Let’s start with a simple fact: Your business needs a social media presence.

It does not matter whether you are an owner of small local shop or a large national company. Social media is an crucial piece of your business marketing strategy.

Social media statistics from 2019 show that there are 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, and this number is only growing. That equates to about 45% of the current population, as per the Emarsys.

Social platforms connect you with your customers, raise awareness of your brand and increase your leads and sales. With more than three billion people round the globe using social media every month, this is a huge trend everyone is experiencing, as per the reports published by we are social.

What you do not know is that you are ready to remove your company’s social media from the ground right now. Social ad spending is forecast to increase 20% to $43 billion USD in 2020, according to the report published by emarketer. You don’t need to know every intimidating buzzword or have a tremendous number of followers. You can get started right away – and even involve yourself in the procedure.

Let’s understand six reasons why investing in social media marketing is great business move:

  1. Create Brand Awareness:

If people don’t know about the services and products of business, they can never be your customers. Social media enhances your visibility among potential customers, making you reach wider audience by utilizing large number of time and effort. And it is free to make business profile on all major social networks, so you can lose nothing.

Understand what you want to reap out from social media for creating social media strategy. Are you looking for new customers to showcase them your services? Are you looking forward to bring higher number of local shoppers into your stores? By keeping your strategy constant, you will understand which social media channel fits best for your business.

  1. Brand Authority:

Customers are faster savvier and more discerning about their support to any business. Before reaching to any decision, they will do a rapid search to search your website and social media.

Will they get an empty storefront or strong information source? Setting strong settings that you frequently update with good content will create your brand authority and ensure that you make a positive first impression through social media, indicating that your business is reliable, informative and acceptable. You can also hire digital marketing services provider to better strategize your content and social media.

Look for ways to show your expertise as a leader in your industry – such as writing pieces based on your level of expertise or mission of company. By showing your business offerings and values, you will establish trust in potential customers.

  1. Show Authenticity:

Customers are not interested in businesses that publish social media posts.

Instead, let your brand personality create a spark through everything you post on social media platforms. What does your brand like? How does it reflect who you are?

Practice getting your tone right, be it casual and fun or formal and friendly. Be genuine about what you are, not what you think you should be. Followers expect real people behind social media.

  1. Create Engagement:

Social channels are constantly evolving, launching new features, and this rapidly changing dynamic environment can be intimidating for some business owners.

But remember, you do not have to be everything. Plan with new techniques to connect with the audience and make sure that you learn as you go. One day, you can post a series of Instagram stories to customers after your office. After that, you can go with a quick Q&A session through Facebook Live Video Streaming. Over time, you will get an idea of preferences of your followers.

You can make videos that can bring engagements on social media, with simple setup, good lighting, a smartphone and a tripod. Also, make a test run before going live to make sure that internet connection or hotspot has optimum speed to avoid delays and hurdles.

  1. Offer Support:

Social platforms have successfully removed the hurdles between companies and customers. Now, rather than calling a customer service line, various people turn on their Facebook or twitter to solve their issues.

Create your goodwill as a responsive, caring organization by giving support with the help of social media channels:

  • Create a system to track customer comments, questions and complaints on social media.
  • Answer questions and concerns as much as possible.
  • Get out of your way to be positive and supportive.
  • Listen what customers says.
  • Learn to resolve public conversations in private messages.

Social media is an important part of marketing your business, but it should not be stressful to manage. Just take initial step, make a profile, and start customer engagement.

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