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21 Sep

10 Features you can expect from Upcoming Magento 2.3 release.

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Magento is ready to launch its new version, Magento 2.3 by the end of the year 2018. Just like the various important release of this platform, this new version is also ready with its improvements and unique feature embedded with it. The store owners having their eCommerce stores are more than excited for knowing the opportunities for this new version of package. Let’s see the new features that you can expect as a magento development services:

Magento 2.3

1. Progressive Web apps: Progressive Web Apps, usually known as PWA’s will going to be the future of e-commerce as they provide unique essence and feel to native apps. To find out the benefits of PWA for eCommerce store owners, Magento will launch its PWA studio with 2.3version. PWA studio is a robust toolkit that will be full of required tools for enabling the developers to create Magento front end.


2. Page Builder: Magento 2.3 is coming out with essential enhancement of the native CMS platform. The latest feature of the page builder is all about the rewrite of Blue Foot CMS, that is acquired recently by Magento for rendering better service of Content management for store owners. Page Builder also avails exciting feature like drag and drop layout management and template creation along with smooth UX for non-technical ones. It will be available with Magento Commerce 2.3. Well, you can also buy it from Open source implementations.


3. Declarative Database Schema: One of the most crucial features that store owners can expect is a release of its new version of a declarative database system. With its advanced feature, Magento developer will enable to restructure the part of modules with clear coding. Moreover, it will also bring significant performance improvements and will reduce the potential bags to ease the development process.


4. Two-factor Authentication: One more security feature will come with Magento 2.3 version that will be essential as security. It is coming up with the new version of 2.2 users, that can access with command line interface and Composer support. This feature will be enabled with stronger security as the end user will have to give extra information to access the store.


5.Import/Export Improvements: This latest version is bringing a new import/export feature that will be expected with the certain improvements regarding speed and endurance for the admins. This will eliminate the requirement of relying on 3rd party extensions that get used for such purpose.


6. Google ReCAPTCHA: It is expected to have essential security improvement too in the latest Magento 2.3. With the current Google reCAPTCHA feature, it can be ensured that humans can only access the store front. This tool will be attached with the new version that can be installed in 2.2 versions if a merchant can access Command Line Interface and Composer support.


7. Asynchronous API: In the latest versions, the multiple API”S can be run simultaneously. With the latest one, API can be requested and queued up until request gets completed. Moreover, with the update, an online store will see fundamental improvements in the performance of Magento. This function can work with both open source and commerce version and it will be great if you can go for Magento development company.

8. GraphQL: This latest version of the Magento will support GraphQL Magento development services, an API technology that can enable the PWA to pull and push the info right from the online storefront with low data packets. This can translate in fast loading time in compare to traditional API’s which can be used currently by the platform.

9. Elastic search: It is a 3rd party search engine that is capable of getting run on a dedicated server and can be improved as per the relevance and speed of the instore search results. This feature gets already supported by the eCommerce and will be offered for open source to upgrade the 2.3 version.


10. Multi-Store Inventory: This latest feature will get empowered from multi-store inventory feature that can enable the store owners for managing the inventory in various multi sources rather than 3rd party extensions. Moreover, they will be allowed by tracking the inventory level that can manage to ship of items with multiple warehouses and retail stores. The inventory will be underlined in a new table within the database that can furtherly improve the performance and secure the database from locking the order.

Wrapping up:


With the new array of the features coming up with this release, the new version has unlocked the possibilities of Magento merchants. To better perform, can enable the user experience with more conversions, that can grow the sales of online stores. Moreover, security enhancements can build the user trust and will give the positive impact on the goodwill of a business. The other robust features will also bring the benefits that will help in managing the online store front more effectively, simplifying the work of admins and reducing the difficulties and cost of the operations. To upgrade it efficiently you can hire Magento developers so that you can see your store as per your strategy.


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17 Sep

Top Features of iOS 12 you should know

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Feeling left behind, about not having the latest iPhone or iPad. Apple has brought for you its latest iOS 12. This new operating seems robust with the promises of apple to increase performance, especially for the old devices like 5s and iPad Air.

iOS 12

iOS 12 not only offers a speed boost to devices but various latest features are being added like new animoji, camera effects and text effects in Messages and Face time. IOS 12 will help you out in less usage of your device. That’s significantly very crucial because with the increase in the use of smartphones the people get addicted to social media apps, cat videos and games.


Screen Time: New marquee feature helps you control device usage is screen time. Screen time shows the time you spend on various apps and how certainly you pick up the device along with the notifications that interrupted you. With the help of the weekly reports generated by the app, you can reduce the usage. Moreover, screen time has two crucial options, app limits and downtown. App limits let you about your use of specific categories of apps. You can also ignore the limit and can extend it up to 15 minutes, but it’s obvious, that you are harming yourself.


Moreover, you can enable the downtime for the kid’s iPhone or iPad so that can play games at the time of sleep or text their friends while making dinner.


Notifications Management: It’s anything but painful to end up overpowered with notifications, particularly on the off chance that you have chatty friends on chatting applications. iOS 12 can diminish the impact of nonstop notifications. On the Lock screen, iOS 12 presently shows group message threads, and multiple application on the same app. tapping on the groups can expand so that you can see the detail message.


Additionally, with the feature named Instant Tuning, you can change notification settings for an application ideal from panel notification. Swipe left on panel notification and tap Manage. Instant Tuning additionally gives you a chance to send Notification Center quietly, so they don’t interfere with you yet are available later.


DND feature: In the “it’s about time” dept., iOS 12 amplifies Do Not Disturb, so it works increasingly the manner in which individuals do. When you raise Control Center and force touch the Do Not Disturb button, it extends to give you a chance to turn on Do Not Disturb for 60 minutes, for whatever is left of the day, or until the point when you leave your current location. The magnificence of these new alternatives is that they cripple Do Not Disturb automatically, so you don’t need to recall—and possibly miss important notifications. Also, another Bedtime alternative in Settings > Do Not Disturb dim the display and silent the medium-term notifications until the point that you open your gadget early in the morning.


Siri Shortcuts: Another new component, Siri Shortcuts, means to enable you to utilize your gadget all the more adequately. As Siri takes in your schedules, it will begin proposing alternate ways for essential activities, either on the Lock screen or when you pull down on the Home screen to look. You can see its recommendations in Settings > Siri and Search > All Shortcuts, and for those that appear to be helpful, record a custom expression that will summon the alternate way. Besides, another Shortcuts application gives you a chance to make more intricate alternate routes that can run different strides without a moment’s delay.


Minor Changes: Those might be the most massive changes in iOS 12, yet they’re a long way from the main ones. Here’s inspecting of different refinements you’ll take note:


Apple has upgraded the iPad’s application and renamed it pads.


The News, Stocks, and Voice Memos applications likewise got upgrades, Stocks and Voice Memos are currently accessible on the iPad, and every one of the three has made the bounce to the Mac in Mojave, with their information matched up through iCloud.


Another Measure application utilizes enlarged reality to enable you to gauge protests in reality.


In Settings > Battery, iOS 12 demonstrates charts of battery utilization and action throughout the previous 24 hours or the most recent 10 days.


Let’s hope that iOS 12 will prove to be a milestone for iOS app development.


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13 Sep

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, Apple Watch 4: Everything Apple just announced

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It was again the same time of year at Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California. Apple CEO Tim Cook took the open stage to announce everything about its Apple’s hardware, and that was latest and greatest. Apple introduced its next-generation watch. In its series 4 version, Apple’s chief operating officer Jeff Williams assures that ” it’s every single detail is considered, and it is simply beautiful”.


The screens of this latest gadgets seem 30% significantly significant in compare to its previous version. The footprint is small in compare to series three because of its bezels and corners that seek out bit more space. It is thinner than the previous one. Moreover, it gives the access to recently contacted family members, multiple time zones and fitness stats. Even if you are looking for relaxations and meditations based application is now a watch app too. It’s quite hypnotic, and it will guide you with breathing exercises to make you feel relax.

Apple Watch Series 4
Apple Watch Series 4

It provides haptic features on a digital crown, giving physical feedback on the apps that support it. The speakers are 50% more loudly for the calling.


Watch Series 4 gets its new S4 chip, 64bit dual core processor that is twice as fast as its previous version processor.


Williams then comes on to announce about its Series 4 identifications of new accelerometer and gyroscope that can sample the motion 8times faster than the predecessor. At the time of action, Series 4 will find and recognize and start recording the trip. It also has the feature to initiate an emergency call. “Fall detection is a feature that we hope will never require, but it’s great to know that it’s there”, Williams said.


Watch 4 also introduced heart features. It will give notification when your heart rate shows low, shows the heart rhythm, and can detect atrial fibrillation. That is enabled with an optical sensor. It is FDA approved product and can sell directly to consumers.


It comes with 6hours of workout time and shows good 18hours of standby time.


It has rich colors to show that comes in Silver, space grey and gold. Moreover, steel watch faces have inclusions of polished and space black. Apple also introduced a new finish gold stainless.


Series 4 comes at 399$ for Wi-Fi-based with cellular connectivity.


Watch OS 5 is introduced and will come on September 1.


Tim Cook also announced that iPhone X is one of the most popular smartphone across the globe with its 98% customer satisfaction rate. If you owe your card, and it’s high time, you’ve hit the iPhone bingo.

Apple iPhone XS
Apple iPhone XS

Phil Schiller, senior vice president of Apple Inc., announced that its latest version would be called as iPhone Xs. It comes with amazing colors of Gold, Silver and Space grey.


Moreover it is dust and liquid free protection on a higher level, IP68.


There are 458 PPI for new super retina OLED 5.8 inches display. It comes with a larger screen than iPhone 8 Plus, having a small body. Moreover, its Dolby Vision HDR10 have a dynamic range more significant than the X. It has two sizes to buy, 5.8inches and 6.5inches. It is called as Xs Max, and inshore with 2688×1242 resolution. It looks big, but having a larger screen paired could be manageable.


It comes with stereo sound. Moreover, a new feature is also a fun feature for gaming, music and watching videos.


XS has faster Face detection. Faster algorithms and faster versions secure the enclave.


We will see the first nanometer A12 bionic chip. It is packed with 6.9billion of transistors. It has 4-core GPU and 6-core GPU. It has the high jump in graphics performance. But with its biggest new neural engine, an 8-core machine learning engine. (Up from 2-cores in the A11).


It has the support of 0.5 terabytes and can run 5trillion operations every second. It can open the apps 30% faster than A11 Bionic.


As per the statement of Todd Howard, Game Director at Bethesda this new iPhone will come with 40% faster graphics. It utilizes valuable training assistance for the NBA prodigies and Backyard hoopsters.


Ok, so back to important features, that is a camera. It comes with a large sensor with a 12Megapixel dual camera on the back with True Tone flash, with better image processing due to A12 bionic chip. It has the add-on feature of in-depth photos and image stabilizations. Front camera comes with 7-megapixel selfiee cam.


Smart HDR with its new feature, with zero shutter lag and taking the burst photos and can merge to bring in highlights automatically and shadows with incredible details.


Video lovers also have a chance to be excited as the latest version comes with improvements like a recording of stereo sounds along with four mics. Moreover, dynamic range, shadow details and faster processing are few new features that go into a video segment.


Now, let’s discuss the battery. Xs comes with 30 minutes of more stand by with X. Xs Max is one of the biggest iPhone battery till date with 1.5 hours of higher batter life than its previous one.


Well, both the versions have Gigabyte LTE band support for roaming. But the biggest announcement we are waiting for the years is Dual Sim support. Both the models will support the dual sim.

Apple iPhone XS Max.

Apple iPhone XS Max


The iPhone X’s and X’s max comes with three options of configurations, 64GB, 128 GB and 256GB starting from $1099. The pre-order will begin from September 14 and will get shipping on Sep 19.


Apple, with the rumors suggested, the iPhone model will get it one more smartphone, i.e. iPhone XR. It will come will edge to edge display simply like iPhone X with color options red, coral, blue, white and black.


It has the latest liquid retina display of 6.1 inches with LCD of 1792×828 with 1.4million pixels, the perfect blend between iPhone 8 and iPhone 8plus as per the size. It has a true tone display, with face ID, and Depth camera sensor like other models. According to Schiller, “It’s the full iPhone X experience”. It comes with a same A12 Bionic chip like other two models and will give 90 minutes of more battery life in compare to iPhone8.


Apple iPhone XR


Apple iPhone XR




Crucially, it is beefed up version based on C models from past years. The Xr looks optimum to operate on a flagship level, as it is the most affordable phone by apple.


The XR comes with three storage sizes of 64, 128 and 256GB starting at $749. The pre-order date announces by October 19 and will ship later on October 26.


Other Updates:-


Well, it is worth mentioning to write miscellaneous updates.

Homepad and tvOS both are the latest in updates, on September 17 Monday. Moreover, Homepad now gets its feature update with stereo pairing support and Airplay2.


MacOS Mojave upgraded with dark mode feature and redesigned app store as on sept24.


All done folks. See you this spring.


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04 Sep

Essential tips to know before Hiring Certified Magento Developer

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Various online business prefers to develop their eCommerce store on Magento as they have many reasons to do so. Magento initiates better control over the online activities along with a fully customized website and latest features. Magento allows the website owners to add on multiple new features as per the requirement with the option to remove the old one as per the need of the business. As Magento is open source platform, so there is no need for any license fees.

Hire Magento Developer

Why Hire Certified Magento developer?

Every business is unique in their own, for which it is crucial to make a unique website for the purpose to sell the products or to promote the business. So, why to hire a company or the freelancer who is not up to the mark when it comes to skills. It is very essential for the business owner to be fully aware of the factors before investing the money on a website.


So, there are two options you can opt to, that is to hire a team of professionals from Web Development Company or to choose and hire a self-employed freelancer.


It will be beneficial to choose a team of Magento professionals for high-scale enterprise level company whereas to hire a freelancer will be more useful for the startups as it costs low along with fewer formalities to do for hiring a dedicated freelancer.

Going for Local or Global:-

It is up to you what choice you want to make, for developing a Magento site. So, you can either develop your Magento website from local area, or you can outsource it to the company of the outside region or country. There are various Magneto eCommerce developers in your area or across the globe with several IT companies. You can find end number of IT companies who are operating in the USA which regularly deliver Magento based projects. These companies are cost-efficient and can offer the high-quality website in low-cost price. You don’t need to worry about the distance and communications as in this digitalized world these companies are equipped with various art communication tools for discussing and communicating the project related queries on a day to day basis. And if you are interested in hiring the localized developer with whom you are interested in discussing the project over a cup of coffee, then it is all up to you.

Cost and Quality:-

At some point, you might have the ability to get the services at good discounts, yet it can wind up having not all that quality services. Thus, striking a deal amongst quality and cost is imperative. A developer or an organization can offer you quality site with the top of the line includes, however, may charge beyond your budget. On the off chance that you need to get the best services at the point, consider getting various quotes from numerous Magento development company in USA and across the globe for the same features. As you need to construct an eCommerce site which ought to be effective henceforth you ought to be prepared, and invest handsome amount for the process of which it will generally rely upon the multifaceted nature level of your project.

Do careful research about your Project:-

In present-day time, staying up to date is very crucial with most recent patterns. Likewise, you ought to comprehend what are the requirements of your clients and what they anticipate from your online store. On the off chance that you need to accomplish your objectives at that point have a nitty-gritty talk with your Magento development service provider. Both of you should arrange for how your E-commerce website development venture ought to proceed. Influence a formal undertaking to design laying out the required highlights and the stipulated period. At this stage, you ought to be clear about your targets and desires.


When you find the freelancer or professional web development company which is prepared to offer you world class services at the proper rate, then without giving second thought finalize the deal. It is crucial to select a reliable, tenable, rumored and experienced Magento development company or an equivalent freelancer then will definitely get a quality Magento E-commerce website.


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22 Aug

The Most Important Features of an Uber Like App

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Are you storming your brain right now, as you are planning to come up with a brand new app? Well, then it’s time for you to know that you should prove your flair in something that has the highest demand in the market. Can it be anything other than a taxi booking mobile app? No, we guess! Uber like app development has now been embraced by an array of developers who do understand the current market trend and taking this drift on a light note will definitely be an act of stupidity on your part.

Uber like Apps


Let’s consider the scenario. Whether it’s in office hours, in an emergency or even in a haste to attend a meeting, hailing a can has now become just a cakewalk! It’s just at the fingertips! Starting from opening the application to confirming a ride and finishing the same by paying cash or by using other payment gateways, it has become simpler and easier. Hat’s off to all the taxi app development companies that have put their best endeavor to come up with such amazing creations.


So, don’t you think, choosing cab booking app as your next venture would be the wisest act from your end? Digging deep into taxi booking app development is not going to repent your decision by any means. Now, if you are really curious to know how exactly to make an Uber like app, this post is going to help you in more than one way. To build a taxi booking mobile app, you have to be particular about the fact that you will be required to put your efforts into two different applications- one is the Passenger App and the other is the Driver App.


Following are the features of the Passenger App that you need to follow while building the same-

• The passengers can directly sign up from the mobile app. To do this, they have to put their personal email as well as contact number. Sometimes, the details of social media account are also required.
• A particular mobile app screen should be there that would let the passengers enter their travel choices to book a taxi or schedule other rides.
• This feature allows users to check on the current availability of drivers. However, it depends on the pick-up location they have chosen.
• Users are completely free to opt for any pick-up location of their choice.

• Also, the rider can select the type of car he/she wants to travel by.
• Once done, the passenger gets a fair calculation of the amount that would be charged to him/her, based on the distance between the destination and the pick-up location.
• The user can start tracking the cab even before its arrival. The live status of the cab will always be available.
• In case, the rider chooses any smart payment option, the amount will get deducted from the main balance and the invoice will be sent to the registered email address.
• The option of split payment should also be there, in case there are multiple passengers.
• Sometime, certain discounts of digital coupons should be there to grab more eyes towards the app.
• The passengers should be able to give their valuable rating and feedback after they are done with the ride.
• Last but not the least; certain customer engagement features like loyalty rewards and badges should also be there.


The essentials of the Driver App are as follows-

• Just like passengers, drivers also need to sign up for approval and their profiles are approved only after certain verification by the admin.
• To authenticate their profile information, the drivers have to go through detailed verification.
• Notifications for new booking get flashed in the driver’s account. The driver is free to accept or reject the request.
• Like the Passenger App, the estimated fair is displayed to the Driver App as well.
• The Driver is left with few seconds to accept or reject the incoming requests. They also have an easy access to the distances between the drop-in places and the pick-up locations. The Driver can also update the passenger about their booking confirmation, arrivals at pickup point as well as at the destination.
• The driver can look into the status of the completed as well as cancelled bookings.

Now, when it comes to admin panel, it’s worth mentioning that the Uber like app solution you are going to offer may survive without the absence of this particular facet; but, then managing the large amount of data in the app will actually be a hassle. To avoid such fuss, integrating admin panel to your Uber like app development will definitely be a smart act on your part. However, the admin panel should always be able to perform the following tasks-

• Store, run and preside over the in-app actions
• Help drivers with best-in-class navigation routes
• Keep a proper track of the important data about revenues
• Control app reviews and ratings
• Aid in an ideal business

So, if you are on the lookout for such venture that would help you the best in this regard, taking Panacea Infotech into consideration would perhaps be the wisest act on your part. Providing unique products to an array of clientele, we have acquired a glut of acclamations from every nook and corner. Also, we have delivered a number of successful apps and this is how we have gained a sound control over the same. Building Uber like apps is our forte and we leave no stone unturned to satisfy our clients the best. Being a top-end taxi app development company, we make sure the process of taxi booking remains convenient, comfortable and easy for all the customers.


We have a troop of dedicated developers on board who put their best effort to make a taxi booking experience more than amazing for the commuter, which, in turn, has helped us extend our business yet more. The apps we develop allow best-in-class communication to happen between the Driver app and the Passenger app, which can be easily monitored from the taxi app development platform, thereby making the cab booking apps a grand success. You can contact us any time you want and we will be happy to come to your best aid.


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13 Aug

Why Combining ASO and SEO Is Important in Mobile App Development

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If you are looking forward to adding one more exclusive mobile app to your creation, it’s time for you to know that being ordinary is never going to help you in this regard. You have to come up with effective yet unique ideas and then only you can stand tall before your competitors

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07 Aug

Plans to Formulate before starting Website Re-Design

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Having worked since 2004 on arranging, outlining and working out computerized overhaul ventures, I can regularly observe whether the undertaking will eventually be fruitful or kept running into turbulence in light of arranging readiness of customer or task group.

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03 Aug

How Choosing the Right Technology Stack Will Get You the Best Mobile App Development Project

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With a strong competition on board in the mobile app development market, it’s quite obvious that a single error from your end can make you lose the race. Despite having an exclusive idea and choosing the best of features for your app, your project might just fail to stand tall in the market. So, it’s quite important that you opt for proper technology stack along with exclusive strategies.

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30 Jul

Why Should You Opt for Outsourcing Mobile App Development

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Thinking of outsourcing mobile app development in your in-house development venture? In search of a good mobile application development company in USA? Well, before you proceed, you should understand, there are literally an end number of outsourcing companies; but which one should you opt for? Tying a liaison with an offshore company will offer you many benefits that you cannot get in any local market.

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27 Jul

Important UX Tips for Mobile App Developers to Adhere to

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In an era where there’s a tough competition everywhere and every mid-scale as well as big-scale venture is hell bent on proving their acumen, you, as a mobile application developer, should also come up with something out-of-the-box that would give you distinction in today’s competitive mobile app market. At the same time, mobile app design has got a direct role to play in customer conversion, but there are still many companies that don’t remit how to use UX design to turn over new values.

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