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  • 17th March 2016

Outstanding Mobile Application Development Trends – 2016

Mobile Application Development


Mobile Application DevelopmentMobile Application has completely dominated the websites. The world is fastly heading towards mobile as every individual is preferring mobile over laptop. Mobile apps have given freedom to smartphone users to do every task from shopping to ordering food, Mobile Banking, Social Media etc in a convenient way. Mobile Apps also plays an important role from business point of view as you can immediately get notifications related to business or organization.


Let’s watch out some of the latest Mobile Application Development trends.


Emphasize on User Experience – As Android and Apple are launching the gadgets of different screen size and are introducing smartwatches, app developers need to make sure that mobile app works aimlessly on all screen resolution and devices.


Apple Introduces a Programming Language Swift – Previously app developers were using Objective-C for iPhone app development which was a bit cumbersome for them. Since swift came into picture developers find a bit easier to develop apps.


Mobile Apps with Security – As hackers are continuously roaming around the web, it has become essential for app developers to build applications with security and to make sure no source code or data got leaked on the internet.


Introduction of Smartwatches – As arrival of Apple and Samsung watch has created a boom in market, app developers need to be prepared for this technology and start developing apps which are compatible with smartwatches.


Mobile Application based on Cloud – Cloud computing plays an important role in this advanced technical industry, so developers have start implementing cloud for creating mobile apps which are compatible with different mobile devices and wearables.


Below are some of the benefits of Mobile Applications . Let’s watch out


  • Easy,quick and convenient way for accessing and sharing various information anytime, anywhere.
  • Excellent User Interface and User Experience.
  • Get notified easily whenever any updates occur in your timeline.
  • Open Source and Excellent Graphics.


We at Panacea Infotech are a team of qualified and professional developers who are completely focusing on developing mobile app keeping in mind these latest mobile application trend.


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