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  • 29th March 2016

Why should you use HR Management Software?

HR Management Software


HR Management Software


If you are establishing a company without any HR Operations then most probably it would affect companies growth as performance of the company depends upon the talent of the employees. Therefore, it is important to have a HR department in order to effectively manage company workstation and keep motivating employees for a better productivity.Its a difficult task for HR manager to maintain employees data, still many of the companies are using old method like Excel sheets, Microsoft word for organizing the data. As we are living in a digital world, its important that companies should use tools and software for maintaining employees detail.


HR Managers have many tasks like Salary, Recruitment , employee engagement, Reward recolonization, employee details so its really a tough task for them to maintain all these details for a particular employee. As we are living in a advanced technology environment, a software has become a necessary need to streamline all HR related task. Panacea infotech has launched a software named HRMS which helps HR manager to maintain employees data from Joining till End of Period and even makes data secure for future need. This software helps in saving time, eliminate data feeding task, makes data secure.


Some of the advantages of HR Management Software


Employees Selection – Helps in selecting a best and suitable candidate for the company. Helps in conducting interview test online.


Employees Analytic Report – Using this software HR manager can analyze employee performance on the basis of numbers, graph and comparison parameter.


Manage Payroll – HRMS helps in generating employees payslip according to attendance.


Can Manage HR Task from anywhere – You do no need to be limited to laptop for accessing this software as this software is compatible with all devices and browsers.


Email Functionality – Can directly send an email to employees for any update or information.


Modules which HR Management Software covers –

  • Payroll Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Training Management
  • Rewards and Recolonization

Its a high time for every organization to start implementing HR Management software for HR operation role to track day to day activity of every employees. For availing this software you can directly contact to our team at Panacea Infotech.


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