Magento Development: Key Customization Benefits For Ecommerce

With the growing e-commerce market, online store owners are constantly striving to gain more freedom over their stores to attract customers. To meet the needs of its vendors, Magento has launched the Magento Commerce and Magento 2, which can be the best tool for better performance and higher profits. In coming days. Well this part remains in the bucketful of innovations, which Magento development has so far managed to accomplish.

This automated managed hosting platform can quickly solve all your scalability, speed, and security issues. It offers easy implementation and higher bandwidth for customers to operate their store at the speed of light.


Magento personalization is the process of improving your Magento store’s marketing strategy with the best practices and tactics of e-commerce customization to increase sales and conversions on your website, through highly relevant and targeted messages. To create a complete customization strategy for your Magento store, you need reliable marketing automation or customer engagement solution that offers a Magento development guidelines for seamless integration.


Important Tips For Personalized Magento Development


Magento offers wide range of personalization functions to make shopping journey more logical and tailored.

Targeting is key

Segmentation is the mainstay of a reliable and viable customization strategy. Targeting your target groups is a vital ingredient in the process of delivering highly targeted campaigns. It is not enough to collect general behavioral data; you need to segment it to match your customers’ personalities to provide personalized content.

After the visitor behavior analysis is connected, the segment information is updated automatically, as customers continue to buy, their preferences are reflected in the database. Based on updated research, targeted marketing initiatives can be developed, such as personalized offers, cart pricing rules, and banners.

Defining pop-ups

Exit pop-ups are mandatory for any ecommerce store because they are the last weapon that a store manager must prevent a visitor from leaving the site. The downside of pop-ups is that people generally hate them unless they offer something useful. Based experience, the most effective content you can use to keep the new visitor engaged is to provide a limited time offer for a top-selling product, always in a relevant category.

Hit inbox consistently

Sending emails to your customers regularly is a great way to ensure repeat purchases and brand loyalty. In addition, sending monthly behavioral emails to your customers with relevant product recommendations can trigger your email conversions. You need to integrate viable products into the current model.

Enabling Magento personalization help to maximize the profitability of your promotions. With real-time customer segmentation in Magento 2, customers can be dynamically added or removed from predefined customer segments based on their behavior in your Magento store. This ensures that your customer segments are up to date and that you’re marketing strategy is delivered to the right customer at the right time.

Why You Need A Magento Development Partner?

Hope the above information brought more clarity in terms of Magento and Marketing blend. But this is just half done. Our experience says, you should consider der partnering with a professional Magento Development company to reap the best out of your ecommerce venture.

Panacea Infotech is one of the reliable and proven Magento development service provider. We hold considerable expertise in this niche and have multiple Magento accomplished projects in our basket for some of the leading brands.

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Automate Ops With Magento Development And ERP Integration

By integrating your e-commerce platform with your enterprise resource planning software, different parts of your company can be connected to improving data visibility and accuracy. Obtaining data can speed up order processing, improve the visibility of shipping requirements, and improve the customer experience. Magento development with ERP is perfect fit if you wish to chase a long waited success for your ecommerce venture.

These goals can be achieved through a continuous ERP integration process, which aligns data across different business lines to create transparency and provide users with the information they need when they need it.

Focusing on the stats relevant to Magento offerings,

Forrester estimated that B2B eCommerce transactions are set to attain $1.5 trillion by 2021. However, that will make up just 13% of total B2B sales that year.

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When Should You Opt For Magento 2 Development And An ERP Integration?

It is no secret that ERP is not for everyone. But any company can grow enough to plan for integration. Below, we highlight the main signs that your company is ready for the following level of development.

When daily tasks take longer and longer, you need a solution that automates them. It’s time for ERP! If you spend all day managing important activities, this is the first sign to start integrating Magento 2 with ERP.

Retail organizations that can benefit from the integration of Magento ERP are successful in generating competency. The integration of ERP into the Magento Ecommerce platform cultivates a transparent background infrastructure for your retail business, keeps customers happy and reduces operating costs to optimize sales and maximize organizational profits.

If you have many unanswered queries related to business operations, this can also be seen as a symptom of growth; therefore, you must integrate Magento 2 with ERP to avoid future problems. Even though a large number of questions are originated by something other than growth, enterprise resource planning software is designed to solve this problem.

In addition, perform the Magento 2 ERP integration if you can no longer manage business processes. Link your e-commerce store to ERP to manage inventory, control costs, satisfy customers, and many others.

How To Successfully Implement Magento 2 Erp Integration?

Choose the right ERP software for your industry, size, and future growth. Although small businesses do not need corporate-level resources, always remember that a minor market participant can become a medium-sized e-commerce store, which in turn has every chance of advancing. You can also see future growth from the perspective of entering a new market. Fortunately, modern ERP systems offer the opportunity to solve both problems due to their modular nature and other scalability features.


Why Consulting With Experts Is The Key To Successful Magento Development?

You can involve expert Magento development agency at all stages of integrating Magento 2, from choosing a product to adapting to your needs. The chances are that your current employees are not the best experts on the selected ERP system; therefore, it is advisable to ask someone or Magento development company with the expertise skills for assistance.

Panacea Infotech,  a pioneering tech partner can be your one-stop solution for your ecommerce business, be it Magento development services, ERP integration, or both for one single platform. We have that capabilities to serve with best efficiency for your online store.

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How Magento Development Service Is One-For-All Ecommerce Solutions?

The e-commerce landscape is changing and emerging. Now, with more users preferring to go online to make a purchase, it is imperative to take advantage of the Magento e-commerce development services for sites. According to Nasdaq, 95% of purchases will be made online by 2040. Well, that’s a considerable number! This suggests that there are many opportunities in digital commerce and that you should use them to stimulate the growth of your company.

Magento takes control of the e-commerce landscape, making it the best e-commerce platform for website development. According to the latest statistics, Magento represents 12% of all e-commerce sites and manages 1.2% of the Internet.

Interestingly, Magento is the ideal platform for many vendors for their e-commerce business. Thinking about what gives Magento a competitive advantage over other popular e-commerce platforms? There are endless benefits if you move ahead with Magento. Merchants using Magento see their online store’s growth rate increase by an average of three times.

Why Magento development services are among the best platforms?

Below are some features that make Magento, a go-to ecommerce platform:

Best part! It is an open-source platform

Excellent software and open-source go hand in hand and for a good reason. Magento is an open-source platform developed with PHP, which means that you only need an experienced Magento developer and can build an efficient of the e-commerce platform you need. So, instead of adapting your company to a specific platform, you can optimize a platform for your company’s needs!

Refined UI delivering preeminent design competences

In today’s increasingly competitive digital world, companies must distinguish themselves in every possible way, and it is even more critical that they are accessible as possible to users. With Magento responsive theme development, you can not only create an excellent user interface but also make your store’s design responsive and targeted to all types of devices. When the UI experience with your store is consistent across all devices, they know they can reach you anywhere, anytime, and you don’t have to worry about losing business due to lack of accessibility.

CRM integration at its best

Magento can be integrated with any CRM, such as Salesforce or any other. While Magento is powerful, Magento CRM integration is just what you need for unparalleled customer service and secure business process management. With CRM integration, you can generate information from high-quality data and use it to improve the way users interact with your store significantly. With good user experience, good deals, this is why Magento becomes an even more attractive platform for your company to win customers in this competitive scenario.

Ideal for marketing

As if flexibility and ease of development were not enough, going with Magento web development services is another reason why it is a perfect solution for an e-commerce platform, as it also helps merchants with their planning marketing strategies. Magento is optimized for SEO and empowers sellers to rank higher on all popular search engines, including Google. This means more visibility for your ecommerce store and, therefore, more growth prospects for your ecommerce business.

Make your business competent With Magento ecommerce development service

Modern architecture, creative web design and responsive theme are important to provide users with a unique experience. However, for this, you need highly qualified Magento development services provider.

Interested in adapting these solutions?

Panacea Infotech is one of the leading Magento development service provider holding expertise in delivering end-to-end ecommerce solutions through Magento services.

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Magento Development: Is Enterprise Edition A Revolution?

The user-friendly infrastructure of Magento 2 can be applied. But this also applies to all Magento development, which is vital for profitable Magento customization. The new Magento 2 framework enables creating new Magento development services to interact with a Magento 2 store, allowing the user to interact with the store on multiple devices.

The biggest announcement in Magento development was first heard for Magento 2 in 2015. Is this just an evolutionary step in Magento development, as skeptics thought at the time? Or was it the quiet start of a revolution that would flood e-commerce?

Magento Commerce also known as Magento 2 Enterprise Edition is best suited for department stores and e-commerce merchants due to their scalable businesses. And this why Magento Commerce is exactly what you need if you plan to expand your ventures to highest leaps.

Extraordinary Functions Of Enterprise Edition In Magento Development

Advanced analysis and reporting

While Magento Open Source offers basic analytics and reporting, Magento Commerce shines here by integrating the development of your Magento store with Google Analytics. This connects your Magento store to the tools to help you optimize your content, analyze your traffic and audience, and link your catalog to different markets.

Round the clock tech and account support

It is not a feature of the software itself, but an essential consideration for corporate customers, Magento Commerce has 24/7 technical and account support. Selling your products to customers is not unsustainable until you find a way to correct problems arising from comments; this support is a great advantage when developing Magento websites.

Attribute management

Magento Commerce’s customer segments, such as customers, addresses, shopping carts, products, and sales, are defined in a certain way. The developers of the Magento store can easily add new attributes to the customer and take them to other sales and marketing processes, in addition to advanced customization help.

Visual Merchandiser

This allows online store merchandising managers to drag and drop web content to create personalized product previews in preview mode and make adjustments before making changes to the live website. Visual Merchandiser has made it easier than ever to develop Magento e-commerce sites with its elegant navigation between categories and products.

Private sale

Every business has its esteemed and valuable customers for whom it enables unique shopping experiences, and Magento Commerce has it all. The best deals, customer behavior, and quick purchases are some of the primary factors of private sales. Its configuration is another great benefit that attracts more agencies and entrepreneurs from Magento to Magento 2.

Accelerate Your Ecommerce Growth With Magento Development

Magento 2, and in particular the business-focused Magento, is part of a massive explosion in the development of Magento websites. It’s on its way and will end up replacing Magento 1. Business-to-business or business to consumer, the new version of Magento Commerce has everything your business needs to make a mark in the ecommerce industry.

Looking for transformation?

Panacea Infotech being a prominent Magento development company, has a team of Magento experts to help you make a shift through the digital transformation. As more businesses bring their stores online, huge competition can be anticipated.

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Why Magento Development Company Should Be On Priority For Ecommerce?

In the last decade, retail has undergone an incredibly interesting change. Buyers’ expectations have changed and are now determining how organizations adapt to offer more personalized and focused experiences that revolve around speed and efficiency.

As Magento development is completely backed by up transforming digitization capabilities. McKinsey & Company predict that B2B digital leaders see 5X more sales growth in compared to those who aren’t focused on digital transformation strategies.

Most B2B companies are yet to have digital resources to operationalize the customer focus, which makes them vulnerable. Mckinsey stated that only 15% of B2B companies feel that they have a complete picture of their customers and only 19% claim to understand the main customer journeys for the main segments.

Benefits Magento Development Company Brings When Hired?

Hiring a Magento development company or a developer comes with an exclusive package. May it be setting a whole new store, integration, or upgrade from an earlier version to latest.

What it brings to the table?

Customer-oriented functions

Professional Magento developers, when creating an e-commerce site, focus primarily on customer preferences, more than anything. They focus on creating a useful website for the target group. By focusing on customer preferences and tastes, they create features and offer a design that their customers prefer.

Rigid quality and performance

If you hire a Magento service provider with a solid team of Magento developers to work on your project, it is very unlikely that this will ruin your project and offer an insufficient output as expected. The launch of professional Magento developers is carefully guided by a professional quality assurance team ready to peek and find the details of the project.

Support and technical assistance

Magento development companies take full responsibility for their projects and remain committed to providing comprehensive technical support and assistance. Professional Magento developers provide consistent support for precise performance, speed or other issues.

Project completion on time

They follow a flexible development approach and, therefore, can meet the project deadline without compromising the end result and quality. In addition to certain unforeseen and unforeseen circumstances, a professional service provider will complete the project on time.

Moreover, let’s see

What finding State About The Phase Shift In Magento Development?

Around 93% of B2B buyers prefer to buy online because a self-service experience directly from a supplier is faster than traditional methods. These new behavioral preferences are driving companies to rush to create better digital experiences for customers. And they want to reflect the B2C experiences that consumers expect.

A Walker Information Report, “Customers 2020: The Future of B2B Customer Experience,” states that buyer experience is set to surpass product as a key differentiator in the whole online shopping experience. This is where Magento comes into action with extraordinary functionalities.

We see B2B customers in a wide range of industries around the world improving and even revolutionizing their business through digital commerce. B2B commerce has facilitated leverage and improved customer experience, the definitive key to growth. Magento understands the unique challenges and basic requirements for companies of all sizes and business models.

Final thoughts,

The world of ecommerce is evolving rapidly. Your next competitor can come from anywhere, anytime. All of this without losing sight of the internal reality: assets, calendar and budget.

A team of professionally equipped and highly experienced Magento developers who have worked on various e-commerce projects can genuinely revolutionize the shopping experience and facilitate a business conversion. While Magento leads as an e-commerce platform, you should have a clear idea of the considerations for hiring a Magento developer.

Panacea Infotech as a leader in Magento development services and integration has proven track-record of delivery end-to-end integration and Magento ecommerce website development.

Hiring a Magento development company? Know these facts

The Magento cloud e-commerce platform offers access to a variety of technologies, solutions, and technology partners, as well as a robust global ecosystem for developers to meet their business needs. This gives them the freedom to choose the features that are most compatible with the B2C or B2B e-commerce site.

It isn’t very pleasant to create and manage an e-commerce website without intricacies, regardless of your expertise and experience. It is again your call of going with a developer or Magento development company. These are experts who can transform your online store idea into reality, which. However, finding the right Magento development company for your e-commerce site can be quite a complicated task, as it is based on an abundance of factors. In this sense, Magento remains one of the best platforms for retailers to develop their e-commerce website.

Lets go through some of the best tips for choosing the right Magento development company


The first query that should rush your mind is about the expertise of the Magento development company. However, you need to familiarize yourself with all the current certification requirements to know exactly what skills a developer needs to create an e-commerce website.

Magento also offers some training courses such as the Magento solution specialist. This is the platform that is being updated quickly, so you should give priority to the company that has a team of efficient Magento developers who have obtained these certifications as proof that the developers are in sync with the latest technologies.

Ask for Portfolio

Ask the developers about their different projects, their past experiences and the live projects they do to recognize their skills. With these methods, you can certainly have a complete overview of what you can get from a Magento development service provider and also some ideas for your future projects.

Transparent and effective communication

Effective communication remains an essential aspect of a project’s success. Therefore, you must ensure that you inform the assigned developer of the type of communication you expect during the project. Also, you must regularly update information about your project.

Development time

A large web development project requires strict deadlines. You should know that the Magento developer can process this specific request and must take into account all the unexpected things to meet the deadlines. A good developer always provides a realistic schedule when the project needs to be completed. Several unexpected things can occur during this specific timeline, but you can heed the entire project process and recognize the skills and abilities of the developer.

Surplus costs

For some particular circumstances, you may have to pay extra fees. In the case of projects canceled in advance, you will be charged mainly for the costs of the terminals. Therefore, you must resolve this specific problem before hiring a Magento service provided.

Backend development

Your e-commerce site can be developed with any particular Magento theme. This is quite normal, but it is always preferable for the developer to create custom content blocks because their site is more recognized and reputable. Currently, much of the Internet traffic comes from smartphones. If your e-commerce site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re more likely to lose your keys to access the massive database of potential customers.

Despite the size or type of your company, there are several e-commerce solutions are available at present. To help you find the ideal solutions for your business needs, you can collaborate with a Magento web development company to ensure that your website is structured to be successful from the start. By working with one or more industry experts on your e-commerce site, you can create an attractive and successful online presence. For many online sites, it is particularly important to maintain a productive and robust presence on the web to differentiate your business from competitors.

Following the pattern, majority of the businesses are taking their products online, but somehow fall short to get a momentum. Backing you ecommerce website with Magento would help you to get the much needed exposure with its definite functionalities. Panacea Infotech has been a leading Magento development service provider.

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Magento Development Services: Empowering B2B eCommerce Business

B2B e-commerce, compared to the B2C sector, is expected to grow twice as large as B2C commerce in 2020. It is poised to be the fastest-growing segment of e-commerce between 2020 and 2025. The B2B ecommerce sales are anticipated to attain the mark of $3 Trillion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 7.6% by 2020.

To remain competitive, small or large companies must make the best use of current technologies and be future-ready to capture potential trends. However this should be done in a cost-effective way. One way to do this is to choose a Magento development services for e-commerce website development.

The trends of B2B companies are going through a paradigm shift, encouraged by buyers who expect B2C like experiences across the supply chain. If you want to improve your position in the industry and serve your B2B, Magento is a perfect choice. Sustaining in the highly competitive B2B e-commerce market that values $6.7 trillion, Magento makes extensive and flexible use of the e-commerce suite across the entire Magento portfolio and helps buyers respond transparently to their requirements. Take advantage of all the functions of Magento B2B e-commerce service offerings, offer reliable and efficient shopping experiences without expensive investment costs, and stimulate your B2B sales.

Benefits of Magento Development Services:

All under one umbrella
Magento B2B eCommerce contains everything you need for your online store; you can offer multiple brands through distribution partners and key accounts and manage all your accounts effortlessly. There is a feasibility of quickly configuring and integrating your Magento B2B e-commerce site with your CRM or ERP solution. Take advantage of the self-service function to track quotes, view thorough order history, and manage credit online. Increase efficiency by providing a consistent brand experience for your customers across multiple brands and geographic areas using a single platform.

Customer Segmentation
Providing a consistent shopping experience for all buyers, regardless of size or industry, may not be the best business strategy. Often, the online shopping experience involving a set of buyers may not appeal to everyone. With Magento B2B e-commerce, you can segment customers and personalize experiences for specific groups of companies or individuals based on browsing behavior or buying history. Customers can be targeted based on specific viewed products, products in the carts, the total value of the products, or the number of items in the shopping cart. The segmental analytics gives a free hand to execute the overall demand-to-supply strategies.

Advanced Inventory Management
With Magento’s intelligent inventory management function, companies can improve their activities and manage orders from all sales channels efficiently. With real-time inventory information across the supply chain, they can optimize the costs and delivery times. Inform distributors about the current inventory indexing on different websites, and offer a better experience with increasing sales.

Content Staging
If an entity serves in an industry that sees different ups and downs in sales and business at different times of the year, the content staging functionality of Magento’s can help create a dynamic and that instantly changes changing product page according to a predetermined schedule. It helps in creation, views, and schedules a wide variety of content updates and creates multiple versions of content for future references. As soon as a content change expires for a specific period, the content automatically reverts to the previous version. The staging functionality can be applied for products, price rules, categories, CMS pages, or widgets.

Factors to look for before heading with Magento Development Services

A common mistake that companies make when implementing a Magento e-commerce site is to analyze instant needs. The success of your online store is not limited to having a functional website, but also integrating backend applications to manage your multi-channel environment effectively.

With the integration, it is crucial to choose the right Magento development company.

    • If you wish to build and design your online store right from the start, consider a Magento development company with expertise in e-commerce platform development, system integration, and designers.
    • Magento service providers also assist in providing exact ecommerce website development solutions to your online store to hit the right targets that are in sync to the business objectives and customers.
      • In terms of e-commerce store hosting, a Magento service provider can help you set up a dedicated or cloud servers for smooth operation at the backend.

Coming on a conclusion to setup a Magento-based ecommerce store could be driver for an online business. Also collaborating with a Magento development company will serve you with all the mandatory function like design, hosting, system integration, and support. Hence, it is well-proven fact that to flourish as a B2B ecommerce player, one should be thoughtful about the types of service you require before hiring a Magento partner for your online business platform. To know more, connect with Panacea Infotech that has team of experts dedicated to Magento development with proven results.