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  • 6th October 2015

Magento 2


Magento 2: Ecommerce Development Simplified and Enhanced!

Once you decide to build an ecommerce website, you need to take lots of things into consideration. From website structure to navigation and payment processing to search engine optimization, you need to look after every essential thing that makes your ecommerce portal powerful enough to enhance returns and productivity of your business. Therefore, website owners and developers prefer Magento to build feature-rich ecommerce storefronts that helps them draw and retain customers, and expand business.

Magento is the most sought ecommerce platforms among merchants and entrepreneurs for Open Source ecommerce development due to its flexibility, cost-effectiveness and advanced features. It helps developers to construct next generation ecommerce storefronts with full focus on design and usability. While Magento 1 has already created a great buzz and utilized by many brands, there is a great curiosity about Magento 2.
What is Magento 2?

Magento 2 is a much awaited new edition of Magento that is going to hit ecommerce world soon. At present, Magento 2 is in Marchant Beta. Magento 2 Merchant Beta codebase has been released on 15th July, 2015. However, the general version of Magento 2 might be available in November, 2015. Magento 2 was announced way back in 2014 with the promise of performance improvement, enhanced scalability, much easier installation, higher quality code, simplified integrations and customization. The existing version of Magento i.e. Magento 1.x has already become very popular and successful. Hence, there is a curiosity among developers and entrepreneurs about Magento 2.
This new version is expected to serve ecommerce market place for next few years. In recent years, many technologies have changed and improved. Hence, entrepreneurs, manufacturers and sellers have also been demanding more functionality to evolve and improve.
Magento 2 is the next level of present Magento version (Magento 1.x) and promises to improve some areas where improvement is necessary such as performance, extension conflicts and code quality. In the webinar, recently held by Magento team, some new features had been revealed.

Let’s explore some of the key highlights of Magento 2

Advanced Technologies

This new version of Magento will support modern coding standards. It will use modern technologies such as HTML5, PHP 5.4 & 5.5, CSS 3 etc. Require.js will accelerates page loading.

Process of customization is being simplified by Magento team. Cross modular dependencies has been reduced due to modular code. Search functions can be easily customized due to layered navigation and popularized search interface. Provision to enable, disable or delete search from code. XML validation proactively makes sure that XML code follows particular structures and rules. Hence, developers can configure XML easily. Magneto 2 enables developers to easily customize and inherit themes.
Performance and Scalability

Performance and scalability has been improved with features such as Redis and varnish support, availability of full page cache, improved indexers, multi admin users, new UX for admin, checkout improvements, product import and export improvements, effective image compression, reduced JS code, HHVM compatibility etc.
Installation and Upgrades

Magento team is working on making process of installation and upgrades simpler and easier. A standalone installer featured by Magento 2 supports rapid installations.
Testing and Code Quality

Magento 2 features an improved and completely new testing framework that enable developers to automate functional testing of developed functionality. Eventually, developers get higher product quality and able to release more functionalities.
Enhance your existing online store or build a new one with our Magento 2 Development

Magento 2 features a completely new architect and advanced features, hence, migration from Magento to Magento 2 will be a tricky task for you. However, our certified Magento developers are ready to help you to migrate seamlessly. We can help you utilize the power of Magento 2 to the fullest for developing a robust ecommerce storefront for your business.
Features of Magento 2 make it an irresistible ecommerce platform for developers and users. Our Magento developers can utilize this robust platform to provide you with scalable, flexible, effective and standardize ecommerce storefronts.

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