The chaotic nature of the current buying journey makes forecasting and customer action more necessary than ever. For visitors to become customers, you need to optimize your entire marketing strategy and the design of your online store. This means: removing purchase barriers, opening specific promotions, and creating a pleasant and safe experience for customers. Conversion rate optimization is the way to do everything.

What is CRO?

CRO (Conversion rate optimization) is the practice of increasing your conversion rate, forcing visitors to your website to take specific measures, such as downloading a PDF, buying a product, or newsletter subscription.

Though CRO is often used to make small incremental improvements, the overarching goal is to optimize the entire marketing process so that everything works correctly. And the more your marketing is optimized, the higher your conversion rate is believed to fruitful.

SEO And CRO Are Two Different Ends 

Both the terms are somewhat connected, but they are fundamentally very different strategies. The difference is that the CRO is interested in how people experience your site; SEO is just about how Google’s crawlers, algorithms, and robots interact with it.

CRO and SEO focus on the different stages of your sales funnel. Search engine optimization occurs at the beginning of the funnel, allowing visitors to click on your store. At the same time, the CRO takes care of the visitors that are already on your site and converts them into clickers, buyers, and subscribers.

CRO and SEO sometimes intersect. For example, optimizing your blog copy for specific keywords will simultaneously improve readability and clarity for human readers. The rationalization of your website architecture is another example of collaboration between CRO and SEO.

CRO Directly Hits Your Traffic

Higher conversion rates make it easier for customers to browse the website, products, and purchase. Visitors with a high conversion rate spend more time on your site, leave more positive comments, and make customers happy. Most importantly, these happy shoppers will convince their friends and family to visit your store. Hence, more traffic for you.

Important Steps for effective Conversion rate optimization process

As with the scientific method, optimizing your conversion rate includes collecting data, conducting tests, and drawing conclusions. The information collected contributes to the general understanding of your marketing plan and that of your customers.

Below are the 5 steps for the fruitful CRO process.

  • Collecting data-Collect customer and website data you currently own. Identify the conversions you’re trying to achieve. Lay a foundation for your future changes.
  • Formulate suggestions– Make an informed estimate of what needs to be done with your data. Identify the audience and metrics to be measured based on clicks and downloads.
  • Evaluate – Perform an analysis of your hypotheses and make your changes. Make sure to track your conversion data accurately.
  • Analyze – Given the results, can you say that your prediction was correct? If not, what happened? Was your prediction wrong? Maybe something went wrong with the test.
  • Repeat – Collect your new data and form a new hypothesis.

CRO is a self-correcting, transparent, and fair process. This prevents you from injecting your biased perspectives on what works and what doesn’t.

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