Developing Health and Fitness App like Healthkit & Google Fit

In this tech-driven world, we have mobile apps for almost all types of services. The transformation of smartphone technology has entirely changed the way people used to live.

However, when it is about health-related issues like children obesity, and numerous others. Usually, people blame mobile phones as they sit continuously and use the smartphones and get fat.

But, not all app on the phones creates health-related issues. In this decade, the health and fitness app trend has gained strong momentum.

These mobile applications are highly useful and work as a tool for the fitness lovers and for those who do not want to go to gym and exercise, as the app comes with easy functionality and assist them regularly for exercise.

In this blog, we will be discussing Apple’s health kit and Google fit app and what it takes to develop them:

Health and Fitness app development:

The development of health and fitness applications has indeed gone a step further in reducing the above gaps by offering interactive and creative solutions to human problems. Health and Fitness mobile apps revenues are gaining massive increase, reaching $0.51 billion in 2015 to $2.1 billion in 2017 and are expected to reach $14.7 billion by 2026 as per the report by Polaris Market Research. Other sources are bit conservative, putting the figure at $10.9 billion.


Developing a need-based customized app:

While health fanatics are going entirely crazy to develop mobile fitness applications, this is the ideal time to dive into the opportunity for health and fitness development.

It is possible to systematically list health apps and fitness apps through custom app development for health and Fitness.

There has been an enhancement in demand for mobile applications for health and Fitness that focus on improving lifestyle with the help of robust, innovative interactions.

Innovative apps: Health kit by Apple and Google fit by Google:

Innovations in mobile applications for health and Fitness have also taken the lifestyle quotient one step further.

Mobile applications are providing patients with comprehensive medical and health care solutions to improve their daily progress as well as their health.

The sky is the limit for mobile app developers because it is true that medical and healthcare apps are also offering solutions that can improve human life and, in fact, help save the same.

All this is made possible by installing the operating system with its respective platforms and frameworks – namely, Google Fit for Android and Apple Health Kit for iOS.

Google fit:

A robust and interactive health-tracking platform by Google is already comes installed with android mobile. Google Fit utilizes the sensors in activity-tracker devices to track user activity.

The methodology of Google Fit is the installation of single APIs with different apps for data generation.


It helps in blending data from various activities like cycling, walking, steps climbing, and also reduces heart rate and sleep patterns depending on the compatibility of the device.

It helps users to set goals by calculating variables as total calories burned or total distance.

With several partners associated with Google Fit for data sharing, it offers a vast range of apps for users to choose from, including Runtastic, Runkeeper, Polar, Nike, and Strava.

Google Fit also comes with an extensive web interface that increases its mobility.

Apple health kit:

Apple HealthKit comes up with a structured backend framework, which makes it interactive and easy for its user to access personal and Fitness databases when integrated with a compatible app. It is one of the best fitness tracker app currently available across the industry.

With the advancement of HealthKit, developers can get tech-based benefits by providing various health and fitness apps to users on hard-working devices.

Surely, this is a revolution in the health and fitness app industry, where every information based on heart rate to cholesterol burning is recorded.

Here, all AI health statistics calculated for the betterment of lifestyle are calculated under one roof.

By taking the benefits of both platforms, developers can design data for various devices and design applications. This becomes easier when one performs different types of analysis based on usability and functions.

Panacea Infotech is a leading mobile app development company having experience of 17+ years in the particular domain. Our developers are skillful and experienced, which helps us in delivering advanced and best-in-class custom fitness app as per the client’s business needs.

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Android 11 features that will transform Mobile Applications

Android 10 was a big shift for Google in the Operating System environment. We did not just finally get to work around the long-awaited Dark mode and saw several important changes happening on the app permission front, we also saw the end of an era.

As per the statcounter, Android holds 73.26% of the market share worldwide which is obviously the highest among all operating systems.

With Android 10, Google brought its tradition to name operating systems behind desserts to a halt.

Android 10 was a testament to the growth and maturity graph that Google has taken. The same principles are being carried over by Android 11 developer preview now. While we are some months away from playing around the final build, the recent developer preview is a sufficient peek into where Google wants to take the operating system. Developers are going through several of its new functionality so that they can use it while doing android app development.

Android 11 Features:

  • Multiple Improvements for Messaging

Going by the Android latest version features, a lot is being done to improve the users’ messaging experience on Android. Here are the upgrades that have been introduced:

Chat bubbles – Android 11 chat bubbles hide all the ongoing conversations in little bubbles on the side of the screen. You can move the bubbles around and tap them to reveal the specific conversations.

To make the process of getting messages real-time, Android 11 has introduced a dedicated conversation section in the notification shade, offering instant access to all the ongoing conversations you are having.

With the Android 11 concept it will now be possible to send images when replying to a message from notifications.

  • One-Time Permission

If you look back at Android 10, one of the unique things about it was how app permissions were handled. Android 10 gave the users a lot more control over the apps and what they could access. Android 11 keeps the train rolling.

Now, when the app asks for permission to use intricate features, the users can grant access on a one-time basis. The application will use the permission during the time you use the application. And the moment you quit the app, the permission will be revoked.

  • Built-in Screen Recorder

Since the past few releases, the Android users have been desperately waiting for Google to incorporate a built-in screen recorder.  Although the chances anyone would need it on an everyday basis is very slim but the function is pretty basic, so the wait for it to get integrated was annoying.

Android 11 update will change this. Developer Preview 2 showed a screen recorder which was accompanied by an extremely polished UI and toggle for recording the audio and showing the touches in the recording.

  • Adaptation on Different Screen Types

If there is one space where we can say that true advancements have happened in the Android ecosystem, it is in terms of foldable devices. 2020 is going to witness a lot of new additions in the foldable smartphone market – all running at different screen sizes and resolutions.

The OS 11 has been developed to run on the foldable devices effortlessly. Thus marketing the time to start working on foldable smartphones app development.

  • Preparations for 5G

5G started making news by the second half of the last year and what has gone off in 2020, with coronavirus pandemic affecting a number of industries and technologies, the need for 5G adoption has only grown in the world. By 2021, the number of 5G connections is forecast to reach a figure of between 20 million and 100 million, as per the report generated by Statista.

To help the smooth processing, Android 11 has added a very important “Dynamic Meterdness API”. One that would allow smartphones to take the complete advantage set that 5G brings.

Summing up:

The time between a new OS launch and the time when companies start preparing their application for the version is wide. And generally, the companies that end up taking a lot of time to get their app ready for the next update tend to suffer from the consequences of cut-throat competition. Doing rapid mobile app development is need of an hour.

Our Android developers have already started perusing the Android 11 developer preview document and experimenting around it on our test applications. This means, we will be ready to bring your application on Android 11 in time of its launch.

Get in touch with our team of Android experts to get your plans of migrating your app on Android 11 moving and take advantage of the first mover advantage.

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Relevance of chatbots in modern businesses

In this era of technological progress, where every sector is changing its direction towards reform. So this leads to every possible way of cost-cutting and hence you can cut the expenses on the customer executives.

Why Chatbot App Development?

Chatbots hare actually been introduced to ease the issues of many industries on the communication leg. Chatbots are used in scaling and support for business expansion in their relationships with customers.

Wondering where chatbots are used? Chatbots are mostly used in important chat applications like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, and Text Message. According to data from the Global Web Index, we can find that 75 percent of users are mainly using one or more messengers. Undoubtedly, the mainly used applications are Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, WeChat etc. It is a chatbot app, and the development of chatbots is quite necessary.

Key applications of chatbots in businesses:

  • Easily accessible

Have you ever noticed that you have been in hell for a long time to join a customer care executive? According to the general public data, about 7-8 minutes are regularly spent, until they are finally handed over to one person. Gone are those days when customers used to wait long in the queue for the next executive.

Now since chatbots are virtual robots that never get tired and basically listen to you. So it improves your business in multi-dimensions.

  • Management

Let us not compare bots to humans who are really tired of working a few times in system. But, when it is about developing chatbots, which never get tired digitally. This means that when a person is not bored, you may be able to maximize your volume and your profits. Less human workforce is deployed, so we can reduce spending. Chatbot app development creates better handling capabilities.

When human was able to manage 10-15 customers per hour, the chatbot could handle thousands of them at a time. These are the advantages of having a chatbot over 5 humans.

  • 100% Flexible

Chatbots are highly flexible and can be easily used in any sector. Unlike other products when you have to do so much development and test for changing the platforms.

Switching chatbots is easy, as well. Bots have to be trained only by giving the right interaction structure and flow to transform your existing sector or industry.

  • Enhances customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is also essential for an industrialist or business owner. If the customer is happy with the chatbot, he can place the order immediately. There are times lately in night when people visit website, and if they have a question, they can talk to the chatbot and resolve the question and process the order.

  • Reduces manpower

The bots app is specifically designed to make AI works better than humans. Bots are designed and developed with Artificial Intelligence that helps companies save their investment on the workforce. These bots operate 24 * 7 on social media sites, messenger and other apps, where instant service usage applies.

Nevertheless, the chatbot as well as mobile application development initiates brand with less use of employees in the department of helpdesk. For that, brand requires to make an intelligent bot that realize the best use of keywords to respond to the customer.

Summing up:

Panacea Infotech is leading company in developing smart mobility and web solution including chatbots. Whether it is social media channel or chat apps like whats app, we help enterprises in chatbot as well as mobile app development. Our developers are experienced that helps us in developing best in class solution as per client’s business requirement.

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Taxi Booking App: Modernizing Cab Operations

It is true that this is not yet the right time to make an investment in most of the business, but undoubtedly one of the best times when you can start strategizing for your startup or up scaling your existing business. So, let’s talk about the ever-growing and highly popular taxi app development solution like Lyft and Uber.

For streamlining the cab operations in the USA, you initially need to make an on-demand taxi booking app. A cab booking app is a core requirement as it connects to the customers and drivers for operational taxi booking business in the USA. E.g., one can develop a taxi booking application for cab operation in Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, New Jersey, and California, etc.

Getting the best Taxi Booking Application in the USA

So, the core thing that needs to be done is designing an application and developing the best taxi booking app. For that, one needs to surf for the best Uber like app solution Development Company. We will help you get the taxi app solution like Uber with the current blog post.

Passenger App Functionalities:

  • Sign-up/Social Media login.
  • Taxies Nearby on Map.
  • Delivery Location Setup.
  • Sending Ride Request.
  • Live Tracking Ride.
  • App Payments.
  • Reviews and Rating for feedback.
  • History of Transaction.
  • Push Notification.

Admin Panel:

  • Create Sub Admins.
  • Management of Drivers.
  • Users Management.
  • Block Drivers/Users.
  • Manage Add/Edit/Delete.
  • Transaction History.
  • Content Management.

Additional Features:

  • Customized Features.
  • Brand logo/Partner logo.
  • Chatbot development.
  • VoIP Calls.
  • Operational zone setup.

So through the above functionalities, you can get a robust Uber-like taxi app in the USA. Moreover, all develop custom taxi booking applications for numerous types of businesses and startups.

Private-fare / Taxi Business

As an owner, you have to increase your independent fleet, minibus, or fleet of traditional taxis for more rides and better commissions.

Car Pooling & Rental

There is a tendency to rent and share a car. If you run an app like a solution for the business, more riders will register to increase your revenue.

Startup / enterprise

Every business has a special set of requirements. If you are a startup or venture company, you should have a customized app for your business.

Vinny-Kearns (1)

How Taxi Booking Business Surviving when COVID-19 Outbreak is at its peak?

COVID-19’s status varies with the taxi booking business, depending on the country. Regarding the Uber taxi booking brand, the enterprise owner has tied up with service brands required for the delivery of groceries and medicines in countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia. This is one of the great things that the taxi booking brand has done to help grocery outlets to complete delivery slots.

How do we help Business Enterprises and Car Rental Owners?

Panacea Infotech is the hub of on-demand app development. Whether it is delivery or booking or logistics, we have readymade solutions to business owners to help them with quick business-setup and operations. In addition, our taxi booking app solutions like Uber and Lyft help business owners to start a taxi booking business in less time. In addition, our apps match the best taxi app booking brand.

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Healthcare App Development: A Situational And Predictive Need Of Today

Healthcare organizations are intensifying their focus on strategic planning for a digital future and preparing to be ready to launch new initiatives when the crisis is over. It is a remarkable story that is presented in the technology-based activation at the back of healthcare organizations, even though the headlines are dominated by heroic response efforts at the front lines of care.

Applications evolve a lot in terms of needs. We can also say that time is running out. Different devices are used to invent and reduce complications. The complication may be due to the use of the device, so resist these obstacles; several sources of compact application. The healthcare applications are also integrated with all parametric features that can be facilitated to play an important role in monitoring and controlling functions.

Frontline health care professionals have been overwhelmed since the coronavirus epidemic by the number of calls from patients who want to talk to their doctors about possible symptoms of COVID-19. Many health systems are using self-assessment tools or healthcare apps to help patients look for symptoms before asking to be seen by a doctor.

How Telehealth Apps Solutions Are Upscaling Healthcare

A Mckinsey article uncovered multiple myths related to healthcare and its digital future. It also stated that over 75% of patient population prefer using digital services if made accessible.

Each crisis presents a new opportunity. For telehealth, this may be an opportunity whose time has finally come. The lack of trained doctors available to participate in virtual consultations has allowed the old medical platforms also to allow families of patients to talk to their loved ones in acute care. Although most health systems appear to have been able to expand their telehealth operations, some have seen an increase in waiting time, which has negated the principle of on-demand care using telemedicine apps and tools.

The use of telehealth apps has increased in recent years, but more slowly than expected. One of the leading causes was the absence of a telemedicine reimbursement model, which places it on the same level as personal visits. Recognizing the need to promote telehealth as a public health and safety concern, the government provided reimbursements for telehealth comparable to those of other visits.

We can see an inflection point that takes telehealth in general at once, transforming the way we experience healthcare in the future. Most importantly, the general public will become accustomed to telehealth visits as an acceptable means of obtaining medical assistance for low-acuity needs.

How Integrating Remote Patient Monitoring Is Enabling Patient Care In Shutdown

According to Statista,

There are around 84% health apps that do not require in-app purchase and it is anticipated that the global mobile medical apps market will spur to around $11 Billion by 2025.

A related area of ​​growth was remote patient monitoring (RPM) and home monitoring. Although RPM has grown steadily over the past two years, current restrictions on across the nations have highlighted the need to monitor patients with chronic conditions at home.

Healthcare industry is going through some drastic variation in this scenario. Health systems suffer some variation in this scenario. Healthcare app development adopted by healthcare organization and clinics will streamline the processes and by recruiting more doctors, the curve will flatten, as well as, possibly, admissions volumes as we emerge from the pandemic.

Coming to the point,

Health care is in high demand and determined with the application that offers a better solution. However, many technologies will be part of the health system in future. Depending on demand, app development for healthcare segment will make a major contribution in making healthcare process feasible and connected.

Panacea Infotech, being a pioneer in app development services is readily contributing with swift healthcare app development to eradicate the concern of lack of infrastructure that keeps the patient connected in this quarantine and isolated phase.

Things to Consider Before Developing On-Demand Telemedicine App

Telemedicine is no longer part of some fictional story; this is a reality that has gained immense popularity with the time. You will find many hospitals that will become paperless, store records in their computers, make health accessible, and offer a variety of telemedicine solutions. For those people, telemedicine is a branch of healthcare that gives access to remote healthcare facilities and with on-demand telemedicine app development healthcare organization are serving better to their patients. Companies like Patient Keeper and General Devices have launched direct-to-patient telemedicine app that are also helping them in fighting COVID-19 pandemic.

What has made on-demand telemedicine app popular?

In 2016, healthcare costs for the US alone were estimated at 17.2% of GDP, outlined by the OECD. Switzerland came in second place in healthcare spending with an estimated 12.4% of GDP. With the increase in the number of aging citizens, the cost of health care has skyrocketed. This would be an increase of 5.8% per year.

Telemedicine App Development: 3 things to consider before building an app-based telemedicine platform:

  1. Telemedicine App Type:

What kind of telemedicine app does you looking forward to develop? Generally, you will see that there are three different versions available for a telemedicine app solution.

  • Store and custom telemedicine solutions, also known as asynchronous solutions, help in making a life of caregivers and medical professionals easier. The application is for all professionals involved with care to use and understand the patient’s history.
  • Remote monitoring solutions include video conferencing, chat apps, and connecting with patients in other ways. In this method, doctors monitor all visible symptoms, which ensure prompt treatment and prescription of the right medications.
  • Synchronous app solutions are real-time and enable the patients to take care of the caregiver and available care for the symptoms they are experiencing. Conversations for synchronous solutions can be both audio and video.
  1. App-specific features:

When you are building an app for telemedicine, you should understand the market well. You need to know what gaps exist, what kind of end-users you are focusing, and what they are looking forward to in these app solutions. Once you answer all such questions, you can quickly note down the features for the telemedicine application. Some of the commonly used functionalities include video conferencing, online appointment booking, prescriptions and medications, in-app chat, payment gateway integration, and electronic records.

  1. Data Security:

Critically it is essential as a parameter of security when making an app and web-based telemedicine app. Patient data is highly valuable and involves a lot of privacy. If your app is not secure enough, the data will be leaked, which will prove harmful to both your patients and your app.

You have to develop an app that is HIPPA compliant and has separate layers of data security, making it secured for patients to use. Strict rules must be processed for backend integration so that the server can be safely exchanged between two parties. Therefore, if you have decided to invest in custom telemedicine app development, do not ignore the security point that plays an important role.

Summing up:

The telemedicine app is the market and industry demand, and if you are well versed with the industry and you know your technology well enough to come up with a viable solution, then this is the right time to develop an on-demand telemedicine app.

If you have questions about the cost of developing a telemedicine application, then we at Panacea Infotech will provide end-to-end assistance regarding all the queries you have. We are a team of professional developers, which makes us one of the leading mobile app development company in USA and across the globe.

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Best Features of On-Demand Grocery App Part 4

As the on-demand app is at its peak, in mobile, shoppers are now approaching online shopping for everything, which includes food, products, medicine, and grocery.

Among all this, online grocery delivery is the least-squares segment. But it is the fastest-growing online category. Everyone is looking forward for on-demand grocery app development, so that they can reap the benefits of growth with it.

This is fourth blog in series that talks about features that on-demand grocery apps must have to win like the retailers we mentioned in our previous blog on top grocery apps and services and their features.

Many prominent multinational retail corporations such as Walmart and Amazon are expanding their grocery deliveries to cities around the world and also helping the people across the globe in delivering the products in between the COVID-19 outbreak, where the pandemic is at peaks in the world as a whole.

While people will take time to shift from online shopping to physical brick and mortar store visits, retailers are leaving no stone unturned to go online and create their virtual grocery delivery market.

Features of on-demand grocery app development are as follows:

  • Product Listing:

This is the core of every grocery app development. Proper care needs to be taken for separating the grocery products and sub-products as it is a seamless shopping experience for the end-users. The product must come with a detailed description as the customers should get valuable information out of it. It is possible to add nutritional value of every product and consumers can access it once they choose to read it.

  • Easy to sign-up:

The entire process of registration should be simple and user friendly. Registration via social media login is quite popular these days. This facility must be there with the sign-up process. Other options are via email ID and mobile number. When logged in via social media, the possibilities for sharing any offer make it a good advertisement for a grocery delivery app.

  • Quick Shopping list:

After the search, if the customer does not want to purchase the product and want to save it for the future purchase, a quick list in the grocery mobile app development process will initiate them in this regard. Here, the customer can keep the products for the future. This feature can come up with various favorite lists like the scanned barcode list, reminder list, etc. Also, voice search is an interesting feature under which user can search products on app by giving voice commands.

  • Tracking of order:

GPS real-time tracking is an essential feature in the grocery app development process that enables the end-users to track their order delivery. From dispatch to estimated delivery time, the real tracking helps end-users to know the status of the order.

  • Scheduling the delivery:

This allows end-users to schedule their delivery time in advance according to their convenience. Customers can choose the delivery date for their order at the time of making the payment. Grocery mobile app development may include estimated delivery times to inform customers.

  • Discount Coupons:

Customers always look for discounts and offers. Here, the development of the grocery mobile application includes features that will entice customers to buy more. They realize that the coupon will give him good savings on his grocery bill. The discount is not necessarily higher. But it should be attractive enough to the customer.

  • Membership:

Various on-demand apps offer premium membership, and they offer multiple benefits such as free delivery, offers to members only, etc. This will entice customers towards your grocery application as they think they are getting a good deal. The annual membership fee will be beneficial for the customer as well as you.

  • Personalized product offering:

With the help of modern technologies like Artificial intelligence, you can offer personalized products as per the customer’s taste and behavior. With the modern-day approach, you can add value to your customers in terms of what they like and what they don’t. Through the AI-powered app, you can showcase that product which your customers want. This is one of the advance features that can help you to provide the best service to your customers.

The success of the grocery delivery app depends upon numerous factors. Out of these, the on-demand grocery delivery app should be highly innovative, unique, and offer an enriching experience to the end-users. Panacea Infotech is a leading mobile app development company offering advanced and ready-made on-demand grocery delivery app as per the clients’ requirement that can be deployed within a week’s time.

Tune in for next blog in the series.

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On-Demand Logistics Mobile App Development: Never To Miss Features

As the power of mobile rises in every business segment, the inclination of almost every company is to stay on those top ranked searches for better exposure of their business. Companies in logistics and transportation are going through a digitally backed shift in transportation. This shift is also a challenge to for the companies owing to change in customers, shareholders, and competitors mindsets.

Logistics and transportation mobile app development is the medium the key players are opting to stay in sync with the latest requirement of staying in the market.

As there are various modes through which the goods are transported or stored, logistics and transportation app acts as a one stop shop for every requirement that are affiliated in the overall operation.

Diversity In On-Demand Logistics Mobile App Development


Below are the types of platform that can be housed under an on-demand logistics and transportation app. Though every platform serves different service, they are somehow linked to shifting goods from one place to another.


  • 3 PL

Third party logistics is the use of an external company to perform all or part of the company’s equipment management and product distribution functions.

Senders permanently outsource their logistics services, by collaborating with 3PL platforms. With these platforms, you can automate and increase sales, optimize shipments, and reduce your shipping costs.


  • Warehouse

People can find the best alternative to warehouses in the goods storage market. It connects people with extra storage space to people who need the space available. Renters register in this market and look for space by size, location, and type. They browse the best options and send a request to the host. If approved, they reserve that space online.

Marketplace such as storage can offer not only storage locations but also full-service storage, including pick-ups and deliveries. This is a win-win choice for both parties as hosts can find passive income and tenants can make a hassle free transit of their good, where they can store their items.

  • Freight

The freight is a platform that connects shippers and freight forwarders which offers the best shipping option, compares quotes, delivery details, and books online.

One of the crucial advantages of this type of platform is transparency. Importers, exporters, and shipping agents can compare shipping costs online with all expenses and details included and choose the most attractive options.

  • Crowdshipping

With the crowdshipping, businesses can reduce international shipping costs and deliver your items to expected destination with the help of verified transporters. The service providers offer their prices for delivery and the end-user can choose the option that suits best for them.


  • Trucking

Setting up a trucking marketplace features truck drivers on a platform. Senders have access to available trucks, their location, and freight quotes. Meanwhile, truck drivers have the opportunity to expand their businesses, earn extra income, and solve the problem of empty truck.


Integrations And Features Required For Logistics App Development

Turning towards the features and integration that simplify the overall logistics and transportation operation; below are factors explained in detail,

  • Automated tools for processing required documentation

The integration of your business with automated invoice processing software optimizes work with documents and invoices, improves data accuracy, and saves time and paperwork.

  • Integration of shipping and logistics APIs

Integration with the shipping and logistics APIs helps you to connect with popular carriers, buy labels, track packages, and insert customs information in shipments.

Some of the players provide shipping and tracking APIs that offer real-time updates, an estimated delivery date, real-time mail feedback, and brand tracking information and pages.

  • Integration of security tools

Security is essential in the logistics sector. Integration with security tools ensures the safety of transactions in your market. Usually, these tools are used for identity verification, criminal record and offender verification, and global watch list check.

Summing up

The uncovering of the profitability-based opportunities in a most competitive sector, logistics and transportation players need to make an incisive and bolder choice. The digital trends and the obligation of mobile app development in these upheavel will create an exceptional growth prospects for the new market entrants and restructure the current business model associated to logistics and transportation. Investing into a logistics and transportation mobile app development in both Android and iOS is best way to sustain the operational momentum. Moreover integration of above features would make your logistic business app smart enough to handle complex functions.

Panacea Infotech, a pioneering player in on-demand mobile app development company can assist you with effective app-based logistic business establishment and integration.

Collaborate to explore more.


Ewallet App Development Features For Successful Checkout

The continued relevance of payment incorporation for consumers recommends that a solution that makes payment challenging will not meet the needs of consumers, and therefore, players who will decipher business problems without a payment link should partner with payment providers to boost consumer acceptance on a large scale.

Beyond the banking & finance sector, the eWallet app development would benefit technology enterprises, education institutes & learning centers, industries like shopping, telecommunication, food & restaurants, travel, real estate, sports & recreation, health & fitness, media & entertainment, and many others.

On the other side, focused portfolios are faced with a mix of challenges and opportunities. Merchant portfolios appear to have the least reliability among consumers at this stage. Consumers are generally less sure of themselves and less interested in using merchant-oriented wallets as they are perceived to current system of retailers with loyalty cards in stock.

Identifying the significance of ewallets in the coming future, it is important to consider technical factors that can streamline the end-to-end payment processing. However, this overall procedure works with integration amid admin module and user module.

Admin Module Features For Ewallet App Development

Let’s start with admin side module which needs to be integrated to manage every back-end operation that is needed for payment processing.

Portability & Integration

The integration of manifold debit & credit cards (as virtual cards) along with bank accounts to apps for wearable device helps to conduct a seamless financial transaction.

Data Synchronization & Backup

Data management is an essential component to enable successful engagement. Offering an auto-backup mechanism to enable users to restore their settings and data based on an earlier saved backup.

Cloud Operations

The data is stored on and is processed from Cloud, making the transactions highly secured, fast, and reliable. Cloud computing is considered as the best option to enable your eWallet app with advanced features.

User Module Features For Ewallet App Development

Further, the user module should be designed with such characteristics that users have a simplified experience while processing payments or handling the ewallet app. Below are characteristics should be keenly considered if you are looking for ewallet mobile app development.


It helps create a one-time code for the user’s credit/debit card for the specific transaction. It also hides the actual credit/debit card number from the merchant and thus improves eWallet security.

Easy Categorization

The simplified classification and grouping of different transactions and cards make the online payment wallets more appealing & pleasant. It further helps the users to sort the cards as per different categories.

Digital Acknowledgement

Digital receipts help with tracking every transaction by generating and send a digital receipt on the phone number, email & within the app.

Wearable Integration

Connect your app to wearable devices like smartwatch and let your users make payments or transfer funds from their wearable gadgets. The boom in wearable gear industry opens new doors of opportunities for this feature.


The faster checkouts with payment apps are enabled by just tapping the name of the recipient. It is made possible with the help of geo-location and GPS technology.

Offers and Discounts

To increase user satisfaction, the attractive cashback with eWallet app help boost the shopping experience. The special discounts on products help seamlessly connect with appealing and attracting old & new customers.

Multi-Language Support

The inclusion of various languages or the native language of target market user offers convenience to users to enjoy the app services and offers.

So where does all this facts lead?

Mobile payments and wallets can offer significant revenue and cost improvements, including lower customer acquisition costs, higher lifetime value, lower infrastructure, and operating costs. We believe that these benefits can profit different types of companies in various sectors. The companies that can benefit from this are merchants, marketing services companies, banks, payment processors, merchant acquirers, and marketing and credit firms.

To take advantage of this inclination in consumers’ use of smartphones, different stakeholders in mobile commerce solutions shouldn’t just stay limited to partner or reach with consumers on a large scale. They should also follow the latest trends of wallet–based payment solution through mobile app development. It also helps to gain greater insight into the problems that they can help consumers solve with the use of mobile devices technology. If online payment is the future, ewallets will have a considerable impact on transactional shift. Considering the fact that wallet integration is complex task, assigning a mobile app development company improves your chances of standing apart from the competitors, owing to end-to-end support offered by the mobile app development companies.

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Mobile App Development for Foldable Smartphones

2019 was a historic year where the discussion of foldable smartphones reached a climax.|

Samsung was already preparing to introduce its innovative foldable offering. But in 2019, Google announced its partnership with Samsung over this innovation, rumors became a reality, and many device manufacturers soon started doing homework to enter the space.

This enthusiasm from device makers took far less time to change the app development company and its economy that started doing its homework: nitty gritty, design and technology to deliver a lower learning curve, and for new users with an impeccable experience.
Before we go to the parts where we see the complexities of application development for foldable phones and what you can do to set up your mobile application for foldable cell phones, let’s see its present status.


How will foldable phones affect the app development process?

While at the surface level, it appears that it is only about having flexible UX in mobile apps, but the impact is much broader.


  • Video streaming apps can utilize enhanced screen size to show videos in more substantial orientation or to add additional controls or features to the app.
  • The calendar app will be able to open an entire month in place of the week
  • Banking app will open many account information in the multi-window app screen instead of initial
  • Business applications will be able to add more functionality, such as reading email while reading documents, and more.
  • Content creators will be able to bounce back and forth between multiple apps.


Let us consider various ways that foldable smartphones can have an impact on the application development process.

Quality got everything:

Foldable phones will come with many orientations, aspect ratios, but the ones that will remain are the expectations of quality. Users will expect you to provide them with the same flawless and mess-free quality and application flow that they are using.

Keeping this in mind, when you develop an app for the foldable phone space, the chances of availing the best quality digital product will enhance.

Higher tests cases:

With a large number of foldable phones soon to hit the smartphone market, the app development team will have to work around a large number of test cases – all of which come with multi-window app configurations behind the complexity.

Feedback takes a prominent place:

The effect of building apps for foldable phones is an extended response collection process. Since you are moving a traditional application to a new location, your response will be much higher, especially on the transition front.
Given this, it will be necessary that you add space to participate in changes to your Agile Scrum process.

Increase in application development time and cost:

Another significant impact facing the mobile app development economy will be in terms of extended app development time and cost estimates.

Optimizing the application for foldable ensures that it works glitch-free in all different modes, this will require a lot of design, development, and testing efforts, which in turn will bring a price increase.

Developing Foldable Phones Mobile Apps: 

Like every mobile application development process, we divide the process of creating applications for multiple screens in three ways.

Designing for foldable phone:

You should keep four things in mind when starting an app design for foldable.

Two States – Each foldable smartphone has two states – unfolded and folded screen, aka the main display, and cover display.

  1. Unfolded State: This is where the phone turns into a tablet, giving companies a richer experience. This additional space can be used to provide more contexts and to add subsequent actions or experiences to apps.

  3. Folded state: The phone looks like your traditional smartphone in this foldable app design state, which we can use with one hand.

One or two-handed app design:

States change the entire experience – even how the instrument is organized. Currently, people operate smartphones with one hand, but in odd circumstances, they have to use both of their hands. This will change the dynamics of the design in such a way that important UI and UX elements are to be placed within the area of ​​the thumb and other fingers.


Because real estate is very high in the case of foldable smartphones, multitasking should always be considered. Meaning, at the time of android app development, you have to prepare for a time where another application that has its own set of designs and functionality is sharing the screen with its app and will also show up in your multi-window life cycle.

Screen continuity:

The user experience should basically be shifted from the folded position and then moved back to the folded position. There should be at least zero change in the layout, which will increase the flow of the app.

Technical working for Foldable Phone:

Like the case of designing, developers’ work for foldable phone processes will also be divided into four parts of app development. Let us look at them all in detail.

Screen / app continuation:

As stated in the last section, the continuity of the app screen means that when the app runs on a foldable smartphone, it must automatically and natively transition from the screen state to another. Applications should always be resumed in the same place and state.

What you need to do is a resizable app via dynamic resizing. This is done by setting resizeableActivity = true. This provides maximum compatibility with your application environment and factors.

If you forget this step, the system can resize your app automatically without guaranteeing the correct size, configuration, and aspect ratio.

New screen ratio:

Android 10 and higher will support a wide range of aspect ratios. In foldable, the form factors will vary from super high long and thin screens in a ratio of 1: 1. To be compatible with devices, you should test apps for a more excellent screen ratio.


After some time, it has become common for Google to run two apps simultaneously. The introduction of foldable technology allows it to run three or more applications at the same time. In addition, technology gives them the ability to share content with each other.

All that happened in the case of Android 9 was that only the résumé was used as a state, and all other visual activities were stopped. In the case of Android 10, this changed. Activities resume even when in multi-window mode.
It is known as Multi-Resume.


Supports the tenth OS version and higher multi-screen Android display. If an app is running on multiple display devices, users can quickly transfer them from one display to another. This also applies to multi-resume multi-screen scenarios.

The app can showcase, which display should run when launched, or when another activity is created. The behavior is dependent on the activity launch mode in the manifest file and the options set by the intent flag and the people launching the activity.

To handle AN activity, performance must be checked for on-creation and on-configuration. Android app developers have to update the layout and resources when the display changes.

Foldable smartphones are definitely going to create a big boom in the entire industry as well as among the people. This disruptive technology will fully transform the way people used to use smartphones. In such a dynamic market transformation, mobile application development companies, as well as developers, need to upscale their offerings and should focus more on what is going to be the trend in upcoming years. Panacea Infotech, a Katalyst group company, always opt the vein of ongoing tech-driven approach that makes us stand tall among top mobile app development company across the globe.

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