COVID-19 outbreak has changed the entire way businesses used to work and make the enterprises owners to rethink about their business strategies and plan for survival.  Most of the businesses are facing huge losses due to massive shutdowns across the globe.

However, outbreaks of coronavirus have opened up many windows of opportunities for the on-demand delivery industry. Taking an example of food delivery, as government regulations being implemented in close cafes and restaurants, people are using the on-demand app solutions more. As per the CNBC, Grab’s food delivery business has increased by 20% in the last few days as people do not like to go out during an outbreak of coronavirus.

However, not keeping delivery workers and customers in direct physical contact has subsequently become a challenge. But delivery companies like Postmates have found a way to tackle that challenge by introducing some more features in their delivery apps. They have added a new feature to their app and introduced ‘non-contact’ distribution. The core ambition of the introduction of ‘non-contact’ delivery was reducing the spread of coronaviruses when its contract workers were distributing food.

On-demand app development helping business in future:

Let’s understand the step wise elements, where you can survive in this uncertain business environment and also lay out a base of potential business growth for future with on-demand app development:

  • Set Long term Goals:

Don’t set your goal just for an on-demand app development for earning money from it because of the coronavirus outbreak. Instead, aim to set long-term goals and use the boom made by coronavirus outbreak in the on-demand industry for building a robust user base.

This means that the initial step should be about defining your short term and long term needs and goals and preparing a business plan. Your business strategy must have locations, business models, app feature sets, targeted users, legal concerns, and marketing campaigns.

  • Approach companies who have the business ready app:

Choose an on-demand app development company carefully!

Amid growing fears of Coronavirus, various countries are closing cities and asking companies to close their offices or implement work-at-home policies. Therefore, if you outsource your project to the app development company of the profoundly affected country, you will not get excellent output and timely app delivery.

Apart from this, you should also keep in mind the time of app development and delivery as you only have window time of 60-80 days to release an on-demand app. If you miss the window at this time, you will lose the business opportunity created by Coronavirus.

  • Identify scope by sharing business plan:

After you contact an on-demand app development company, showcase your business plan so that the team of business experts can analyze your idea and look towards the scope in it.

As consulting with expert’ plays an important role, have words with the business experts continuously, and discuss everything from business models, app design, legality, feature set, and marketing campaigns.

  • Make iterations with changing dimensions:

Almost every on demand mobile development company provides an update of the app development process daily or weekly. So, at the time they give you updates or tell you the basic design and work of the app, do not bend it. If you don’t like it, ask them to change the configuration or feature directly.

Besides, keep an eagle eye on the outbreak of Coronavirus and make necessary changes to your app’s features, business model, and marketing campaign with the evolving landscape. Finally, you have to use the business opportunity created by the coronavirus outbreak to quickly promote your delivery business along with providing the best services to the people.

  • Making live a Bug Free App:

Finally, when your hired on-demand app development company, delivers the app developed for you, make sure there are no bugs in it. Because if your app has many flaws and you deploy them without solving, it directly impacts the user experience. And if your IT partner fixes those bugs, it delays app deployment. Meaning, none of the options here are helping you except the bug-app from the app development company!

  • Engaging marketing campaign:

When it is about going ahead with a marketing campaign, it is essential to be very specific. Do not promote all types of features or functionality. Instead, come up with the 2-3 unique features that can help the users to do seamless orders at the hard time of the Corona outbreak when the people are quarantined at their home.

Besides, focus on short term goals, try to build an initial user base, and do not focus too much on long term goals of the past. For example, you should focus on ‘non-contact’ delivery as it is trending rather than aiming at standard functionalities of the app.

Future sustainability of On-demand Mobile Apps?

Coronavirus is not going here always and forever. But you will have your app! Thus, the adoption of new changes in the on-demand app market is an essential critical step in the upcoming future. If you fail to keep your app parallel to market changes, your app will not survive for long.

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