Get Better User Rating With iOS App Development

Building a business app to reach every individual is one of essential aspect to grow and sustain. Growing penetration of smartphones and reach for both professional and personal has forced business owners to keep geared with online service offering and support through website or mobile app development.

It has been a long time fight and concern of which OS leads the market. However, Android with its highest number leads the race in terms, but iOS hasn’t played the contest lightly. Low fragmentation, simplified testing are some of the key factors that encourage businesses to build their first app in iOS and then slide down to Android.

Let’s hop on the key features that make iOS stand out and first priority before launching a business app.


Incredible iOS Features To Consider Before App Development

Great end-user experience

IOS offers an excellent user experience, and this makes users very happy and satisfied. That’s one of the reasons why iOS is the first choice of professional apps for homeowners. As Apple is known to users for its latest features, robust hardware, and customer service, it has a considerable market share. Creating an application offers a ready market.


When developing a mobile application, business executives plan to choose a platform with secure functionality and a high level of security. End-users of the iPhone want to stay safe, and iOS offers a high rate of viruses and malware, which is again perfect for developing iOS applications.

Fluidic UI

An app design plays a considerable role in offering best services to the users. The relationship with the customer also relies on the fact that the mobile app is so pleasant and that Apple users always encourage a sophisticated smartphone environment. The advanced functions of iOS make professional applications more suitable for sales and performance.

Considering the above factors, mobile app rating has closed link to the OS you prefer. Your user browsing patterns, geographic landscapes, and number of users with Apple phones will pave the growth prospects for your business app.

Tips To Increase User Ratings With iOS Mobile App Development


The key reason for iOS app development is to connect with customers with widened reach. To be successful, the application also needs quality ratings so that customers don’t face complexities when looking for an application. The changes are that when your small business customers know about your app, they will follow the links and look for them in the relevant App Store.

  • Use application verification plug-in

The easiest way to get people to review your app is to ask them to do it in the app. There are several ready-to-use plug-ins available for the iOS platform, making it very easy for users to invite them to explore their mobile app.

  • Design a sophisticated app

It looks straightforward, and, above all, you can get more quality ratings that make your app great for use. Your app’s functions act as marketing material that you can include on the app’s page. By adding a wide variety of screenshots, users can find out what the app represents, and if you’ve ignored the area, it’s essential to spend time with the app.

  • Time the prompt

Notification notices are a great way to remind users to consider a review. It is also essential to set the prompt time correctly. Most apps make the mistake of requesting review right after the launch of the iOS mobile app. This generally results in poor user experience, and users are also less likely to leave a review simply because the application disrupts the normal flow of the user.

  • Create contest

Another important thing is to organize a contest in different forums. There are popular sections on popular forums or blogs where application developers hold contests to get other members to express their opinion about their applications. You can give gift cards when organizing a competition, but when selecting the winners, it is vital to maintain full transparency.

  • Target most engaged users

You could have thousands of downloads for your app, but it is also important to track the users with high engagement with the app. Rectify bugs and issues reported by the users, as if those issues are kept unattended, the same users could end up with 1 rating and negative review in the store.

Concluding views,

Reviews and rating has a major impact behind the success of any business app. The product integrated on iOS app gets a strong with the OS with its refined UI and clear design.
Combination of iOS app development and strategies to surge positive user rating works best to take the app-based business endeavors to the peak.

Thinking to start with iOS app development for business?

Panacea Infotech, a pioneering mobile app development company in US can assist in setting up your development strategies and help to carve out a well-crafted app that users will adore using.

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