With the advent of sophisticated technologies, customer touchpoints have increased, thereby assuring them seamless services instantly. This has created tremendous opportunities for mobile app development companies to think laterally and develop solutions that focus on speed, flexibility, and convenience for customers. On-demand app solutions are one such category apps that have taken mobile app development to new heights. Nowadays, businesses are investing in developing advanced platforms that serve the specific needs of the customers in niche segments.

Doctor on-demand apps, also known as telemedicine apps, are one such type that is going to redefine the customer experience in the health care industry in 2020. Uberification of the health care industry is here empowering customers and users to find a doctor when needed, just like they can find a cab when needed. The health care industry is moving towards retail advancement with on-demand doctor apps for both iOS and Android.


How Uberization is driving Doctor On-Demand Apps?

It is a well-known fact that Uber has established itself as an exemplary business model in the global market. With highly customer-centric functionalities and competency to offer service instantly on-demand, Uber has inspired millions of app developers to replicate their success story by launching uber-like apps in every industry. The direct impact is visible on the customer expectations that are rising day-by-day with the advent of such apps.


Doctor on-Demand apps also operate on the same lines by offering a unique platform to the customers from where they can book appointments with doctors, take online consultations, compare consultation fee, check feedbacks of doctors, chat instantly while reviewing the various specialists and doctors available under any department. They are highly focused apps as far as customer convenience is concerned. Not only they are available 24*7, but they also offer secure payment options and emergency services. It would not be superfluous to say that on-demand doctor apps will change the way how users will transact in the healthcare industry in 2020.


Scope of Doctor On-Demand Apps in Digital Health Care Market

According to the Global Market Insights, the worldwide digital health market is expected to reach $504.4bn by 2025. The major drivers responsible for the growth include the usage of smartphones at a prolific rate, excellent data connectivity, high levels of digital knowledge, numerous mHealth apps, and quick adoption rate among patients and physicians. The data indicate that 2020 offers a vast scope for open and accessible tech-driven platforms like doctor on-demand apps that serve clinicians as well as patients and support the therapeutic relationship between them. Thus, mobile app development companies and businesses should invest in developing smartphone apps that lie at the intersection of patients’ need for trust, control, and community and clinician demands for transparency and access.


Benefits of Doctor On-Demand Apps

Being pocket-friendly, doctor on-demand apps are acting as lifesavers for patients and will continue to remain bliss for all the stakeholders in 2020. Check out the benefits of doctor on-demand apps to understand the potential in this sector, thereby inspiring your healthcare business to launch a mobile app on Android and iOS.

    • Rendering medical services at patients’ doorstep
    • Instant connectivity with doctors, experts, and specialists
    • Assistance in emergencies
    • A complete profile of doctors with reviews and real-time feedback from patients
    • Secure appointment booking system based on the availability of doctors in real-time
    • Quick and popular modes of payment
    • Online consultation
    • In-app messaging with doctors
    • Access to doctors’ location
    • Digital Prescriptions
    • Video calls with doctors
    • Immediate house visits for chronic patients thus facilitating crowd management in the hospitals
    • Optimal utilization of time, efforts and money of patients
    • Insurance coverage for house visits and virtual consultations
    • Digital records of reports, medical history of patients that can be retrieved anytime
    • Availability of cashless treatment facility


    Where to find Reliable On-Demand Mobile App Development Company?

    Doctor on-demand apps are easy-to-use solutions that are radically simplifying the user experience and contributing to the growth of the digital healthcare system. If you are functional in the healthcare industry, your business must invest in a doctor on-demand app for your patrons for their convenience. However, it is essential to choose a reliable and reputed mobile app development company for exceptional results.


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