Simple and Easy SEO Checklist for Web Development Companies


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is and always will be a bit of a mystery. Google, the king of search engines and what everyone shoots to be at the top of, is constantly changing their algorithm to avoid being “gamed”. However, there are a few simple best practices that are proven to improve search engine rankings – practices that are relatively easy for web designers to implement.


Today, it is not enough for

web development companies

just to build a site for their client that is usable and looks good. But, they need to provide everything in order to be relevant and recommendable. One way to achieve this standard is to offer SEO-friendly website. There is no doubt that these websites are clean and are developed with organized code. Therefore before you launch a website, make sure that you have accounted the following SEO checklist for your website.

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Google Search Update – Removed all Right Hand Side Ads worldwide


Google search update

Google keeps on updating his interface either by logo, google maps, images and many more. As we are aware of that google used to show both organic and paid ads which in total showing three paid ads above, below and at right location which has been recently modified by google as they have killed all the right hand side ads which resulted in increase in number of ads from three to four above organic result. This change has become a important point to be discussed among Marketers, Businessman, Merchants as purchasing the paid ads would become expensive and moreover competition too would increase.


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Biggest Changes That Your SEO Efforts Needs To Be Targeted On, In 2015

The world of SEO always and frequently bring something new and challenging for the SEO pros. Year 2014 was not an exception to this fact. We had seen search engine algorithm updates in the last year as we see them in every year. 2014 was the year where content was a predominant factor in SEO. Last year, many SEOs experienced the panic attacks as Google de-ranked the sites having law quality or duplicate content with its Panda update. The people who were wise enough to not practiced black hat or bad SEO only survived from the panda update in the last year. However, many of them affected from Panda and Penguin. Hence, still many are in confusion whether the worst is over or more to come? Here, we are going to look at the bright side. Below are the changes that will help you to survive well in 2015.

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