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  • 6th February 2016

Magento 2 Launch, Features and Highlights

Magento 2 Launch, Features and Highlights

Finally, the new generation of Magento has arrived!

Magento 2 was announced way back in 2010, since then, developers, merchants and Magento 2 partners had been waiting for this much awaited Magento 2 developer beta version launch.
This new Magento version is said to be the next generation Magento platform that promises greater flexibility and new opportunities with its advanced features. Our team of certified magento developers has been getting ready for this update since its announcement. For last few months, we have been going through the research and discovered some amazing features of Magento 2 that truly catch our eyes.

Here we would like to share those features and some significant highlights of Magento 2 with you.

  • More efficient and extensive APIs
  • Better and Faster page load times across various checkout pages and catalogs
  • Reference themes with responsive design
  • Easy upgrade
  • Enhanced scalability and performance – Enterprise and community edition
  • Advanced Admin User Interface
  • Pricing model, road-map and licensing changes
  • Integrated testing features

And more…..
Benefits for Developers

Magento 2 provides developers with the features that are relevant to the current development standards. It has made Magento more extensible and modular. It also provides developers with the ability of testing along with development, hence, it will be easier for developers to deliver output by ensuring greater quality.
As developers will discover added scalability, new updates regarding performance and fully-integrated advanced APIs, they will find it interesting. They will passionately learn all these new updates, share their knowledge with peers and build innovative eCommerce websites.
Magento 2 again make it clear that Magento is the world’s best and most comprehensive platform for eCommerce development.
Benefits for Merchants

With the release of Magento 2, Magento will embrace pre-business model of licensing. Therefore, merchants will get flexibility to develop infrastructure the way they need. Road-map feature provides merchants with published road-maps that can enable them make better plans in terms of investment and platform development.

Merchants need no longer to invest in staying up to date with platform improvements as Magento 2 will make upgrades easier. Improved customization will enable merchants to customize any part of their application without making impact on other parts.

Magento 2 has brought the change, and this one is for the better. As it brings great benefits for merchants as mentioned above and more, with its transparent and vibrant ecosystem it will soon start showing up many new sites all around.

As a leading Magento eCommerce development firm, we are ready for the new challenges brought by Magento 2 to help our clients for their eCommerce growth.

Here we have just presented an overview of Magento 2 launch. Soon our team of Magento developers will come up with more updates.

For any query or more information, please feel free to contact our experts.

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