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  • 31st March 2017

Major Mobile App Budgeting Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Mobile App Development Companies


The growing number of mobile internet users has given rise to the demand of mobile app development. Business from small to large seem realized the value of letting customers get what they want on the go. This not only helps organizations establish a strong connect with the customers but also stay competitive in the market. The benefits of having a mobile app are enormous, but everyone not able to reap them completely due to some common budgeting mistakes. Let’s discover those mistakes here so you will ensure to avoid them when launching your business mobile app.

Mobile App Development Companies

Not planning budget for app marketing

While paying attention to the app development process, most of the business owners forget to focus on app marketing. This is why they fail to capture customers’ attention towards their app. App marketing is as important as building a well-polished app. Setting up the budget for app marketing help you aware people about usability and benefits of your app which in turn help you achieve more downloads and revenue.


Not budgeting for updates

This is one of the vital budgeting mistakes mobile app developers make that leads to decrease the survival chances of the mobile app in the competition. Technology innovations are keep coming in the market which makes it imperative for developers to update their app timely in order to keep it relevant with the time. Setting budget for regular app updates helps you deliver better user-experience that satisfy your user’s needs and let your app survive longer in the competition.


Professional mobile app development companies ensure to help clients release major updates timely, thus enable clients to earn more profit from their app solution.

Overlooking cross-platform app development

In today’s digital world, customers are divided on various mobile platforms. Involving cross-platform mobile app development in your business strategy can help build functionality that caters the need of large section of end-users. Many entrepreneurs set their budget for a single platform and ignore the involvement of cross-platform development which ultimately limits their chances of getting more profit from their app.

Thinking mobile apps and websites are similar

Developing a mobile app involves various things including back-end infrastructure and other essential components which make the application perform properly. Ensuring all these elements – backend, CMS, front-end and third-party services work together seamlessly needs to put huge efforts and time – many times, more than a website. The amount of time and efforts needs to be involved is depend on the complexity of the project which eventually determines the cost.


Mobile apps and websites are two different entities. You can not set the budget of your app considering the budget of your website. Mobile app development involves more complexities which add to the cost, thus it requires more budget than website development.

Giving more prominence to UI

Though an impressive UI can help to attract users, it is functionality that delivers the real value. In order to make the app look beautiful, business owners focus more on user interface but forget to pay essential attention towards its functionality. If you want to make an app that delivers excellent user-experience, then you must set the right budget for its back-end infrastructure which eventually helps you push out a business boosting app.


If you are planning to build a robust mobile app for your business, then ensure to avoid the above-mentioned mistakes to enjoy great profits. If you have any query regarding mobile app development or need help, then feel free to get in touch with our expert app developers. We will be happier than you to provide you with the best solution. Contact us


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