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  • 17th April 2017

Making a Move to the New Mobile App Development Partner

Mobile app development companies


Are you unhappy with your existing digital partner? Looking for a new mobile app development company to successfully build and launch your on-going project? We have helped many of our clients to bring their innovative ideas into business boosting mobile apps. Leveraging our unmatched experience in mobile app development, we can help you achieve your mission without any hassle.

Mobile app development companies

In this article, you will discover how to shift to the new app development firm without putting your product on the risk.


Define what compel you to make this shift?


Here are some most common reasons that inspire business owners to switch to the another mobile app development firm.


1. The performance of the current vendor – If your current service provider fails to satisfy your unique requirements or enable to offer services as per your expectations, you most probably think about the transition.


2. Unable to scale with your business – Your existing vendor unable to scale with your requirements, thus you are not able to keep your business up with the market.


3. The vendor has changed his business model – In this scenario, you might not find the business model of your vendor a right fit for your business model.


4. You need onshore or offshore vendor – Both of this kind of vendors have their unique characteristics. Either you need a local vendor or offshore vendor.


5. You are looking for a better alternative – In case you have done a value assessment of your current vendor and you find that you can get the best alternative in your current budget.


No matter what is the reason, you look for the alternative because your current vendor no longer remains the right fit for your business.


So, how can you move successfully to your current mobile app development company to the new one?


The complexity of moving to the new app development firm depends on your relationship with your existing partner.


Let’s check out two different scenarios –


1. You have a good relationship with your current service provider.

In this scenario, the reason behind transition is transparent and known to you and the vendor. Here, you confront the fewer obstacles as you have the healthy relationship with your digital partner.


Here, your vendor knows why you are shifting to the another mobile app development firm, thus help you carry out a smooth transition by providing your new vendor with all the essential documentations and code.


2. Your relationship with the vendor is bad!

This is a challenging scenario. Here, you need to perform transition carefully. If your vendor might come to know about your intentions, it might harm your product development process. Make sure not to inform your vendor about your plans until you accomplish the process of transition.


Find out which of the above-mentioned scenario suits to you and accordingly take the further steps. Now, let’s see the actual process of transition.


FRD (Functional requirement document) and wireframe

When your new vendor starts working on your project, he begins with creating FRD and wireframe. If your bonding with your previous vendor is good, then he can bridge the gap by providing these documents to the new app development firm. If it will not happen, then your new vendor will take your help to understand your business and its requirements.


Code and automated test script

Your new vendor can go through each part of your app by performing automated testing. It also helps in understanding your code and add value to your project as well as facilitate instant expansion when you want to add new features to your app. At this stage, error fixation and issue related to the legacy system are taken into the consideration.


Development process

This is a crucial step in mobile app development in which your new vendor start setting up the development process and establishing the infrastructure to launch it. It helps to identify when your app is released.


This process can help you to address all the fundamental aspects of your project instantly, which in turn reduce risk involve in transition. Switching to the new mobile app development company can be a challenging stuff in case your current vendor is not ready to co-operate. But with proper planning, you can ease the transition process.


Panacea Infotech is a leading mobile app development firm having strong app development portfolio can help you make a successful transition. Whether you are thinking about switching or building a brand-new app, feel free to contact our experts for a healthy discussion.

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