Technology integration has already turned the table for the entrepreneurs and benefitted majority to the customers. The revolution of the on-demand economy has opened doors for infinite business opportunities that serve the customer’s demand through some clicks on their smartphone.

The segment that is highly benefitted by the on-demand apps is transportation. Thanks to some of the leading tech giants like Uber and Lyft that thought of changing the way we find cabs. Uber turning out to be a game-changer of on-demand taxi service managed to find the tussle of finding a cab for an intercity commute. However, the position at which this ride-hailing service app stands at present is all due to its simplified UI, hassle-free payment options, and stunning features and functionalities.

However, this comes with a cost for sure.

So, curious about the cost range to develop a taxi booking app just like Uber or Lyft? Let go through some of the critical elements that have an influential impact on the on-demand taxi app development pricing.

You invest in three apps and not one to build an on-demand taxi app

It is quite common that an app serving in the on-demand category requires three components,

  • Admin panel
  • Driver side
  • Customer side

These three types function with a full-fledge integration to meet the operational demand of these cab booking services.

In context of the uber-like app, the passenger app is the front-end, and it interacts with the customer for the end-to-end process. Second, the driver app is the screen that a driver sees once he/she starts with the daily tasks, which includes accepting rides, navigation, and estimation. At last, comes, web-based admin panel through which navigation, payroll management, and data collation for marketing purpose is performed.

The technology stack accounts for major cost of on-demand taxi booking app

Uber app has some pioneering technologies integrated to make the operation smooth like;

  • For Mapping and geo-location, Uber uses Core Location framework for iOS; Google’s Location APIs are used for executing location-based features. Its efficient Map functionality helps the app to fetch accurate location. GPS integration is time-consuming and has a significant impact on the cost of developing an on-demand taxi app.


  • Notifications and SMS are integrated through Apple’s Push Notification Service and Android’s Google Cloud Messaging on Uber app. We normally receive a booking confirmation, payment notifications, and the most common surge pricing updates. As push notifications and SMS integration on an app are two different tasks, both have their own timeline in terms of task completion.


  • Finally, payment is the most crucial in the development of uber-like app. It should be efficient enough to complete a payment transaction with a privilege of estimate ride cost. Some commonly used integrations used for in-app payments by taxi app development companies are Braintree, Stripe, Paypal Mobile SDK, and others. This part of app development takes maximum time for efficient payment methods.

The cost of mobile app development also relies on who you choose to craft your idea into an app. It could be an app development company with full-fledge resources and support or a freelance app developer with expertise in dedicated skill-set. Although the choice is yours, it is a bid between the affordable costing of a developer or app development firm with a considerable pricing plan. The cost factor of an application is derived based on per hour charges quoted by the developer or the app development companies. It cannot be assured that hiring an app development company could help you with a super-competent mobile application like Uber or Lyft. Sometimes an app developer with low payment terms can craft an attuned mobile app that can beat the competitive landscape of the opponents. Also, hourly rates differ based on the diverse geographies.

Vital services you are charged for a cab booking app development 

As stated above, you invest in three platforms to develop a single cab booking app, below are the services for which you are billed.

  • Backend development
  • Mobile app design
  • Android and iOS native app development
  • Project management
  • Web app development
  • Quality testing

The app development cost majorly relies on total development hours and hourly rate. The more productive you expect your mobile app should be, on Android or iOS platform, more number it adds to development hours and the total cost.

Tallying the overall parameters deployed in the Uber-like taxi booking app development, the estimated cost ranges from $10,000 to $20,000. This cost could be approximate as adding more rich features and upgrades would add more value to the final figures.

To know more about the exact details connect with Panacea Infotech to get an accurate end-to-end costing of cab booking app development just like Uber.

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