as such measures are always regarded as e receipt for failure. On the contrary, you should always emphasize on high retention and engagement.


Experts have it to say that highly engaged users are those who are active on more than 10 sessions in a month. On the other hand, retention is considered as the drift where an user returns to the app within three months of their first session. And, when the average of these two gets combined is known as an app’s stickiness. This is how you can also gauge the fact how constant users are towards a particular application.


Attaining the required user-engagement and user retention rate is never a cakewalk! A number of surveys have been conducted and it’s revealed that around 23% of users take recourse to user abandonment. Although little improvements have been seen in last few years, still a great percentage of users tend to leave apps almost immediately. Wizards say that if an application is visited less than twice in a week, then there is a 70% chance that it’s never going to be opened again.


So, how exactly mobile onboarding is going to help you with user retention? A perfect onboarding experience can bring down the abandonment rate to a great extent. The more complicated it is to start using an app, the more likely users are to leave it. Always try to avert certain figments like unnecessary information fields, complicated functions, complex features etc. First impression is always important and to ensure the users don’t abandon your app, make it as simple as you can. Besides, proper onboarding has also been considered as an effective means to maximize users lifetime value by 500%.


So, now it’s time for you to reduce steps for unnecessary sign-ups and registration options. When this helps you create a seamless onboarding process, it will also assist you in grabbing more customers. Also, try not to overload users with unwanted information; instead, you can opt for functionality education which will be helpful to the users in the long run. Do remember, you are here not to describe the app’s benefits. Only the key functionalities should be given emphasis. At the same time, try not to include too many features; else, it will look too convoluted for the user. It should not exceed 3-4 points.


Why don’t you opt for progressive onboarding as well? This is where educating users through guided interactions comes into play. Users are always up with the tendency to light on an app on their own terms. So, your interactive onboarding process is definitely going to help them in more than one way. It would provide the users with every necessary information as they start using the application. Mainly, if your app comes with a complex workflow or covert features, then progressive onboarding would certainly be of a great help.


Last but not the least; “one screen one concept” is definitely a great way to absorb users. Always try to use a single screen to describe any feature. Users are hardly interested in rolling their eyes over multiple screens just to know about a single feature. So, smart work will always help you in such a context. Nevertheless, this point is especially relevant to benefits-oriented onboarding.


What are you still waiting for? Take your sleeves up and give a try to all the above tips. You’re definitely about to come out with flying colors!!!


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