25 May

The Release of Android Jetpack by Google Would Now Spur on App Development

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As one of the best mobile application development companies in USA, you should always be well aware of the recent tech affairs making news nowadays.

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Google has a new tool designed to help developers produce Android apps faster than ever. Called Android Jetpack, it builds on the Support Library and has a strong focus on backward compatibility. Android Jetpack is a set of Android components, tools, and guidance inspired by the backward affinity of the Support Library and the ease of use of the Android Architecture Components. Jetpack components can broadly be categorized into four categories: Architecture, UI, Foundation, and Behavior.


Essentially the successor to Support Library, Android Jetpack should develop a decent following — Support Library is already used by 99 percent of apps found in Google Play. The unbundled nature of Jetpack defines that developers will be able to make use of new functionality within their app quite promptly — there’s no more any need to crowbar in new code.


Android Jetpack is built around modern design practices like separation of concerns and testability as well as productivity features like Kotlin integration. This makes it far easier for you to build robust, high-quality apps with less code. While the components of Android Jetpack are built to work together, e.g. lifecycle awareness and live data, you don’t have to use all of them — you can integrate the parts of Android Jetpack that solve your problems while keeping the parts of your app that are already working great.


However, the key components associated with Android Jetpack are as follows-


WorkManager- The WorkMananager component is a powerful new library that provides a one-stop solution for constraint-based background jobs that need guaranteed execution, replacing the need to use things like jobs or SyncAdapters. WorkManager provides a simplified, modern API, the ability to work on devices with or without Google Play Services, the ability to create graphs of work, and the ability to query the state of your work.


Paging- Data presented in an app can be large and costly to load, so it’s important to avoid downloading, creating, or presenting too much at once. The Paging component version 1.0.0 makes it easy to load and present large data sets with fast, infinite scrolling in your RecyclerView. It can load paged data from local storage, the network, or both, and lets you define how your content gets loaded. It works out of the box with Room, LiveData, and RxJava.


Navigation- While activities are the system provided entry points into your app’s UI, their inflexibility when it comes to sharing data between each other and transitions has made them a less than ideal architecture for constructing your in-app navigation. So into GoogleIO18 introducing the Navigation component as a framework for structuring your in-app UI, with a focus on making a single-Activity app the preferred architecture. With out-of-the box support for Fragments, you get all of the Architecture Components benefits such as Lifecycle and ViewModel while allowing Navigation to handle the complexity of FragmentTransactions for you. Further, the Navigation component allows you to declare transitions, automatically builds the correct Up and Back behavior, includes full support for deep links, and provides helpers for connecting Navigation into the appropriate UI widgets, like the navigation drawer and bottom navigation. The Navigation Editor in Android Studio 3.2 also allows you to see and manage your navigation properties visually.


Kotlin extensions- This spectra of Android Jetpack would take advantage of Kotlin language features which, in turn, will make you more productive.


Slice- A “slice” is a way to surface your app’s UI inside the Google Assistant as a result of a search.


To conclude, Google has propelled Android Jetpack components with the goal of perking up the speed of Android app development. It is offering a wide range of benefits such as Support Library, Architecture Components as well as other new components. It is also providing support to Android Studio and Kotlin language. Google has also asked the developers to send their feedback and share their experience of using the Android Jetpack by looking up their official site.


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07 Mar

5 Inventive and Ingenious Announcements in 2018 by MWC

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Barcelona _ MWC features

Customer experience is considered as the ultimate goal of any digital transformation. Especially with the advent of an array of new technologies, customers have become more cautious than ever. They would not even take a second to turn away from brands that don’t cater to their values and needs. An exclusive user experience is the most effective way how you can keep customers engaged with your brand. The customers can interact with your business anytime and the experience they gain must be consistent and positive. Business entrepreneurs can easily use analytics to track down where exactly customers are coming from and channelize the interaction in those high-traffic areas. More or less, every mobile application development of today is leading to some transformation to make the customers experience an amazing sojourn.


Some of this year’s biggest mobile application developments are as follows-

The release of S9 and S9 Plus-

Samsung is going to launch Galaxy S9 and S9 plus that have a class entirely of their own. With this launch, it’s expected that Samsung will further synthesize its position in the flagship segment in India. Through its partnership with the leading operators in the country, the users can now experience data speeds like never before for faster downloads and uninterrupted streaming. Also, it’s announced that In order to lower the cost of the buyers, the company will provide a cashback of Rs 6,000 in case the phone is bought through the Paytm Mall Qr code. Also, the HDFC Bank credit or debit card holders will avail the same facility. Moreover, top-end AR functionalities will be its added advantage. Borrowing from Snapchat’s Bitmoji concept, Galaxy S9 users can now remodel themselves into animated emojis.


Apart from the revved-up features, storage space, and exclusive functionality of the new Galaxy phones, the main attraction seems to be the inclusion of a headphone jack. Especially with many new smartphones like iPhone X, Pixel 2, and Huawei Mate 10 doing away with the headphone jack, this particular trait of Samsung duo is certainly going to attract an array of customers.

Nokia’s Banana Matrix-

Nokia 8110 is also coming back to life as a retro classic inclusion. Just like the Nokia 3310 which was a surprise hit at Mobile World Congress last year, the 8110 is expected to be played on the same level of synthesis. The handset is slightly curved and will be coming with a slider that would let you answer and reject calls. At the same time, HMD is creating traditional black and banana yellow versions. Also, the name is quite irresistible and enticing. The design language on the new of elegance and excellence.

Nokia banana
Source- Hypebeast


New features in Google analytics-

Google Home understands an array of new languages. With this excellent and groundbreaking trait on board, Google Home has now officially become bilingual. Now, users don’t have to adjust any device settings; on the contrary, the smart home assistant will understand and answer in different languages as per the requirements. A walkie-talkie feature has also been added to Google Home allowing multiple devices to be conjugated within the office or in the home. Such mobile application development is a real bliss! Users can transmit voice messages among variegated devices in different locations. Suppose, you are having your dinner, but you want to see the latest emails your Google account has received. All you have to do is just saying “OK, Google, open Gmail,” and your mail will be opened right away. You can also use this command to open other apps as well; several third-party applications can also be opened through this. Having a wearisome day at work? What can better than pictures of your favorite places to hold your spirits high? Ask your Google Assistant to do a Google image search of your favorite places and you’ll feel better just in a jiffy.


Huawei brings 5G technology-

The testing for 5G commercial networks by Huawei started in 2017. Huawei was quite done with interoperability testing and started offering the first round of 5G commercial networks in the next year itself. The world’s first commercial chipset supporting the 3GPP standard for 5G, i.e, 5G01 is in use by Huwaei, with the downlink speed of up to 2.3Gbps. Along with supporting 5G across all frequency bands including sub-6GHz and millimeter wave targeting multiple use cases, the chipset is all meant to generate state-of-the-art user experience. The Balong 5G01 makes Huawei the first company offering an end-to-end 5G solution through its network, devices and chipset-level ability. Since 2009, Huawei has put a gross estimation of $600 million in research and development into 5G technologies. The two models of Huawei 5G CPE include low frequency (sub6GHz) 5G CPE and high frequency (mmWave) 5G CPE respectively. When the low-frequency 5G CPE is compatible with 4G and 5G networks and offers download speeds of up to 2Gbps, the Huawei high-frequency 5G CPE is available in outdoor as well as indoor units.
Recasting in Mercedes-

The mainstream shift towards AR and VR offers new ways to connect with the customers and in turn, provides state-of-the-art interactions. At the same time, the popularity of AR and VR also revs up the gates for workplace amusement. It’s predicted that by next year, this trait will go from a footnote to some nucleus business stratagem. Research on the same states that there will be a strong roadmap for incorporating gaming into the workplace along with VR and AR for revamped employee engagement, retention and customer experience.

Ask Mercedes
Source-  VR Focus

These new trends and technologies will be at the core of digital transformation efforts in 2018; few of them will even continue far beyond the next year. Panacea Infotech is one of the first-rate mobile app development companies providing groundbreaking strategies for your end-to-end requirements. If you are in search of exclusive strategies of mobile application development, you can get in touch with us right away!



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22 Feb

The New iOS applications Must Prop up Super Retina Display from April: Says Apple

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The developers have now been informed the all the new applications caved in the App Store from April 2018 must support the iPhone X’s Super Retina display. So, the developers of new iPhone app must make sure that they adhere to the snick and appear perfect on the 5.8-inch OLED screen. Though no deadline has been set by Apple yet, still from next April, every iOS application development has to be built on the iOS 11 SDK. Along with this, the updates to the existing applications should also support iPhone X natively.

Apple X


When it comes to supporting latest devices, Apple has happened to impose rules more rigorously in the last few years. Apple has interacted with the media via an email and has encouraged adoption of the latest iOS 11 features like Sirikit, ARKit, and  Core ML.


Requiring miscellany with the iOS 11 SDK does not really mean the apps have to prop up new traits and attributes. At the same time, it ascertains the fact that the new app developers are utilizing the recent Apple development software which not only checks the entire App Store from going off and rancid but also stirs up an array of top-end features. Most of the developers in the vogue of initiating new iPhone app development services always have also started targeting iPhone X as a top priority. Whatsoever, the rules will come into effect from April 2018.


iPhone X is exclusively crafted to curtail down the effects of long-term use and expand the viewing span of the Super Retina display. Following are the things you can avail out of Super Retina Display.


      • Whenever a new update is on air, you will automatically be nudged to update your iPhone X to the latest version of iOS. You can also check for updates in Settings > General > Software Update


        • Based on the surrounding light in your location, you can easily control the brightness as well as the contrast of your display. The ‘auto-brightness’ option should be used for the same. To check this setting, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations


      • You can also branch off the display when it is not in use. Your iPhone X can be perfectly set for the same. However, it’s always suggested to opt for a shorter time. To take control over the setting, go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock


You should always avoid displaying invariable images at maximum brightness for a long gap of time. In case, you have an application that keeps your display on even when your iPhone X is in a passive mode, you can just lessen the brightness level by using Control Center.


Now, you might want to know how Super Retina Display exactly works? Using organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology,  the Super Retina offers further advancements over traditional OLED displays to make the users experience a matchless viewing experience.


Apple is actually very firm and stern when it comes to application updates. Nevertheless, the act of not setting any deadline by the Tech Giant has been widely appreciated. The venture has shown the much-required clemency towards the developers as it does not believe in compulsion and enforcement.  It has only asked the developers to think about implementing the iOS 11 features but there is no obligation or constraint at all.


Apple wants all its iOS developers to get amended with the latest tools, bringing them into practice while creating apps. Keeping its App Store fully up-to-date, it has actually taken the right move, thereby fortifying its foothold in the industry yet more.


This new OLED technology takes round an outstanding high contrast ratio and high resolution. And with no backlight on board, OLED can still give off light through each pixel, allowing for a thinner display. The Super Retina display overcomes challenges with traditional OLED displays with its high illumination and wide color support. Also, it has the best color precision in the industry.


Panacea Infotech is a leading iPhone iOS app development company, offering top-end solutions to redefine the innovation in the mobile app development services. We follow the latest application trends to make sure that your iOS application development takes a significant position in the market. Also, in case, you have any special requirement for mobile app development, feel free to Contact Us and give your business a new height.


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16 Jan

5 Exclusive Mobile App Development Trends to Mark in 2018

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Being the biggest technology in market, Mobile App ecosystem has now come up as one of the most hyped over concerns in the market. With a great variety of mobile app development trends reformulating the digital landscape in every innovative way, taking your business to a new height is no more a herculean task. Mobile apps are no longer seen as an additional investment; rather, it’s considered as an obligation. Mobile being the best way to cater to the requirements of the customers, the success line of a company is often reliant on the fact that how effectively it utilises the current trends on board.
Mobile App Development

While mobile applications in large scale companies are used for firsthand campaigning, branding and shooting up customer engagement, in small-scale ventures, they are used for bringing their own apps into being. So, if you are in search of some exclusive mobile development trends to create an exemplar before your competitors, you have come to the right page then! This post is all set to provide you with a set of new app trends to get a headstart from your business rivals.

Accelerated Mobile Pages- The faster your web page is loaded, the greater is the chance for you to engage more customers towards the site. So, how will you do it the best? Having Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is always the most recommended way how you can perk up your web page load time to a significant extent. Apart from enhancing the conversion rate, it will also heighten the visibility of your site in more than one way. At the same time, good user experience is something which is the lookout of every customer and with an accelerated mobile page, you can actually take your online business to a new level of perfection. One of the most exclusive trends on demand, accelerated mobile pages can just make your site create wonder!

Mobile App Security- Well, with mobile payment and mobile banking becoming a significant trend today, it’s quite obvious that there will be a huge surge of security by 2018. Especially with Google and Apple focusing on this particular measure like never before, mobile app security is surely going to be one of the most hankered after units among the customers. Before you release your application to the app store, it should always be your prime concern to explore as well as probe into the same as much as you can. Again, the security checks should always be taken at the development stage itself through scales like code encryption, reputed payment gateway, API, secure back-end etc.

Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality Apps- With the increasing demand of the customers, when entertainment and gaming have become one of the most sought after straits among the fellow buyers, the importance of VR & AR apps has, quite naturally, torqued up like never before. When the demand for new technologies has paved in the way for groundbreaking automation, the quest has also surpassed beyond the want for mere games. The consumers want to explore yet more and once AR graphics are merged with VR tools, it can actually create wonder. The leading mobile app developers are already on the vogue to wander through the drift and as a smart mobile app development company, you should also consider this trend on a prime note and steer your way towards perfection.

Cloud Based Applications- Gone are those days when you were left with no option other than saving all your important files in your device only. However, with the inception of cloud technology, things have become much easier. The mobile phone users no more have to slow down their internal phone memory, as cloud technology will help you store anything on the cloud itself. Apart from Google Drive and Dropbox, there will certainly be many more such apps on the go and the year 2018 is actually going to witness the scenario at its best. As a leading mobile app development company, you should always blaze the trail towards this trend and keep updating your applications accordingly. When cloud based mobile apps are good for personal uses, they are quite in demand in big enterprises as well, for they are most likely to trim down the data security issues prevalent in every venture.

On-demand Applications- Who doesn’t want to get an easy access to all the important locations just with the click of a button? Yes, on-demand apps can make it happen in a jiffy! Bringing along every important thing within your reach, such engaging apps can actually come to your great aid. Be it a shopping mall or a restaurant, a stationery store or a mobile store, a hospital or a clinic and even a gymnasium or a fashion parlour, on-demand apps can get the users convenience and comfort under a single jolt.

It’s always important to adhere to the latest trends in order to set forth the best mobile app in the market. Panacea Infotech is one of the top mobile app development companies adhering to the ongoing trends to make sure the application creates a significant ripple in the market.

Yes, now it’s your turn to paddle the boat !

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08 Nov

How Magento Development Services Help Your Ecommerce Store Rise in Marketplace?

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Ways people used to do shopping has changed significantly in past few years. Earlier customers used to visit offline stores and malls for purchasing products. However, with a massive outburst in Internet usage in recent years, people have shifted their focus from offline shopping to online shopping. This has become possible only because of progress in ecommerce development services as more and more businesses are becoming digital to provide the comfort of online shopping.It gives them surplus opportunities to compare, choose and buy from a wide range of products.


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13 Sep

iPhone X, iPhone 8 & 8 Plus: Hands on With Apple’s Stunning New Devices

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Something’s coming!! It’s harvest time in Apple Park, and Apple’s latest products are ripe, glistening, and ready to fall from the tree. Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the next crop of iPhones today at the new Steve Jobs Theater on Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino. With the introduction of three new phones, Cook made clear that Apple’s premiere product is very much still evolving. The iPhone X, he said, represents “the future of smartphones.”


This is easily one of Apple’s most important and eagerly anticipated product launches. It marks the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone, so people expect something special from Apple’s flagship product. The new iPhone X may be the darling of Apple’s big fall event, but you shouldn’t overlook the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus because there are plenty of serious updates that make them worth considering.


However, it is not all about the iPhones. The event also brought with it a latest Apple Watch, upgrades to Apple TV, and a host of other features coming to the Apple ecosystem this fall. And it has opened up a great opportunity for iOS mobile app development. Missed the big show? Check out our coverage of Apple’s big bash, and read all the highlights below.

iPhone X (It’s pronounced Ten)

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13 Jul

Why it’s Time to Prioritize Your Mobile Application Security Knowledge?

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The increased use of smartphones across the globe has created demands of high-end functionality, an uncompromising handiness and extra ease with less effort by its users which has boosted demand of more innovative mobile apps. On the other hand, it becomes an important necessity for mobile users to secure their valuable data getting hacked by hackers. Based on many surveys, hackers have unfortunately managed to hack many popular and advanced applications on the App Store as well as Play Store. Lately, Ransomware attack also affected many organizations worldwide and put the security concern once again into perspective.


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06 Jul

A Professional Guide for Apple App Store Submissions

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Is your app is quite ready to emerge in App Store? When Apple’s App Store was initially released in 2008, there were only 800 apps available for download. As of January 2017, there are 2.2 million apps available to download for various iOS devices. Since then the scope of iOS app development has increased dramatically.


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19 Jun

Highlights on Exciting Features of iOS 11: The Future is Coming On!

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At Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 (WWDC), Apple revealed about all new iOS 11 update for iPhone and iPad. This new version is now available as a developer Beta Preview. It surely gonna be a major update to world’s most advanced mobile operating system, bringing hundreds of features and experiences to iPhone and iPad. Features like Augmented Reality in iOS 11 provided a new platform for iOS app development to build applications that allow users place virtual content on top of real-world scenes.


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13 Jun

Simple and Easy SEO Checklist for Web Development Companies

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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is and always will be a bit of a mystery. Google, the king of search engines and what everyone shoots to be at the top of, is constantly changing their algorithm to avoid being “gamed”. However, there are a few simple best practices that are proven to improve search engine rankings – practices that are relatively easy for web designers to implement.


Today, it is not enough for web development companies just to build a site for their client that is usable and looks good. But, they need to provide everything in order to be relevant and recommendable. One way to achieve this standard is to offer SEO-friendly website. There is no doubt that these websites are clean and are developed with organized code. Therefore before you launch a website, make sure that you have accounted the following SEO checklist for your website.


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