In this tech-driven world, we have mobile apps for almost all types of services. The transformation of smartphone technology has entirely changed the way people used to live.

However, when it is about health-related issues like children obesity, and numerous others. Usually, people blame mobile phones as they sit continuously and use the smartphones and get fat.

But, not all app on the phones creates health-related issues. In this decade, the health and fitness app trend has gained strong momentum.

These mobile applications are highly useful and work as a tool for the fitness lovers and for those who do not want to go to gym and exercise, as the app comes with easy functionality and assist them regularly for exercise.

In this blog, we will be discussing Apple’s health kit and Google fit app and what it takes to develop them:

Health and Fitness app development:

The development of health and fitness applications has indeed gone a step further in reducing the above gaps by offering interactive and creative solutions to human problems. Health and Fitness mobile apps revenues are gaining massive increase, reaching $0.51 billion in 2015 to $2.1 billion in 2017 and are expected to reach $14.7 billion by 2026 as per the report by Polaris Market Research. Other sources are bit conservative, putting the figure at $10.9 billion.


Developing a need-based customized app:

While health fanatics are going entirely crazy to develop mobile fitness applications, this is the ideal time to dive into the opportunity for health and fitness development.

It is possible to systematically list health apps and fitness apps through custom app development for health and Fitness.

There has been an enhancement in demand for mobile applications for health and Fitness that focus on improving lifestyle with the help of robust, innovative interactions.

Innovative apps: Health kit by Apple and Google fit by Google:

Innovations in mobile applications for health and Fitness have also taken the lifestyle quotient one step further.

Mobile applications are providing patients with comprehensive medical and health care solutions to improve their daily progress as well as their health.

The sky is the limit for mobile app developers because it is true that medical and healthcare apps are also offering solutions that can improve human life and, in fact, help save the same.

All this is made possible by installing the operating system with its respective platforms and frameworks – namely, Google Fit for Android and Apple Health Kit for iOS.

Google fit:

A robust and interactive health-tracking platform by Google is already comes installed with android mobile. Google Fit utilizes the sensors in activity-tracker devices to track user activity.

The methodology of Google Fit is the installation of single APIs with different apps for data generation.


It helps in blending data from various activities like cycling, walking, steps climbing, and also reduces heart rate and sleep patterns depending on the compatibility of the device.

It helps users to set goals by calculating variables as total calories burned or total distance.

With several partners associated with Google Fit for data sharing, it offers a vast range of apps for users to choose from, including Runtastic, Runkeeper, Polar, Nike, and Strava.

Google Fit also comes with an extensive web interface that increases its mobility.

Apple health kit:

Apple HealthKit comes up with a structured backend framework, which makes it interactive and easy for its user to access personal and Fitness databases when integrated with a compatible app. It is one of the best fitness tracker app currently available across the industry.

With the advancement of HealthKit, developers can get tech-based benefits by providing various health and fitness apps to users on hard-working devices.

Surely, this is a revolution in the health and fitness app industry, where every information based on heart rate to cholesterol burning is recorded.

Here, all AI health statistics calculated for the betterment of lifestyle are calculated under one roof.

By taking the benefits of both platforms, developers can design data for various devices and design applications. This becomes easier when one performs different types of analysis based on usability and functions.

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