Magento is one of the most reliable open source platforms that have seen enormous growth in the ecommerce industry in these recent years. So, if you are a Magento user just like thousands of others, then you probably be aware that the default Magento setup doesn’t provide any extensions for online stores. Nevertheless, Magento is a platform, not an entire solution for every business, so when Magento comes packed with a number of features, and then there is a process of integrating additional components which can help to expand the functionality of this platform. So, by using the combination of all the best Magento extensions, you can fulfill the requirement of your online store in the best possible way.



Why You Need the Best Magento Extensions


The reason for choosing Magento extensions are to saves your Magento ecommerce development cost as well as the time to build new module because there are Magento extensions which are available to help you for providing the capabilities of your ecommerce store. Therefore, by using Magento extensions will not only help to speed up your work, but it can also enhance the efficiency of the website’s backend. So, to explain it further, Magento extension is a collection of methods which can add extra functionality to the Magento store, so if you want to manage sales, process bulk orders, makes the checkout process more accessible and convenient then you don’t need to worry because there is an extension available for everything. So, below are the given list of Magneto extensions for 2019 and all the extensions listed here are trustworthy and compatible with Magento platforms.



OneSaas help to automate your business by connecting business apps across ecommerce, accounting, billing and invoicing, CRM, fulfillment, inventory management, and email marketing. So, it also helps to connect its multiple sales channels to a single account for ensuring that the stock levels are up to date. However, it also eliminates human error from manual data entry and shortcuts, so OneSaas automates all the data which are related to your quotes, invoices, orders, payments, and receipts by including all line items related products to stock updates and customer details by using Magento Quickbooks extensions.


Magento 2 Instagram Connect


Instagram is one of the most notable social media channels which has become an effective way to advertise your products. As Magento 2 Instagram connect extension to  help you for fetching all the posts from your Instagram profile and then presents them to the Magento 2 store because the easy configuration allows you to connect Instagram profile with Magento 2 store where you can display the images on the product detail page, or you can also create a widget to display images anywhere on the store. Nevertheless, you just need to select the tag and hash tag with the product tag it on Instagram pictures and if you want you can also buy followers from the best site to buy Instagram followers to increase your engagement on the social media platform..


MageMob app builder


Magento MageMob app builder allows you to create a mobile app for your

Magento eCommerce development

, where it enables you to display your products on different types of blocks as well as their advanced features like recently viewed product also help for increasing conversions. So, it gives you the options for customers to search the product and filter out search results to find what they are looking. Therefore, you need to create an app that can give user-friendly experience to iOS Android users, so that it can access your eCommerce store from their smartphones as well as tablets. Besides, you can also provide several other features such as product search, notification, product reviews for your admin and customer.




SEO Hub is one of the best SEO extensions for Magento as it helps you to manage Meta tags, data feeds, canonical URLs, and so on. So, apart from the features which are provided by conventional extensions also provide some value added features such as setting the amount of products on which the template can be applied, provision to set limits for metadata, notification when execution goes wrong etc. Therefore, the extension can also help you for assuring that your ecommerce store ranks high on some of the best search engines.


Shop by brand


A perfect mobile app for the eCommerce store owners for having brand conscious customer is the Shop by brand Magento extension as it helps them to make their brand shopping easy and seamless. However, it enables the store owners to add brand feature to products and then shows products clearly with their brand name as well as specification. So, this helps the customer to filter the product brand wise, add the brand menu, assign an individual page for each brand, create brand slider and can do much more as this product can also be obtained at the most cost effective rates.


Delivery date scheduler


Online customer’s today hate the word anticipation, so if you don’t want to disappoint your customers for making delivery to them on time, then delivery date scheduler can help them. So, all you need to install Magento order delivery date extension, and then will be able to provide your customers timely, and convenient deliveries on your eCommerce store and it will let them decide their preferable time of delivery. Thus, this extension can help them to take care of your delivery deadline like an expert.


So, for wrapping up above given extensions are the significant ways for remodeling your ecommerce store faster and by using the right type of extensions for the business. It is not only helping for enhancing your productivity, but it can also help you in making your work easy. Hence, you can start including these extensions to improve your increase engagement, store performance, as well as to get more conversions.


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