The elderly adults are the weakest among the worst effects of coronavirus. According to the WHO, during such epidemics, the most extra care and safety precautions will be required to help older adults stay safe. Thus, the demand for digital applications such as diet planning app development, food delivery apps, med apps, and other online telemedicine and nutrition apps is increasing.

According to an analysis by the National Institutes of Health in Italy, as of March 4, 2020, an average of 105 patients aged 81 died. This discovery has revealed another major figure of the China Center for Disease Control. In research generated in February 2020, researchers first looked at 72,314 patients with definite or suspected COVID-19 and discovered a huge variation in the virus affecting rates by age group. In short, the infection is fatal in people with each passing decade.

Therefore, with social distancing in practice, people are following distance from each other. With technological advancements, the online market place is booming with ideas like on-demand food delivery app, diet app, fitness app, as people will opt for online solutions.

By using digital applications, you can engage a consumer demographic that is typically achieved on the technology interruption bandwagon. The fact is that people are hygiene and diet-conscious, and this is the reason why the need for online diet food and diet coaches is increasing.

So, is your business ready for growing demand? Have you thought about the specific process of maintaining your business during a virus outbreak?

Now, let us see how the development of your application can help older adults during such a lockdown or quarantine period.

How is the Diet App useful for senior citizens?

When you are working with older adults, you have to work with all facilities like children. Thus, if you are one of the best apps to investigate the elderly, then you have to study all possible scenarios of the accident with them and develop the app accordingly.

Many seniors signing up now will appreciate the convenience of your weight loss app. Their smartphone will become an ideal tool for managing the diet, activity levels, doctor appointments, and more. In addition, your app can become a one-stop destination anytime, anywhere, for checking symptoms, browsing experts, making better food choices, counting calories, or a quick tap of the screen for mindfulness.

Help with food and essential things:

If you want to be the top diet and nutrition app for elderly monitoring, then you need to include some additional functionality. At the time of COVID-19, such as the flu, many incurable substances are in stock in people’s homes such as sanitizers and toilet paper. If you see a real need to use such essentials, older adults will top the chart.

According to a report in The New York Times, 60% of Americans have at least one chronic condition; 40% have more than one.

With this facility, they can inform their neighbors about their shopping list by selecting the required diet food and items. They can help them set up a revolving distribution from the grocery store, and so seniors stay indoor without future concerns.

To maintain a food database, integrate a weight tracker, a calorie counter:

These tasks should be done to keep your daily diet plans and food database in your elderly monitoring app. Let us understand these feature integrations.

  • Weight Tracker: When we talk about senior health criteria, there are many diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, which trigger their weight gain or weight loss. Thus, you need to integrate a tracker that defines their health goals according to their weight.


  • Calorie Counter: To monitor their calorie intake, your diet application should have a calorie counter. As beginners, they may take some time to adjust to add and measure their calories throughout the day, but eventually, it will become much easier for them.


  • Meal Plan: Make a meal planner for a week or a month. This will help them adapt to a healthy lifestyle and maintain a regime with dietary food and products. Through machine learning technology, you can easily maintain health records and predict their next meal along with their health status. This will make your application attractive and rich with AI-based solutions.

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