We served Monefly as helping hand in developing finance based website!

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About Monefly

In December 2015, owners of today's Monefly were sitting in a coffee shop chatting about where the world is headed with mobile devices, artificial intelligence, intuitive software and financial data. They started imagining how future lives have the potential to become so much simpler financially, than the complicated world we all live in today, if the right pieces of the technology puzzle were put together in one solution. With all brain-storming sessions and completing development of website Monefly released in July 2017.


Client Requirement

The client was looking forward to develop a solution that will change consumer and money relationship.


Our Pain Area

Peer compares using Yodlee API.

Integration of dynamic graph showing the Net worth.

Adding multiple assets like cars, property and having all different fields for the same.

Set up of same security level as a bank.

Our Solutions

Existing Investment performance tracking.

Connect to respective professionals for better advices.

Growth in customer’s Income with ease.

Setting budgets and Goals



Panacea helps client in development of their business idea into best in class solution, on time. After launching this platform, they observed an unbelievable growth in their business in the very short span of time. The end-user of Monefly’ found this platform as one-stop solution to manage their financial details without hassle. The client is delighted with the outcome of this solution as our solution helped in many terms.