Essential pick points for Mobile App Security

Mobile app usage has grown exponentially with each passing year, and the world now has more internet-connected mobile devices than humans. Yet, mobile applications account for 86% of internet usage in the US alone. Typically, mobile apps are available through online app distribution such as the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Windows Store, etc. and are the dominant forms of providing content and value for mobile phones worldwide. Therefore, organizations and global enterprises have also adopted mobile application development to increase the productivity of any user and align them with smaller and more workforces.

Mobile App Security:

Most people do not think about mobile app security when using their phone to pay coffee at Starbucks, or even conduct online transactions on their mobile banking app.

  • The top 100 paid applications have been hacked into the Google Play Store.
  • 56% of the high 100 paid applications in the Apple App Store have also been hacked.
  • Malicious mobile malware infections have increased drastically by 163% annually.

Therefore, these numbers are even more frightening when you consider that most organizations follow a BYOD policy that enables their employees to combine professional as well as personal interests into a mobile device. However, 84% of consumers in the United States use the ability to secure access to confidential enterprise data to reduce the capacity of a private company’s IT department.

Therefore, the biggest question that a developer needs to answer is how to protect any app with any malicious intent? Nevertheless, implementing mobile app security tips can help overcome security challenges encountered during construction as well as the deployment of mobile applications.

Below are the given ways to secure mobile apps? 

Secure Source Code Encryption:

Mobile malware often taps vulnerabilities with bugs as well as the design and source code of mobile applications. Therefore, according to recent reports, malicious code can infect more than 13 million mobile devices at any given time, and attackers publish popular mobile apps by converting them to rogue apps. So you need it so that you can use your source Encrypt the code. For example, JavaScript is easy to read, but its use and appropriateness may be more challenging to read and interpret. Therefore, encrypting will help to know that the source cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Platform Specific Limits

If a mobile app builder is building a mobile app for multiple operating systems, it is better to understand and then code the limitations of the platform with security features. However, you have to take into account different user case scenarios, password support, encryption support, and Geolocation data support for the operating system to properly control and distribute the application on your chosen platform.

Provision for data security

When a mobile app accesses enterprises or other confidential data, unstructured information is usually stored within the device’s storage. Therefore, mobile data encryption can be used effectively to secure data in sandboxes and can be executed using SQLite database encryption modules or by providing file-level encryption across multiple operating systems.

Support unity

Mobile device management and mobile app management solutions are being supported by many organizations to reduce app as well as device-related threats. Therefore, with the help of mobile device organization and mobile app management, most organizations can create enterprise application stores for regulated distribution, wrap employee applications with multiple security layers, and remotely wipe apps and device apps.

Save backend

A large number of backend APIs believe that an app written to access it can only interact with it, so the backend should have security measures in place to protect against malicious attacks. Therefore, by ensuring that all APIs are valid based on the mobile application development platform, you expect the code for the change mechanism, and API authentication can also vary from platform to platform.

Cryptography Techniques

Cryptography algorithms like SHA1 & MD5 have proved inadequate to require modern-day security. Therefore, you should always be updated with the latest security algorithm technology to use modern encryption methods such as AES, 256-bit encryption hashing, and SHA-256. Nevertheless, for complete security, you should threaten manual penetration testing as well as modeling on your app before going live.

Summing up:

Mobile App Builder needs to be aware of all the risks posed by cybersecurity threats and data breaches, so the above checklist is a reasonable way for you to raise more awareness and get started with app security measurements. Therefore, all factors that may affect app security should be considered before launching in the market. However, cyber apps are slowly improving in all aspects, as mobile apps are now becoming an essential differentiator for beauty apparel as well as our success.

Creating sustainable apps by considering future tech-trends

Developers of mobile app Development Company spend so much time and effort on existing development trends rather than adding trend dots, hidden behind walls themselves. The experienced and top-notch enterprises are not just work as per current scenario but also look upon the future.
Creating sustainable apps by considering future tech-trends


Not many, but some advanced upcoming trends will define future, and companies should do well, keeping in mind the advancement in the technologies. As the number of smartphones can be seen to increase significantly, its existence is more than 1 billion, and it will only continue to grow. The gaming app, social networking app, has staked its claim on this growing pie.


(Currently, the apps present in the market reflect the current technology, and it doesn’t need to define the future too but to stand tall in the market, it is essential to keep an eye on these trends that can create an impact over their entire mobile app development part technologies keep changing and it is important to keep an eye on it to develop market-relevant application.)


So, that being said, let’s look closer to the trends that will be coming in the upcoming years:


Enterprise Mobile Management


Businesses will seek approaches to streamline their processes in the coming years, and enterprises are an essential part of mobile management systems. EMM can be better used for businesses that are hoping to achieve the majority through security and budget management.


Application development companies that are creating products for the individual customer only will go through these developments. Mobile app developers who create enterprise mobile management apps, which assume a more significant degree of scaling, are developers who would likely achieve by this pattern.


Application performance management


Mobile app developers no longer need to rely on obsolete data like in the past. All credit goes to application performance management tools, and the best metrics are being delivered, with the goal that organizations have the opportunity to achieve application performance progressively.


Such tools analyze user behavior, and it allows both developers and customers to record their activities as needed. Entire business processes are chained up with efficient execution, and APM should be used during the app testing process, becoming familiar with the features that produce the best results.


Increasing importance of interfaces


Mobile application Development Company should later fully consider the expanded influence of interactive interfaces. Normal app users are no longer as simple as they were before, and they predict a specific degree of ease to use. Users are enabled with the option for the app prominently.


This is why developers should be keen to include layers that make them stand apart. Can users of the app tie-up with the data that is being displayed in a way that will bring them back? This is an investigation that developers will have to answer in the coming years.


Motion Sensor


As smartphones are becoming increasingly complex, they are being designed, keeping in mind that it should have mobile detection capabilities, and app developers can reap the advantages out of it. In relation to delivering certain goods and services, organizations require most of the information that they can obtain. With apps that make them receive data, no sweat will become increasingly important.


Apps that rely on motion sensors will be used in various gaming settings, and they can be used as ways to prevent theft. Motion sensors in this regard going to take on included significance as more apps rely on exact data abuse to provide enterprises and services.


The emergence of M-Commerce:


Many experts, who lead the financial pattern of their lives, have speculated that we are not far from the period where the normal person is not using a wallet. At some point, we can buy anything from our master card or debit card without swiping. As M-Trade is rapidly turning into a potential reality, applications aimed at helping shoppers are critical.


Mobile shopping is about to grow, and mobile app development company will have to try to keep exchanges fully in mind to simplify their exchanges. Before long, we will see daily reality about money and visas not required again. Organizations should be prepared at the earliest opportunity for this progress.


Interconnected object


The Internet of Things may not seem achievable a few years ago; however, it is here, and it is experiencing tremendous growth. It makes mobile application developers think about the devices that need to be fearless with the art-existence that we wind up in.


People like tablets or cell phones and use their recently discovered ability to speak most of their home articles utilizing an app that enables them to end essentially. Developers who are updated with the future can think well about this realistic approach. Hanging everything, thinking about the Internet of Things is an undeniable need.


Wearable technology

The market is ready to see the benefits brought to the table due to the increasing numbers. For reasons unknown, there is no shortage of organizations and businesses that are going to profit by wearable technology. The level of wearable technical equipment keeps increasing every year.


These developments create a very different universe for the majority of app developers, who are expected to be well known. Applications that connect with this type of technology to communicate profitable data will be solo in future years.


Looking to dive-in more about trends and technology-driven mobile app development. Panacea Infotech is a top-notch app development company that is experts in opting for emerging technologies and trends to deliver the best and advanced apps to the clients.


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