Are you aware of the fact that while you are reading this blog what all is happening in Digital world in just 1 sec?


In 1 second

10,320 Tweets

are sent

In 1 second

2,820 Instagram photos

get uploaded in Internet

In 1 second

30,421GB of Internet traffic

is observed

In 1 second

51,066 Google searches

are performed

In 1 second

109,601YouTube videos

are viewed

In 1 second


are sent


Whoa !! This is the pace of digital world that is accentuating every second. The preference of people are changing. They are looking for website; awestruck

website design and web development

. They are looking for product details online and decide their choice then and there. Easy and finger-tip click is what the audience looking for.


It’s high time for vendors and business owners; mark your footprint with a



that can actually pull your customer’s glance over and again. Providing you package of complete website features, we are a team of expertise developers, responsive website, application builders, graphic designers, SEO handlers, android developers and mobile application developers. By the way, there are more in the package that is offering you; recognizing your requirement which will be proportional to current market need and stability. So that you remain ahead and stable for long time in the business market.


Like any other company, we believe in action rather than words, so experience our good will features to see your tree of benefits growing high and never ever dry. 100% customer satisfaction is real and truth with Panacea Infotech Pvt. Ltd.


Still thinking? Seconds are going…


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