On-demand Travel Planner App: Transforming travel planning industry

Gen Z is about taking advantage of instantaneous services from taxi hoardings to order food at his door. The mobile application has given an organized platform for the entire consumer-centric style. One such style is travel and tourism with lifestyle changes; People are no longer with travel agents or pulling a large piece of paper on the dash of their car.

Various industries have been disrupted by rapidly transforming technology, but some have undergone a complete transformation like the travel industry. Now, smartphones are agents of travel for this new generation. According to Statista, the number of smartphones users is expected to reach 275.66 million in USA. This shows that you have great opportunity to cater the users online through travel planning app.

Why aim for travel app development?

Well, there were over 200billion mobile app users in 2019. When we talk about travel app, it ranked 7th among most famous app category on Apple App Store in 2019.

Still looking for a reason, we have three:

As per the travelport:

  • In 2019, 61% of passengers use the smartphone app to book ‘almost always’ or ‘sometimes’ flights, while 62% of travelers say that booking a hotel on the Travel mobile app is important.
  • 52% of travelers expect to have words with a travel brand with the help of text or messaging.
  • 92% of travel brands surveyed believe that mobile strategy is critical to their organization’s future success.


Now, let’s look at some elements that you should look upon, developing a travel planning app for your tourism business.

Three best travel planner app development aspects to consider: 

Provide AI-based travel assistant to users:

Assume that a passenger is stuck in a very new destination and is unable to find where food is, or local transport cannot be found. Through an AI-based voice or message assistant, you can quickly guide him.

You should integrate this kind of feature for a better user experience. Provide hassle-free travel and 24/7 support to your users at their disposal. This particular aspect will help your online travel business manage the series of tourism requests and overcome the direct flaws in the system. Through chatbots, you can help users make last-minute bookings by knowing their needs via in-app text or voice messages.

Installing personalized suggestions for flight, stay and other amenities

Provide great deals to your users through personalized suggestions:

This aspect will serve as a perk for users to download the app. They will maintain the app to know the best flight, stay, hotel prices, and can work on it as per the deal. Your suggestions will act as a price comparison tool.

If you are looking forward to the best road trip planner app development, then you have to keep such niche aspects in mind. This approach will create a trusting relationship with online users, as you are advising them real value and saving their time, energy, money, surfing endlessly on an app through the internet.

Add destination videos for better engagement: 

This element will help users’ holiday trip planners engage more audiences. By adding this feature to the travel app, you will attract users who are eager to learn about locations for more destination-based knowledge.

If a passenger is already on a trip, you can send personal recommendations about the place straight-forwardly to the user. This will save users a lot of time searching for places on Google Maps or the Internet.

Summing up: 

So, these are some critical elements that you can look upon while creating the best on-demand travel planner app, which makes it easier for the users to send plans of travel to a calendar and never forget about it.

Still, puzzled and confused about the best travel planning app development cost and how to make money with a travel app or develop a free travel planner app?

We at Panacea Infotech are known for developing their core apps on behalf of Uber in almost every genre, such as apps for Airbnb. Booking in the travel industry is much higher than AirBnB options; this is the smallest suggestion for flight prices such as road trip assistance. Don’t worry, fill in our contact form or email us at info@panaceatek.com for more details.

On-Demand Food Delivery App Development: A Present Time Need

The possibility of a new delivery format is to surge on-demand food delivery app development for a new group of restaurants and customers. Instead of competing directly with aggregators, the new distributors are expanding the global market. However, it may be that, in the future, even traditional low-end delivery restaurants will migrate to new deliveries, as they will find it more profitable to outsource logistics; therefore, a new supply poses at least one potential threat of disruption to aggregators.

According to Mckinsey, Worldwide, the food delivery market is € 83 billion, or 1% of the total food market and 4% of the food sold in restaurants and fast food chains. It has matured in most countries, with an overall annual growth rate of just 3.5% over the next five years.


Types Of Food Delivery Apps We Have To Opt From

Every type of app comes with tons of benefits for the app owners.

Order-Focused Food Delivery App

Order-focused food delivery apps basically work as an intermediate between customers and local restaurants. These apps allow customers to browse through different restaurants and place an order.

Once an order is placed, the food delivery app then passes the order to the restaurant and the restaurant is responsible for the delivery of the order.

The app owner usually charges a fixed amount of money from restaurants for each order in this type of food delivery apps.

Order and Logistics-Focused Food Delivery App

The main goal of order and logistics-focused food delivery apps is to offer food delivery services from restaurants that don’t have their own delivery system. This way, customers can still order food from their favorite restaurants even if the restaurant doesn’t deliver on their own.

That means, logistics-focused apps don’t only handle the order aspect, but they also handle the delivery aspect. Simply put, delivering food from restaurant to customer’s location is the responsibility of the startup rather than the restaurant.

As far as the delivery costs are concerns, most logistics-focused food delivery startups charge a delivery fee to the customers to cover the delivery costs.

Restaurant-Specific Food Delivery App

This type of food delivery app is only suited for restaurant owners who’ve their own delivery fleet and wants to extend their services through a mobile app.

Generally, a restaurant-specific food delivery app works like this, customers look at the daily menu, places an order, and the restaurant delivers the food at customers’ doorstep.

If you don’t own a restaurant, this model is not for you. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t enter the online food delivery market. You still have two options available. Now, if your goal is to make as much money as possible, then the order and logistics-focused model is a better choice for you.

Moving ahead,

Common Features That Shouldn’t Be Missed In Food Delivery Apps Development

Access to Maximum Restaurants

This is extremely important and most serious concern, especially if you’re new in the food delivery app industry.

There are already dozens of food delivery app startups out there. And in order to compete with them and make money, you need to add as many restaurants in your restaurant partner list as possible.


The good news is, most restaurants love to partner with multiple best food delivery services to receive more orders. So, convincing restaurants won’t be a big deal. The only problem will be contacting them and adding them in your list as fast as possible.

To boost your credibility and increase the chances of getting maximum restaurants to sign up on your platform, you can hire a PR team to market your startup.

In-App Payment Option

Though we already discussed this feature above, but we just want to highlight the fact that in-app payment option is no longer a nice-to-have feature, but a mandatory one.

So, make sure to integrate it from the very beginning to allow customers to pay for their orders via credit cards as well as debit cards. In addition, you can also allow customers to pay via popular wallet apps available in your city so that they don’t necessarily have to put their card details in your food delivery app.

Order Scheduling with Repeat Order Option

One unique feature that you can incorporate in your food delivery app is the order scheduling facility. This is particularly handy for customers who don’t want to go through the same hassle again and again.

Using this option, customers can just set the delivery time like 12 PM and order the food for the entire week. This will grow your retention rate drastically and will add value to the overall user experience of your mobile app.

The popularity of food ordering services makes on-demand food apps a prospective niche for investments. Still, to stand out from the crowd, you should adopt current food ordering industry trends. For your future food delivery app, you can apply either an Order-Only or Order and Delivery Model. With the app MVP, you can gather insights from your target audience and add other features during the second development stage.

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Panacea Infotech is an expert on-demand grocery app development company, holding around decade of experience in the IT development and services.

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EWallet App Development for All Types of Payments

The e-wallet app or mobile wallet app is designed to enable users to pay bills at home with convenience and comfort. In recent years, we have seen an increase in online payments and the use of application of e wallet across the globe. While it is a bit early to say that smartphones will completely replace liquid money and credit card-based transactions, mobile wallets have become a good alternative for online payment.

As technology evolves and we are trying many times, the development of P2P payment apps has accelerated, and it has started changing the financial lifestyles of people. Although associated with the BFSI sector, mobile wallet applications are beneficial for various industry sectors. This app only stores the user’s financial data, including debit card and credit card information.

Which Sectors are getting the maximum benefit out of Mobile Wallet Apps?

Healthcare – Healthcare services are becoming more and more expensive day by day. In some emergencies, if patients’ relatives run out of cash, they can use the mobile app for payment. Pharmacists, Hospitals, and other users also get such fees, and treatment is discontinued due to the ‘no cash’ condition.

Telecom, Transport, and Logistics – These three sectors drive the economy and help other industry sectors. These areas have to deal with various payment methods and transactions connected with different banks. The mobile wallet application can meet these requirements and can install numerous different types of payment methods.

E-commerce and retail- Owners of retail and eCommerce shops can receive payment through QR code. The mobile wallet app can enable to make the payment of the bill by scanning the QR. According to a report, mobile-based online retail payments will reach $ 319 billion worldwide by 2020. Mobile wallet apps also allow customers to pay via coupons and loyalty cards through integrating wallets with mCommerce apps.

HOW POS (Point of Sale) – How is the payment made in Mobile Wallet APPS?

NFC (Near-Field Communication) –

This enables users to transfer funds between NFC-enabled smartphones and POS devices in a contactless manner. NFC uses card emulation technology to store credit or debit card information in digital form. In the mobile wallet app, NFC retrieves a user’s payment information and automatically transmits it to the POS device.

iBeacon and Bluetooth Technologies-

The best part of iBeacon technology is that it does not require the internet. POS devices can receive the required details stored in the mobile wallet app via iBeacon, thanks to Bluetooth technology. Shopkeepers consider it very useful as they do not need to wait for their turn at the cash counter. Even without the internet, they can pay at the POS terminal using their mobile wallet app.

P2P Payment Apps-

These apps aim to make the payment process smooth and seamless. These apps can tie up with local retailers or merchants for online payments. Android and Apple come with Android Pay and Apple Pay, respectively, with a better payment experience.

Wearable Devices – This is the next-gen concept. As wearable devices are available across the globe, many people pay with the help of such tools. Apple Pay App plan to support wearable through NFC chips.

Although mobile wallet apps have started gaining popularity, many people stay away from these apps simply because they do not want to share their financial data online. Therefore, mobile app developers should aim at security while making digital payment solutions at the time of ewallet app development.

Summing up:

The digital wallet solution is the base of ecommerce and retails; healthcare and telecommunication sectors are its biggest beneficiaries. Today, to advance the technology, the on-demand app development process has been improved, and customers can make all types of payment through a wallet app. app. The e-wallet app market is full of potential, but developers need to pay attention to security aspects while integrating various user-friendly features.

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On Demand App Development: Elements of Survival Amid Pandemic

COVID-19 outbreak has changed the entire way businesses used to work and make the enterprises owners to rethink about their business strategies and plan for survival.  Most of the businesses are facing huge losses due to massive shutdowns across the globe.

However, outbreaks of coronavirus have opened up many windows of opportunities for the on-demand delivery industry. Taking an example of food delivery, as government regulations being implemented in close cafes and restaurants, people are using the on-demand app solutions more. As per the CNBC, Grab’s food delivery business has increased by 20% in the last few days as people do not like to go out during an outbreak of coronavirus.

However, not keeping delivery workers and customers in direct physical contact has subsequently become a challenge. But delivery companies like Postmates have found a way to tackle that challenge by introducing some more features in their delivery apps. They have added a new feature to their app and introduced ‘non-contact’ distribution. The core ambition of the introduction of ‘non-contact’ delivery was reducing the spread of coronaviruses when its contract workers were distributing food.

On-demand app development helping business in future:

Let’s understand the step wise elements, where you can survive in this uncertain business environment and also lay out a base of potential business growth for future with on-demand app development:

  • Set Long term Goals:

Don’t set your goal just for an on-demand app development for earning money from it because of the coronavirus outbreak. Instead, aim to set long-term goals and use the boom made by coronavirus outbreak in the on-demand industry for building a robust user base.

This means that the initial step should be about defining your short term and long term needs and goals and preparing a business plan. Your business strategy must have locations, business models, app feature sets, targeted users, legal concerns, and marketing campaigns.

  • Approach companies who have the business ready app:

Choose an on-demand app development company carefully!

Amid growing fears of Coronavirus, various countries are closing cities and asking companies to close their offices or implement work-at-home policies. Therefore, if you outsource your project to the app development company of the profoundly affected country, you will not get excellent output and timely app delivery.

Apart from this, you should also keep in mind the time of app development and delivery as you only have window time of 60-80 days to release an on-demand app. If you miss the window at this time, you will lose the business opportunity created by Coronavirus.

  • Identify scope by sharing business plan:

After you contact an on-demand app development company, showcase your business plan so that the team of business experts can analyze your idea and look towards the scope in it.

As consulting with expert’ plays an important role, have words with the business experts continuously, and discuss everything from business models, app design, legality, feature set, and marketing campaigns.

  • Make iterations with changing dimensions:

Almost every on demand mobile development company provides an update of the app development process daily or weekly. So, at the time they give you updates or tell you the basic design and work of the app, do not bend it. If you don’t like it, ask them to change the configuration or feature directly.

Besides, keep an eagle eye on the outbreak of Coronavirus and make necessary changes to your app’s features, business model, and marketing campaign with the evolving landscape. Finally, you have to use the business opportunity created by the coronavirus outbreak to quickly promote your delivery business along with providing the best services to the people.

  • Making live a Bug Free App:

Finally, when your hired on-demand app development company, delivers the app developed for you, make sure there are no bugs in it. Because if your app has many flaws and you deploy them without solving, it directly impacts the user experience. And if your IT partner fixes those bugs, it delays app deployment. Meaning, none of the options here are helping you except the bug-app from the app development company!

  • Engaging marketing campaign:

When it is about going ahead with a marketing campaign, it is essential to be very specific. Do not promote all types of features or functionality. Instead, come up with the 2-3 unique features that can help the users to do seamless orders at the hard time of the Corona outbreak when the people are quarantined at their home.

Besides, focus on short term goals, try to build an initial user base, and do not focus too much on long term goals of the past. For example, you should focus on ‘non-contact’ delivery as it is trending rather than aiming at standard functionalities of the app.

Future sustainability of On-demand Mobile Apps?

Coronavirus is not going here always and forever. But you will have your app! Thus, the adoption of new changes in the on-demand app market is an essential critical step in the upcoming future. If you fail to keep your app parallel to market changes, your app will not survive for long.

Panacea Infotech is an experienced and best on-demand app development company in USA that offers ready to deliver on-demand mobile apps to the clients and also customize them as per their needs and requirements. In this corona outbreak across the globe, we will be your best partner so that you can get your on-demand app, and you can avail best services to the people who are following social distancing and staying at home.

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Why you can trust Panacea Infotech for your On-demand grocery app development? Part 7

In this tech-driven world, you will experience while searching that there are billions of mobile app development companies available across the globe. But, there never means that all those companies that are offering mobile app development have expertise in everything. Well, in such a scenario, it is best, to be honest. We, Panacea Infotech, offer advance mobile app development, and we are the company that is open to listening and adapting. We help client’s navigating the mobile, web, and cloud space with the help of strategy, planning, design, execution, and collaborative development. Delivering innovative mobile app development solutions that enhance productivity, generate new revenue, and decrease the cost, we try to cater to the modern business needs of our clients.

Continuing our blog series, this is the last blog where we would like to tell you how we can be your ideal tech partner in your journey towards success.

Here are some benefits of our hiring us for On-demand Grocery App Development:

Experience and Portfolio:

With more than 18+ years of a project delivering an experience, we have an idea about what to deliver and to whom. Our team has professionals who leave no stone unturned to deliver the best in class web and mobile apps as per the requirements. We are pro at open-source language and the latest software that results in providing quality service to our clients.

Capability to make native and hybrid apps:

With better understanding to create robust mobile apps, we offer advance native and hybrid mobile app development as per clients’ needs. This helps our clients to stay competitive in the market and helps them in providing a smooth, seamless, and flawless mobile app to their customers. This opens the door of opportunities for the organizations and makes them stand tall in the market.

Offer advanced tech stack for development:

Well, to stay updated as per the market technology is one of the most crucial things as it decides whether you are going to stay in the market or not. For mobile app development, we make sure that we develop the mobile app by creating the perfect blend of advance technologies like Objective-C, Swift, Apple Xcode, Java, Kotlin, Android Studio, Cordova/PhoneGap, and Ionic and so on. We make sure that our clients can get the advance mobile app with the latest features.

Agile Methodology:

Agile technology is a methodology that is used for the development and execution of the project. In this, the complex task is divided into a series of development cycles. Each of the parts works as a separate task for a team of developers for better project management. Different parts of the project are then given to their specific experts, and various experts are assigned to teams. Application development needs the implementation of multiple programming languages, design, ideas, development, testing, management, and numerous processes. We follow agile methodology for the development process that helps to manage the client’s requirements efficiently and deliver the mobile app on time. We offer expert guidance and assistance for end-to-end project management services

Quick Development:

In this tech-driven era, everyone expects to get the mobile app in the least possible time. We also offer ready-made solutions that help our client’s to start offering their services to clients quickly. Moreover, we also follow a quick development process where we make sure that quality mobile apps can get develop in the least possible time.

Highly customized solutions:

Delivering the solutions that meet to the exact needs and requirements of enterprises is what our goal is. We understand that every business has different and multiple requirements that vary from each other. To meet those needs, we offer highly customized solutions that are developed, keeping in mind that businesses can get a higher level of growth after started offering services through mobile apps.

On-demand apps we can offer:

As the on-demand industry is a vast segment where on-demand mobile apps are available for almost all types of services. We also offer development for grocery app, on-demand food delivery service, on-demand diet planner service, on-demand eLearning service, on-demand car wash, on-demand logistics, on-demand packers and movers, on-demand babysitter, on-demand taxi booking service, on-demand dating and so on. We make sure that our developers leave no stone unturned in developing best in a class on-demand mobile app.

Panacea Infotech empowers numerous clients to reward multi-channel opportunities with cutting-edge device management and best-in-class mobile app solutions.

Our mobile applications facilitate streamlining business processes and sub-processes that increase productivity, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, improve interaction, and implement new revenue streams. We have readymade solutions available with us for faster deployment.

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Elements to See Before Choosing On-Demand Mobile App Development Company Part 6

These days, most businesses want to develop a mobile application for their company to increase their reach to consumers. Thousands of companies have taken a journey as a result of the scope of mobile applications. It has influenced hundreds of mobile app developers to set up businesses. There are many companies in the area, and you will be spoiled for an option. But there are some things to consider before agreeing with a mobile app development company. Since you are putting your time, effort, and money into this particular project, it is worth considering your options.

So, now you have decided to build an on-demand grocery app, this part of series will help you in choosing the best tech partner.

Let’s understand those things which should be taken into consideration while selecting the on-demand grocery app development company:

  • Affordability:

We always strive for a deal that is financially favorable to us. But, in the case of on-demand grocery app development, this may not be true. Because most inexperienced app-developing service providers charge very little to attract more customers.

Therefore, we recommend not basing your decision alone on the cost factor as you may not like it later and eventually give the project to another company.

  • Portfolio:

It is also worth suggesting how the company works and see the past work of the company to see if it would be compatible with your project. You can test the user-interface, features, and overall operation of the developed application to get an experience for your work.

When evaluating, you get the best and clearest picture of which company offers the most simple, easy-to-use, and cutting-edge app development. This factor discusses the rest of the relevant factors, which we have considered for the overall application development process.

  • Experience:

Experience in decision making and evaluation is one of the critical roles for your potential app developers. Experienced developers and companies can take your application development project by miles. Therefore, you should place your bets on the most experienced app development company as they can provide you the best service while optimizing something for the length of a person.  We can make a touch of your app based on your choice and need.

Additionally, if a company has been in mobile app development for a long time, it proves to be worth it and shows that its services are suitable or that they have not been able to survive in the business for so long. However, there are always some bad apples, and some of these companies try to trick customers with their fake years of experience, so try to be careful with this.

  • Development company-business understanding:

A detailed discussion with a potential development company is mandatory about the nature and functioning of your business will help you explore the knowledge and implications of the work involved in app development. Only the company that is experienced enough and who has a clear understanding of your business can include the most relevant features in your app and ignore the rest.

  • Always go with the company rather than an individual:

It is not possible for a person to cover all elements of application development like coding, creative design, graphics, etc., because it requires different levels of study, preparation, and expertise for efficient execution on each stage. However, a company can quickly provide you coders, designers with a team of experts, and that, too, with a state-of-the-art development facility that ensures continuity in development. A single person can leave the project or city at any time but, a company assures you by signing an NDA and following other compliance rules. Many companies offer a variety of business hiring models.

There are several factors to consider before hiring a mobile app development company. Communication, customer services, expertise, and even the future goal of a company should be active elements that need to be considered. If you are looking forward to on-demand grocery app development, then we at Panacea Infotech offer advance mobile app development as per the client’s requirement.

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Benefits of On-Demand Grocery Mobile App Part-5

When it is about mobile app usage and growth, grocery apps are one of the fastest-growing mobile apps in the USA and all over the globe. Moreover, grocery mobile apps have become very famous, and the installation of mobile apps is increasing.

In the previous blogs, we explained how on-demand grocery apps has become the need of the hour. And how, despite lockdown and a slowdown in the economy, grocery apps are working as lifesavers.

Let’s understand the advantages; your business can accrue with an on-demand grocery app:

  • Enhanced loyalty of customers:

Customer loyalty is significant for growth and development over the decades. But finding loyal customers is not easy. You have to turn your occasional customers into faithful people.

If you are the owner of the grocery store and offering a customized grocery app for your store, then it is like icing on the cake. Once your customers have started using the grocery app and have a good user experience, they will be more potential and loyal towards your business. It is imperative to have a good user experience or else will never revisit the store. This is the core reason why one should select a reliable mobile app development company that can deliver you the app as per your relevance.

You should also add features like reward points, promo codes, offers, loyalty bonuses, etc. for boosting customer loyalty.

  • Efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

For enhancing customer loyalty, you can have the entire CRM system at fingertips. In normal CRM, one needs to make an exercise database of customers and find the relevant info at the specific moment. Meanwhile, if one goes for the grocery app development, customers will create their profile by using the grocery app. In that way, you can make the CRM database automatically. You have not to employ dedicated staff, and you can pull the data as per you want right from mobile app or admin panel.

  • Decreasing Overhead:

We all know that hiring a good pair of hands is always a difficult task. When you run any business, you have to employ a good pair of hands. And the better the workforce, the more you will pay the salary to them that is going to increase the overhead. The business overhead is the factor that can make or break the fortune of any company.

  • Better stock and order management:

Grocery apps always come with their admin panel, which you can access via computer and mobile. With the help of the admin panel, you can easily manage your entire list. You can set alerts for short-run stocks and order them easily. You can easily manage all past, present, and future orders and find them easily. All types of reports are also available at your fingertips.

  • No check out queues:

People like to visit local brick-and-mortar grocery stores regularly. They like to go through various products and promotions and choose what they want. The most tedious part comes at the end. Joining long queues at the check-out counter and waiting for your turn to pay money does not go well with most people.

Online grocery delivery systems and grocery apps have gained immense popularity and revenue generation. Go with an experienced partner who can guide you throughout like an endeavor, and you will see the positive effects on business in no time.

Panacea Infotech is an expert and experienced mobile app development company with ready-to-deploy on-demand solutions. We have expertise in web development too. Get in touch with us to know more and have a demo and quote for taking the business to the next level.

Email us at info@panaceatek.com for more details.

7 Best On-Demand Grocery App Services in USA during Covid-19 Part-3

With the online grocery delivery, one can stay at home and let someone bring grocery at their home. At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, grocery delivery is one of the best options for the ones who do not want to go outside their homes for purchasing food and supplies.

This is our third blog in the series where we discuss leading on-demand grocery services and their features that are successfully serving customers amidst pandemic.

Grocery apps are usually divided between various categories. When people use a service like Instacart, they are hiring a person to bring the grocery in their place. Online demand grocery delivery app like Peapod operates everything from digital grocery stores. Walmart Grocery, on the other hand, is a pickup and delivery service for brick and mortar stores. They have their stock, and that’s the reason they deliver the groceries with utter efficiency and discipline. This article will give you a clear understanding about the services offered by these online delivery companies if you are looking forward for mobile app development.

Let’s see 7 Best Grocery Apps and Services:

  • Shipt

Shipt is one of the robust grocery delivery services across the USA. It is currently operating in numerous major cities across the USA, which includes Southeast, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, and Arizona.

Talking about the application, once you sign up for the membership after download the mobile app, you can select any groceries, can choose the delivery option and checkout. The best part about Shipt is that it offers products from major grocery chains like Publix, Kroger, Fry’s, and H-E-B and use their team of local shopkeepers for handpicking the customer’s items. This helps in ensuring the order to be fresh. End-user use this app at the time of store hours. Well, in some cases, it means they deliver 24 hours of availability.

Talking about membership, Shipt costs $100 every year or $14 every month, and those who are ordering above $35 can get free delivery. Else customers have to pay $7.

  • Instacart

Instacart is also a leading grocery delivery enterprise operating across the USA. Its primary delivery and operations are in the United States, which includes Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, and New York.  Instacart uses the team of local shoppers to deliver groceries in the customer’s area. The best part about the Instacart is, customers can schedule their delivery in order on-demand segment. The delivery charges of the Instacart are based on the size of the order and the time one chooses.

Talking about the delivery fees, it may surge at the time of busy shopping times, as customers can also sign up for Instacart Express membership, which enables free delivery for them even if it exceeds $35.

While services such as Shipt and Instacart depend on products offered by other local stores, many of Peadpod’s items come from its inventory.

  • Amazon Prime Now

Prime now is the service offered by Amazon and is one of the leading and best grocery delivery firms in USA and across the globe. It serves nearly in dozens of big cities of the USA, which includes Atlanta, Chicago, Brooklyn, Las Vegas, Nashville, San Antonio, and Seattle.

It comes with its prime membership for its users, which benefits them in various discounts and free delivery. Well, the delivery service is entirely based on items that are stored at one of the Amazon’s warehouses. Moreover, customers can also get products from local markets like Whole Foods. Prime Now, also delivers more than food. They have everything right from batteries to cleaning supplies at the customer’s doorstep in less than 2 hours.

The membership of Amazon Prime now cones with $100 every year. They do not charge anything for 2 hours delivery. Moreover, customers have the option of special instruction for delivery orders.

  • Peapod

Peapod is a Chicago based online grocery delivery service. It is a limited liability company, having operations in several cities of the USA.  Customers can enter the zip code for finding out the availability in the areas. While services like Instacart are dependent on local stores for offering the products, Peapods products come from their very own stock that helps in efficient and timely delivery. The best thing which attracts the customers towards the Peapod is like they are much more like standard grocery store as it offers various other options in the list. The store is organized by “aisles,” and as the stock is stored in warehouses of Peapod, customers can forgo delivery costs for picking the orders.

Talking about the delivery, Peapod charges $10 for minimum orders of $30. Moreover, orders can also be picked up from the Peapod for no fee.

  • Google Express

Partnering with major retailers, Google Express provides customers with anything they want in retail. Customers can go online and browse snack food, cooking, and baking ingredients and pantry essentials, among other categories.

Their food products come from numerous different stores, which includes Walmart, Target, Costco, and Walgreens. Delivery options are available with the next day or two after shopping. Google Express charges no membership fees with the services, and almost all delivery is free if you meet the store at minimum.

  • Walmart Grocery Delivery

One of the best and largest Grocery Delivery services, Walmart is also one of the biggest grocery delivery companies in terms of revenue. It operates in almost the significant states of the USA. Customers can visit the Walmart grocery store app or website for shopping. The app offers most of the products which one can also find in their physical stores. Moreover, customers can also find the product of makeup and Tylenol. The best part about Walmart grocery is that they can choose the pickup and delivery as per their comfort and timeslot.

Delivery fees are usually between $8 to $10. Moreover, customers can sign up for a service called Grocery Unlimited, which enables the customers with unlimited deliveries for $13 per month or about $100 per year.

Usually, the delivery slot is available within 24 hours order, and there has been minimal slot of delivery available these days because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

  • Fresh Direct

FreshDirect is an online grocer that delivers online grocery to the residences and offices in the New York City metropolitan area. Fresh Direct is indeed one of the best online grocery delivery services, which is worth checking out. They focus on freshness. Fresh Direct is available on all major cities, including New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Washington DC.

The delivery charges vary from location to location, but yes, customers can expect to pay $6 on a minimum order of $30. Fresh Direct doesn’t offer instant delivery, but FoodKick service provides faster delivery times.

So, here we discussed the top 7 online grocery delivery apps and services in the USA. Panacea Infotech is a leading on-demand grocery app development company in the USA and across that offers ready-made solutions. This helps our clients’ to start their services in their locations. As coronavirus outbreak is at its peak, the online deliveries of products are proving a boon for people, whereas this is the best time for enterprises to come up with and start making potential user-base in the long run.

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On-Demand Grocery Apps: Future of Grocery Industry Part-2

In the last blog, we discussed how Coronavirus had created an impact on the on-demand industry. While some categories have dipped, others like grocery, food delivery, and healthcare are performing well. Taking this ahead, we will discuss the on-demand grocery app in detail and what businesses can learn from the current situation.

Scope of Grocery Apps in the On-Demand Industry:

The on-demand industry has gained so much traction in the past few years. Moreover, On-demand grocery apps have emerged as one of the best options to get the grocery delivered online. Online Grocery App Market is expected to reach +55% CAGR during the forecast period 2020-2026 as per openpr. This is itself sufficient to tell that there has been a tremendous opportunity for growth in on-demand grocery app. The evolution of on-demand grocery has taken over brick-and-mortar retail not just in developed countries but also in developing countries.

Online grocery stores have become “on the moving thing.” It becomes quite easy for the end-users to shop on the go. Hence, for better engagement and user satisfaction, an online grocery store or on-demand grocery delivery app is need of an hour.

Some of the factors like rapid urbanization and high population density are making Uber grocery delivery app an economically viable option, and hence it is quite popular among masses.

Coronavirus Outbreak: Does it make any Change?

As the COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the USA, grocery delivery apps have experienced vast numbers of downloads daily, as per the new data from app store intelligence firm Apptopia. Instacart, Walmart Grocery, and Shift saw growth of 218%, 160% and 124% average daily downloads over the previous month. Allegedly this past Sunday was a record for each app. An outbreak of Coronavirus is prompting Americans to buy their groceries online, a development that could have a lasting impact on the supermarket industry. The reason behind this is that consumers don’t want to come outside and contact the people. They want to maintain social distancing, but “there is still a need to bring supplies and groceries during intense social disturbances.”

Drivers behind the Sudden Increase in Demand for Grocery Apps: 

Groceries are something which is one of the essential parts of everyone’s day to day life. For that, they can, of course, go to the supermarket. But, looking towards the risk, that is, created due to COVID-19, people these days are moving towards ordering online groceries. However, in the case of COVID-19, when people are sitting at home and are quarantined, the on-demand mobile app will serve with all the essential things people are looking for sitting at their home.

With the Corona outbreak, anxiety has been spread out about the pandemic, and citizens across all countries are not going to public places and opting for the online food and delivery services to shop. Though not all countries are lockdown or quarantined, there is a chance when you need to shut your shop and stay indoors for some days or weeks as a precautionary measure. Due to more and more people are shutting their shops, and people are working from home, the demand for on-demand grocery apps have got a sudden increase.

Thus, safety, comfort, and convenience are significant drivers of a sudden trend. As Doug Baker, VP-Industry Relations, FMI, A Trade Group for Food Retailers, puts, “Consumer behaviors always shift in times of disaster. People are learning new skills and how to shop online as a result of what we’re experiencing today.”

How are Grocers responding in the New Scenario? 

As cases of Coronavirus are increasing in the US and citizens are advised to take precautions in their daily interactions with others to prevent the spread of the disease, grocers attempted to make their policies for deliveries and employees keeping in mind the risk of COVID-19.

Coming to the Asian Market, supermarket chain like iFresh has made a crucial move to stand itself as an innovator at the time of COVID-19 outbreak. An agreement has been made to acquire a 70% equity interest in DL Medical Technology Company Limited, specializing in technology, manufacture, and manufacture of medical and non-medical protective masks and other related items.

Grocers are adopting unique ways to meet the needs of supplies in their area. Apps like Instacart and Doordash are taking the help of Uber and Lyft drivers to deliver orders to home raised through mobile apps. Officials reveal that there has been a tenfold increase in download numbers since the Covid-19 outbreak.

Another name in the list,  Shipt, the same-day delivery marketplace, today announced the company would add additional Shipt Shoppers in Texas, including Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, to serve customers during a time of increased demand as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

Apart from this, grocers are spending more time in cleaning stores; commonly used areas include more frequent cleaning and cleaning shelves for virus-free delivery. They are also asking their customers to purchase only essential products and not to hoard the products so that everyone can find the products which they require.

Future Implications for the Businesses:

In the US, the grocery industry has been in the rapid race ever since Amazon has purchased Whole Foods, showcasing just how serious they are in achieving more prominent footing in this sector. Walmart is planning to offer grocery delivery from 1600 locations by the end of 2020. It will outsource the drivers from providers like DoorDash, Deliv, and Roadie for helping them meet those goals and approach new markets.

But, with the sudden corona outbreak, there has been a massive instability across the globe. Almost all industries are struggling as the entire focus is on removing or coping up from this pandemic. Nobody is expecting stability or normalcy at least for a year or two. In these tough times, too, the on-demand grocery business is booming, so enterprises need to take this as an opportunity to upscale their business offering level.

Summing Up:

The current trend will make people play safe and rely more on on-demand grocery apps even after the virus will be curbed. Businesses must seize the opportunity and invest in grocery apps to deliver quality food at peoples’ doorstep.

As said, necessity is the mother of invention. This is the period of need. If you launch a grocery app now, you can not only earn revenue but also lend a helping hand when millions of people are locked down globally.

We offer readymade grocery mobile app solutions that can be deployed within a week with necessary customization to resonate with local requirements.

Can you see a silver lining?

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Doctor on Demand Apps: Revolutionizing Healthcare Industry in 2020

With the advent of sophisticated technologies, customer touchpoints have increased, thereby assuring them seamless services instantly. This has created tremendous opportunities for mobile app development companies to think laterally and develop solutions that focus on speed, flexibility, and convenience for customers. On-demand app solutions are one such category apps that have taken mobile app development to new heights. Nowadays, businesses are investing in developing advanced platforms that serve the specific needs of the customers in niche segments.

Doctor on-demand apps, also known as telemedicine apps, are one such type that is going to redefine the customer experience in the health care industry in 2020. Uberification of the health care industry is here empowering customers and users to find a doctor when needed, just like they can find a cab when needed. The health care industry is moving towards retail advancement with on-demand doctor apps for both iOS and Android.


How Uberization is driving Doctor On-Demand Apps?

It is a well-known fact that Uber has established itself as an exemplary business model in the global market. With highly customer-centric functionalities and competency to offer service instantly on-demand, Uber has inspired millions of app developers to replicate their success story by launching uber-like apps in every industry. The direct impact is visible on the customer expectations that are rising day-by-day with the advent of such apps.


Doctor on-Demand apps also operate on the same lines by offering a unique platform to the customers from where they can book appointments with doctors, take online consultations, compare consultation fee, check feedbacks of doctors, chat instantly while reviewing the various specialists and doctors available under any department. They are highly focused apps as far as customer convenience is concerned. Not only they are available 24*7, but they also offer secure payment options and emergency services. It would not be superfluous to say that on-demand doctor apps will change the way how users will transact in the healthcare industry in 2020.


Scope of Doctor On-Demand Apps in Digital Health Care Market

According to the Global Market Insights, the worldwide digital health market is expected to reach $504.4bn by 2025. The major drivers responsible for the growth include the usage of smartphones at a prolific rate, excellent data connectivity, high levels of digital knowledge, numerous mHealth apps, and quick adoption rate among patients and physicians. The data indicate that 2020 offers a vast scope for open and accessible tech-driven platforms like doctor on-demand apps that serve clinicians as well as patients and support the therapeutic relationship between them. Thus, mobile app development companies and businesses should invest in developing smartphone apps that lie at the intersection of patients’ need for trust, control, and community and clinician demands for transparency and access.


Benefits of Doctor On-Demand Apps

Being pocket-friendly, doctor on-demand apps are acting as lifesavers for patients and will continue to remain bliss for all the stakeholders in 2020. Check out the benefits of doctor on-demand apps to understand the potential in this sector, thereby inspiring your healthcare business to launch a mobile app on Android and iOS.

    • Rendering medical services at patients’ doorstep
    • Instant connectivity with doctors, experts, and specialists
    • Assistance in emergencies
    • A complete profile of doctors with reviews and real-time feedback from patients
    • Secure appointment booking system based on the availability of doctors in real-time
    • Quick and popular modes of payment
    • Online consultation
    • In-app messaging with doctors
    • Access to doctors’ location
    • Digital Prescriptions
    • Video calls with doctors
    • Immediate house visits for chronic patients thus facilitating crowd management in the hospitals
    • Optimal utilization of time, efforts and money of patients
    • Insurance coverage for house visits and virtual consultations
    • Digital records of reports, medical history of patients that can be retrieved anytime
    • Availability of cashless treatment facility


    Where to find Reliable On-Demand Mobile App Development Company?

    Doctor on-demand apps are easy-to-use solutions that are radically simplifying the user experience and contributing to the growth of the digital healthcare system. If you are functional in the healthcare industry, your business must invest in a doctor on-demand app for your patrons for their convenience. However, it is essential to choose a reliable and reputed mobile app development company for exceptional results.


    Panacea Infotech is a leading mobile app development company with immense expertise in developing on-demand mobile apps in different industries and verticals. Contact our solution experts to understand how the doctor on-demand app can streamline your business activities while creating an optimal user experience. Our team of professionals is knowledgeable enough to guide you through end-to-end implementation of digital solutions for your business.


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