The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the world to find innovative and practical approaches to improve teaching and learning. An unprecedented wave of online learning offers the opportunity to reinvent new methods of education.

Due to a large number of schools closed, there is considerable interest in online learning and solutions with EdTech, which uses digital technologies and innovations to improve teaching and learning. Many have adopted short-term solutions to pandemic challenges with their medium and long-term educational goals.

The educational sector has undergone many technological changes in recent decades. As new systems, platforms and applications have paved the way for new pedagogies and new ways of approaching the learning process.

According to a joint study led by KPMG and Google state that;

Online certification and reskilling course is the leading category with valuation of approximately $93 Million.Primary and secondary education is expected to be largest category by 2021 and grow at a CAGR of 60%.

Key Factors Driving Online Educational Technology Worldwide

Internet Penetration

Due to the increasing reach and cost reduction of the Internet, a large population can connect and gain access to this market.

Delivery Mode 

Dissatisfaction in the current educational system will take people to a new delivery model.

Increase Bandwidth

With the increase in Internet bandwidth, online viewing of video content has become easy.

Available profit

Increasing disposable income across the country will give Indian Edtech a boost.

Low Costs

Online education is a considerably cheap alternative.

Job Research

An increasing number of job seekers will require sector-specific and tech-driven training

However, if asked about the readiness of infrastructure we have today? It is for sure that we have already established expertise in modernized way of learning

Institutions that previously worked with digital education platforms have already benefited from their contemporary approach during the COVID-19 crisis. These schools entirely dominated the sudden transition to homeschooling, facilitating students’ and parents’ adjustment process. An initial investment in equipment and software and teacher training has enabled them to continue their operations with minimal disruption.

Why Is EdtechBeneficial In a Pandemic?

New digital applications now expand the spectrum of social education, virtually recreating the classroom experience, enabling group learning, small group sessions as a team, and online project collaboration.

Below are some of the key pointers that make online learning a simple model.

  • Diverse mediums

Thanks to growing perimeter of internet, collaborative platforms integrated with robotics, podcasts, whiteboards, VR, and others.

  • Influencing AR and VR

This technologies play a critical role in clarifying basic information with live experience of subject.

  • Visual content platforms

This segment has opened huge opportunities in education sector. With powerful learning apps and its direct access through smartphones has a huge learning audience. It offers access to curriculum videos and learning material with required resources.

  • Booming cloud-based LMS

Cloud-based learning has enabled remote learning at fingers tips.

The E-learning led momentum will persist for a long time here

The digital transformation of education did not happen overnight; resistance to change and reluctance to apply new teaching methods were collective. And while that thinking still exists, to a lesser extent, most educational institutions today recognize the positive influence that technology can have on the learning process.

Globalization will continue to bring new opportunities and challenges for people – conditions in which EdTech thrives and offers solutions for complex situations. Therefore, experts agree that the importance of this sector during COVID-19 predicts structural integration in most forms of learning in the near future.

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