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  • 11th March 2017

How to Recognize Whether Your Business App Needs a Major Update?

Mobile App Development


Consumers are on the mobile. Thus, mobile app development

has become a necessity for many companies to drive more traffic and sales. The apps those are updated regularly, certainly keep up your business with the current time and deliver quality user-experience.

Mobile App Development

The majority of mobile apps focus on minor updates such as bug fixation, feature addition, and polishing. However, they rarely go through the major updates and fail to maintain their success for a longer time. Major updates have a drastic impact on the user experience of your mobile app. These updates can be anything like new UX design, feature or functionality change. But the question is how to recognize when your business app needs a major update?



Fortunately, there are few methods and techniques that can help you identify whether your app needs a major update. Let’s figure out few of them below.

New Design

If your app is going through the design makeover, whether it’s visual design or UX, it’s time to get ready for releasing the major update. It is important to redesign your app timely in order to keep it fresh and relevant. Whenever you realize such need, it also brings the need of releasing a major update. Technology advancement makes impact on the user interaction, thus entrepreneurs need to modify their app design accordingly. To conduct such design modification, the best way to go around with major updates. The best example in this regards is the recent update rolled out to Gmail for iOS.

New Features

When you decide to upgrade features of your app in order to improve its user experience, you must require a major update.


By adding new features, you can release a new version of your app. Furthermore, you can take help from your mobile app development partner to add few more significant feature to release a new update. It is observed as a finest practice to pair some related features and present them as a major update.

Adopting Latest Design Trends

If the design of your business app is not in the harmony with the on-going design trends, then you may need a major update. Many apps ignore some significant trends such as Google’s Material Design or Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines. Such apps soon become unwanted because of their lack of ability to engage users due to outdated UI. If you want to fix such issues, releasing major updates can be the best approach.

Old codebase

With technology evolving steadily, need for updating old codebase emerge which also pushes you to release a major update. Even a year ago created codebase is considered as obsolete. In such scenario, no one can resist changing the aging codebase. If you have decided to do so, then ensure to rewrite the entire code, because major update means a complete overhaul.

Expanding app to other devices or platforms.

Customers use various mobile devices that having different operating systems. If you want to cater customers then you need to be flexible. Moving your app to the new platform or expanding its features justify the major update. Here, you need to work deeply on its coding aspect as you adapt to different design sizes.


Embracing mobile app development and taking your business on mobile certainly help you to add more value to your business. But if you want to keep shining, you must pursue major updates. Whenever you go for the updates, ensure to take a time to inform everyone about your hard work, it will surely help you in making more out of your marketing efforts.


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