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  • 25th January 2017

Why PHP Web Development is Popular in the Market?

PHP Web Development


Advent of the internet and its growing use among people made it necessary for the businesses to build websites for establishing an online presence. Initially, websites were simple and static. Today is the era of dynamic websites that deliver powerful user experience. When it comes to building such websites, PHP web development is considered as a front runner. PHP helps web developers create attractive websites integrated with superior features and functionality. According to the available statistic, in terms of popularity, PHP ranks first among several programming languages including Java and for web development.

PHP Web Development


PHP basically use for building custom web solutions. Its ability to merge easily with HTML make it a highly demanding programming language among developers to create dynamic web pages. There are many renowned websites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Wikipedia have been built using PHP. These names are enough to convey the value of PHP development in the market. Let’s find out few more reasons why PHP web development is so popular.

1. It is an open source technology

PHP is an open source programming language which is supported by a large community of developers across the globe. As it is open source, it is completely free to use. This is what make PHP web development a cost-effective options for companies to develop advanced websites.

2. Highly Capable

Creators of PHP have made it capable of designing any type of website and dealing with a large amount of traffic. The best examples in this regards are Facebook and twitter. These sites are known as the most trafficked sites in the world.

3. It is user-friendly

Unlike other web development frameworks such as Java and .Net, PHP is far easier to understand for developers. Even if you only have the knowledge of HTML, you can grasp PHP easily.

4. Easy to find and fix bugs

When you develop a website, you can not expect flawless web development. Errors and issues are the part of web development process. PHP make it easier for developers to find out minor as well as major bugs and fix them instantly.

5. It is scalable

Scalability has become a buzz word in the IT industry. PHP is a highly scalable web development framework that can help you expand your site or other aspects related to it effortlessly.

6. It is platform independent and support all famous browsers

PHP runs smoothly across all major operating systems including Windows, Unix, and Linux. Also, it supports many popular browsers such as Netscape and Apache.

7. It is trusted

PHP is there in the market since 1995. Thousands of brand around the world trust PHP for running their websites.

8. It is secure

Security is one of the key aspects of PHP web development. It not only offer security but also ensure to avert malicious threats and attacks with its several security layers.

9. Rapid development

PHP runs without using much system resource. Thus, it performs faster than other programming languages. Also, it uses its own memory so the server loading time and workload get reduced. Ultimately, it helps reduce development time while developing different types of applications such as eCommerce, CMS, forums, and CRM.

10. Tools and Plugins

Using PHP, you can easily access other third party plugins and tools such as Google Analytics, Google Maps etc.


All the above-mentioned characteristics of PHP contributes to its popularity. If you are thinking about developing your business website, then PHP web development certainly the best choice. In this regards, if you have any query, then you can ask our experts without any hesitation. Our web development experts have achieved great expertise in developing a variety of dynamic websites using PHP. You can get in touch with them anytime and get the best possible suggestion for your next project.


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