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  • 22nd March 2017

Key Challenges in Customer-Facing Enterprise App Development

Mobile App Development Companies


In the world of the internet and mobile, customer-facing enterprise mobile apps work as a wonder for small to large businesses across the world. Thus, the mobile app development is in a great demand. However, the competition and evolving technology have made it challenging for app developers to build the app that meets both business and customers requirements. They have to overcome certain hurdles in order to become successful. These obstacles are related to the whole development procedure – From choosing right developers to implement practical development methods, to incorporate best functionalities/features to the end-product.

Mobile App Development Companies
Working with the finest talents

Finding right people who can build your app is a crucial step in mobile app development. After all, you need an app that helps you interact effectively with your customers and help achieve your business goals. This can be achieved only if you have the right talent to build your app.


You need to make a heavy investment in customer facing enterprise mobile app development. From manager who handles your project to developers who create code, to marketing professional who brands your product and pulls maximum eyeballs towards it – You require all these people to invest themselves in your app.
UI and UX play a key role in creating a positive impact on your target users. You can choose a generic UI/UX for employee facing app, but when it comes to the customer-facing app, you must embrace another approach. In this regards, custom mobile app development considered to be the best choice. It can help you build an app that reflects the true essence of your business and keep the weight of design and functionality similar.
The organization that employs an in-house team to implement their customer-facing enterprise mobile app find it difficult to fill the talent gap for different technical roles such as architectures and engineers who can successfully create and maintain the app.

The ideal solution to this situation is to hire external team where you get access to the talent pool which is capable of fulfilling your demands with their unmatched expertise and experience. Outsourcing can also help you reduce your cost and time.

Show Green Flag to the Native Development

Your app needs to be fast, dynamic and accurate if you are developing it for your customers. Only native development can cover all these attributes and help you produce a great app. It can provide your app with the edge necessary to attract and retain users.

The native app uses exclusive features of the certain platform. You can also add new features if they are available. Most importantly, native app interacts seamlessly with device hardware.
Creating Services Ready for Mobile

If you want your customer-facing app functions as you expected, you need to have a powerful API strategy in place. If your existing service range is not adequate to power your mobile app, then you must take help from a reliable mobile app development company that can identify your requirements in detail and create API from scratch.

Embrace the continuously deliver approach

The organization that cares for its customers continuously succeed in keeping end-users happy all the time. When it comes to the mobile app, customers expect continuous delivery in terms of updates, new versions, bugs fixing, etc. By following continuous delivery approach mobile app developers can learn many things from reviews and feedback, and implement them to improve the product and deliver better user experience.


The customer-facing mobile app brings plenty of challenges. Employing right talent is even far challenging as skills set needed to build, deploy and maintain a perfect customer-centric product is hard to find. Furthermore, the enterprise must focus on native approach for the app development in order to meet customers demand and provide best possible user-experience. The challenges do not end here. A professional mobile app development company like Panacea Infotech can help you tackle all these challenges and deploy your app successfully.


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