The Release of Android Jetpack by Google Would Now Spur on App Development


As one of the

best mobile application development companies in USA

, you should always be well aware of the recent tech affairs making news nowadays.

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5 Inventive and Ingenious Announcements in 2018 by MWC

Customer experience is considered as the ultimate goal of any digital transformation. Especially with the advent of an array of new technologies, customers have become more cautious than ever. They would not even take a second to turn away from brands that don’t cater to their values and needs. Continue reading “5 Inventive and Ingenious Announcements in 2018 by MWC”

The New iOS applications Must Prop up Super Retina Display from April: Says Apple


The developers have now been informed the all the new applications caved in the App Store from April 2018 must support the iPhone X’s Super Retina display. So, the developers of new iPhone app must make sure that they adhere to the snick and appear perfect on the 5.8-inch OLED screen. Continue reading “The New iOS applications Must Prop up Super Retina Display from April: Says Apple”

5 Exclusive Mobile App Development Trends to Mark in 2018


Being the biggest technology in market, Mobile App ecosystem has now come up as one of the most hyped over concerns in the market. With a great variety of

mobile app development

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How Magento Development Services Help Your Ecommerce Store Rise in Marketplace?


Ways people used to do shopping has changed significantly in past few years. Earlier customers used to visit offline stores and malls for purchasing products. However, with a massive outburst in Internet usage in recent years, people have shifted their focus from offline shopping to online shopping. This has become possible only because of progress in ecommerce development services as more and more businesses are becoming digital to provide the comfort of online shopping.It gives them surplus opportunities to compare, choose and buy from a wide range of products.

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iPhone X, iPhone 8 & 8 Plus: Hands on With Apple’s Stunning New Devices


Something’s coming!! It’s harvest time in Apple Park, and Apple’s latest products are ripe, glistening, and ready to fall from the tree. Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the next crop of iPhones today at the new Steve Jobs Theater on Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino. With the introduction of three new phones, Cook made clear that Apple’s premiere product is very much still evolving. The iPhone X, he said, represents “the future of smartphones.”


This is easily one of Apple’s most important and eagerly anticipated product launches. It marks the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone, so people expect something special from Apple’s flagship product. The new iPhone X may be the darling of Apple’s big fall event, but you shouldn’t overlook the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus because there are plenty of serious updates that make them worth considering.


However, it is not all about the iPhones. The event also brought with it a latest Apple Watch, upgrades to Apple TV, and a host of other features coming to the Apple ecosystem this fall. And it has opened up a great opportunity for iOS mobile app development. Missed the big show? Check out our coverage of Apple’s big bash, and read all the highlights below.

iPhone X (It’s pronounced Ten)

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Why it’s Time to Prioritize Your Mobile Application Security Knowledge?


The increased use of smartphones across the globe has created demands of high-end functionality, an uncompromising handiness and extra ease with less effort by its users which has boosted demand of more innovative mobile apps. On the other hand, it becomes an important necessity for mobile users to secure their valuable data getting hacked by hackers. Based on many surveys, hackers have unfortunately managed to hack many popular and advanced applications on the App Store as well as Play Store. Lately, Ransomware attack also affected many organizations worldwide and put the security concern once again into perspective.

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A Professional Guide for Apple App Store Submissions


Is your app is quite ready to emerge in App Store? When Apple’s App Store was initially released in 2008, there were only 800 apps available for download. As of January 2017, there are 2.2 million apps available to download for various iOS devices. Since then the scope of iOS app development has increased dramatically.

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Simple and Easy SEO Checklist for Web Development Companies


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is and always will be a bit of a mystery. Google, the king of search engines and what everyone shoots to be at the top of, is constantly changing their algorithm to avoid being “gamed”. However, there are a few simple best practices that are proven to improve search engine rankings – practices that are relatively easy for web designers to implement.


Today, it is not enough for

web development companies

just to build a site for their client that is usable and looks good. But, they need to provide everything in order to be relevant and recommendable. One way to achieve this standard is to offer SEO-friendly website. There is no doubt that these websites are clean and are developed with organized code. Therefore before you launch a website, make sure that you have accounted the following SEO checklist for your website.

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Analysis of Different Phases of Mobile App Development


There has been a dramatic rise in the application development market in past decade. Android and iOS app development are dominating the market and you will find millions of apps in these two prominent application stores. However, in meantime, you might have thought what are the basic concepts of developing an application for a smartphone? What are the different mobile app development phases?


Mobile app development life-cycle is a mirror image of conventional SDLC (Software Development Life-cycle) but from the prospect of smartphone devices. It involves five basic phases such as planning- designing- coding- testing and deployment.


When looking for developing a new mobile app, one should make a foolproof strategy to make the app development life-cycle proficient and develop a popular mobile app. From identifying unique app concept to its successful implementation, a mobile app development company requires comprehending the recent trends, tools and technology to market an app using winning strategy.


Developers have to really make application unique in function, in its design and in its use to grab the attention of as many consumers as possible. And to achieve this benchmark, you have to be adapted right from the beginning of development process. As it is imperative for an app to be spot-on first time, developers must follow step by step procedure of application development. So, in this article, we will discuss in more details about the mobile app development life-cycle.

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