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  • 31st October 2017

Where to Take Mobile App Development in 2018: Latest Trends & Features

Mobile App Development Catalogue


A lot of companies have now realized that mobile applications are no longer an optional investment but they are a necessity. Hence, today market is flooded with a variety of mobile applications and very few of them make their way to the success in fierce.

Mobile App Development Catalogue


2017 so far proved an amazing year for mobile app development. Why? Because a number of a number of free applications downloaded in 2017 is 4 times greater than 2012. To be more precise, in 2017, more than 250 billion free mobile applications have been downloaded so far. Therefore mobile application development is one of the most actively growing sectors in the industry now.


The application market is majorly ruled by iOS and Android Apps, Social Media, lifestyle, and gaming apps. Big companies (retailers, banks, hospitality etc.) are using mobile applications for branding, increasing customer engagement, direct marketing etc., while small and midsize businesses are also following the mobile trend and creating their own apps.


So what will be the mobile app development trends in upcoming years? What features mobile app development companies  should include an application? Let’s discuss it now.


Internet of Things

This year, it has been noticed that smart homes are becoming more collaborating. Intenet of Things (IoT) integrations involve intricate mobile platforms and backend infrastructure for developers to communicate and share data between all devices for a combined experience. For instance, Nest and Ecobee are two giants that have pioneer smart home technology. Data analytics has become a key aspect for mobile app developers as data storing and sharing requires a quick and efficient access. Developing an IoT-based application is same as ordinary application development and they are innovative by default. However, most of IoT solutions often require integration with third-party.



In wearable technology’s era, marketing focused predominantly on consumers. But recent developments suggest the juggernauts of the wearable tech industry are now creating products oriented toward applications. Manufacturers of wearable devices promise the business world improved efficiency and productivity, but do they deliver? According to research, the numbers are promising till now as wearable tech could improve productivity by 8.5 percent and employee satisfaction by 3.5 percent. While it’s hard to justify the expense of wearable tech in many sectors, some industries lend themselves especially well to its use. For example, in healthcare, surgeons might wear Google Glass to watch a patient’s vitals during an operation without having to interrupt the procedure to do so. Likewise, in the manufacturing industry, companies have used devices like XOEyeTechnologies XOne safety glasses, which can scan barcodes and stream video in real time to technicians off-site.


Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) empower a solitary search index for mobile application pages. This index helps apps to minimize bounce rate and load faster in browsers. Afterall, for the mobile-based web, speed is the most crucial factor. AMP has made possible for everyone from mobile app owners, publishers to marketers with augmented visibility on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and boost in downloads. AMP has proven successful in improving the user experience, thus it is considered to be one of the most important mobile app development trends in the upcoming year.


Lazy Loading

This is one of the fascinating development trends 2018 to keep an eye out for. The main reason behind Lazy Loading is very straightforward, it loads in before it runs and allows it loads when users turn off the screen. Lazy Loading has eliminated transmission capacity for users and organizations, similarly, both truly and naturally. This pattern will stay and conceivably experience somewhat more wandering of features, all over.


Final Thoughts

Planning a strategy for application and encouraging users to download applications is not enough. You need to make sure that users consistently use your application. Panacea Infotech is a leading mobile app development company that follows the latest application development trends to ensure that your application takes a significant position in the market. If you have any development requirement feel free to contact us and give your business a completely new direction.


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