Wellness Official


Wellness Official – an online marketplace of practitioners & brands for the global wellness community.  On this platform, the customer will register on website, search for products & make payment for purchasing that product. Customers can also search for the practitioner, view their calendar availability & booked appointment with them by making payment. This platform also allows the customer to view the articles posted by the Practitioner.

On the other hand, the Practitioner will register on the website as an Individual or company, take a subscription plan for opening the store, list their product & sell it to the customer. The practitioner can also write articles about their products & post them on the website. The practitioner can also schedule their availability on the calendar & receive an appointment request from the customer. Practitioners as a Company can do the registration of their employees, schedule employee’s availability on the calendar, receive appointment requests from the customer then the employee can log in into the website and view their appointment requests.

Awesome Feature:
  • View Product catalog: Customers will see the list of categories of products
  • Check Delivery Availability: Customer can check for delivery availability by entering the Zipcode
  • Message- The customer will be able to communicate with the Practitioners/Employee by sending the messages.
  • Book Appointment- The customer will be able to book an appointment with Practitioners/Employees.
  • Rating and Review- The customer can rate and review a product/ Practitioner once he has purchased the product or service is completed
  • Cancel product: The customer has facility to cancel the product, appointment if he wishes to do.
  • Refund: Customer can ask for a refund from a product order, appointment.
  • Track order: The customer will track his ordered product.

Key Features for Practitioner

  • Create Store: Practitioners will make registration of their store by entering the required details & taking a subscription plan.
  • Upload products- Practitioners can upload products to their stores.
  • Create Employee Account- Practitioners who are registering as a Company only those will have the facility to create their employee’s account here.
  • Manage Availability- Practitioner & employee will be able to schedule their slots according to their availability.
  • Appointment Request- Practitioner & Employee will get a notification if any Customer wants to book an appointment with them.
  • Article Posting- Practitioner will be able to write the article for their product & also put Meta tags & keywords for the articles. The articles will be displayed in their store.
  • Shipping Management: Practitioner will manage the deliveries according to product orders received from different customers
  • Order Management- Practitioner will manage his orders received from different customers


  • Meeting the design expectation of Client as the Client was fond of Website design.
  • Strip split payment integration



The STARCKE organization is a medium-sized independent fourth-generation family business and one of the major abrasive suppliers in the market. The idea of the project is to provide a Magento based eCommerce website and native Android and iOS mobile application for car care products and to integrate the ERP to synchronize the data in realtime. The guest user can search for a product, view product details, and can request for quote whereas the logged-in customer will search for the products with the help of categories and sub-categories, and accordingly will able to view the listing of products and its details. The customer will choose a product, add to the shopping cart and make an online payment. On the other hand, the admin user can manage the orders, users, quote requests, products, sub-admin, and roles and privileges.

Awesome Feature:
  • Product Catalog: The user can see the list of categories of products.
  • Compare products: Customer can compare the different products
  • Add to Wish list: User will add any product to the wish list, which he wishes to buy it in the future.
  • Ask Quote: If a product included various variations of the product then the user can request a quote for single or multiple product variations.
  • Track order: The user will track his ordered product.
  • Add Tags: The customer can add their tags to the product.
  • Place Order: Once the user submits the quote request to the admin, the admin user will calculate the quote and forward the quote on the email to that user. Once the user agrees for the quote, then the admin will place the order for that product on behalf of the user.
  • Integrated ERP system to manage Customer, Product, Custom product price, order close, an order placed, and invoice


  • Implementation of Quote functionality.
  • Integration of ERP system with Magento admin panel (as we had a deal with local ERP company)
  • Meeting up the design expectation



AppBrowzer is India’s best All In One App. It is an all in one online shopping app for all your daily needs and gives you instant access to all the top online shopping apps like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Shopclues, etc. You can also play games, do Easy Mobile Recharge, Postpaid mobile bill payment, Free mobile recharge, price comparisons, book cabs, movie tickets, flight, bus and train tickets, get the latest deals, offers, and coupons, read the news, browse games apps and much more. AppBrowzer has its own dedicated Web Browser – Swipe Browser! It is recognized as the best all in one app for shopping and productivity with over 800k+ monthly active users and over 5 MILLION Installs on the play store! Having over 200+ instant apps on AppBrowzer, it helps you to save your time as well as your phone’s space.

Awesome Feature
  • All In One Online Shopping App – Shop on all major apps like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Shopclues, etc. The app helps you compare prices between all the latest online shopping apps (Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Myntra, and many more).
  • All In One Social App – Access social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • All In One Food Ordering App – Order your favorite food from your favorite online food ordering apps- FoodPanda, Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats, FreshMenu, etc.
  • All In One Deals App – Local and daily deals for restaurants, spa, salon, groceries, cabs around you.
  • All In One Utility App – Manage your recharging formality for free recharge mobile and DTH, Pay postpaid bill of your mobile using AppBrowser.
  • All In One Cab App – AppBrowser helps you compare prices on both Ola and Uber.
  • All In One Flight App – AppBrowser helps you compare prices and book flight tickets from apps like Goibibo, MMT, etc.
  • All In One Games App – Get the latest Mobile Games and Earn Money Online daily on AppBrowzer. Watch out for the premier league of games in the games section!


  • The client was very specific in terms of designs of the app and to meet the client design expectation was the biggest challenge
  • Implementation of recharge module feature with the help of the third party like EasyPay, and Cyrusrecharge
  • Storing the changeable recharge packages of mobile and DTH on the platform



Yakolia is a food delivery native Android mobile application for a single restaurant. On this platform, the admin will upload the menus and their details for Monday – Friday. This platform allows the user to search for the menu, view menu details, order a dish for today, pay for the dish in cash and schedule a dish of tomorrow.

Awesome Feature

Key Features of App:

  • Change Language- The user has an option to select preferred language either the English or French
  • View a menu of the day and dishes of the next day
  • View events (promotions, recipes) published by the admin
  • Vote the best dish of the week, add a dish to the favorites, comment on the dishes of the day, and share the favorite dishes on social networks.
  • Schedule order- Select the date or day for ordering dish
  • Push notifications- Get push notification from the system
  • Place order- Add dish to cart, select quantity, add the special notes, and enter the delivery address to place order
  • Give feedback- Make suggestions to help us improve our service

Key Features of the Admin Console:

  • Dashboard- View the count of customer, orders, and dishes
  • Manage Dishes- Admin can add/ edit/ view/ delete all the details of the dishes.
  • Manage Events- The admin can post the events (promotions, recipes) and can also edit the details of the event and delete the event.
  • Manage Orders- Admin can view a listing of placed orders by customers and can change the order status once the order is ready.
  • Manage Feedback- The admin can see the feedback given by the users for their service


  • The client was very specific in terms of designs of the app and to meet the client design expectation was the biggest challenge
  • Multilingual functionality – English, French
  • Manage dishes as per the current day and next day



The concept of the project is to re-develop existing android & iOS applications in native technology for a smartphone. The Kcal Life App allows you to browse the menu and order deliveries from your favorite creative-healthy restaurant.

Awesome Feature

Core features front side:

  • Find a restaurant: The customer can view listed cities of the emirate.
  • Loyalty program integration
  • Weekly Order: The customer can view all the available offers of the particular week of particular menus.
  • Customers will have the facility to repeat the same order.
  • Integration with Insider


  • Loyalty Program functionality implementation
  • Striking the previous dates that are not available for weekly order
  • Dependencies increased as we didn’t have the Webservices with us
  • The application is dependent on the Website so managing accordingly was a bit challenging



Gereeb is an Arabic word means close by, but it also means comfortable, convenient, safe and affordable ride. Gereeb offers passengers an easy way to find a taxi in their daily movements from home to work and to places where they enjoy with more affordable and comfortable taxi rides. Employees can share a taxi in a smart way to reach their workplace with major savings. Parents can ensure transportation to their family members in safe manner. College Students can return to their home having a fun time during the ride. Live passenger tracking makes it convenient for our taxi drivers to reach on the exact location without wasting time. With Gereeb, Taxi drivers will be able to provide easier and safer service to the society, can now have easy financial settlements and at the same time reduce traffic jams, car accidents, traffic tickets and finally fuel consumption when the taxi is routing search for a passenger.

Awesome Feature

Key Features of Passenger App:

  • Book Now – Quickly book a taxi in a few seconds.
  • Scheduled for Later- Schedule a taxi for a future date and time.
  • Get Real Time Arrival – Get accurate arrival times of their taxi.
  • Get a Fare Estimation- Get approximate fares by providing their start & destination point.
  • Seamless Payment- Pay the fare by cash, wallet, and partial cash & wallet
  • Track Driver – View their driver location on a map in real time.
  • Promo Codes – Apply promo/offer codes to save a few bucks.
  • Cancel Booking – Cancel rides anytime in case of any changes.
  • Contact Driver – Communicate with the driver using application inbuilt messaging and call system after booking
  • Ride History – View all their ongoing, future & completed rides in one place.
  • Invite Friends – Invite their friends & receive the free
  • Mark as Favorite – Mark any address as a favorite for their consistent rides
  • Middle Destination- Should have the option to have a two-stop ride by specifying the middle destination
  • Book for Other- Book ride for friends, family, etc.

Key Features of Driver App

  • Easy Onboarding – Simple registration process of the driver to get started.
  • Add Documents- Upload necessary documents like Civil ID, Driving License, Taxi Driving Permission, and Car Registration Document to verify the profile
  • Availability Status- To change availability status, the driver can toggle between two: Online/Offline
  • Accept/Reject Request- Once a request is received, the driver can review the ride details & accept/reject the ride in the limited time frame.
  • Contact Passenger- Communicate with the passenger using application inbuilt messaging and call system after booking
  • Start & End Ride- Mark starts the ride and end a ride to get automated bills.
  • Ride Information- Get necessary details about their Passenger for a seamless pickup and drop.
  • Map Navigation- Google maps navigation to get the best route to pick up & drop off location.
  • Ride History- View all their ongoing, future & completed rides in one place.
  • Invite Friends- Invite their friends & receive free credit.

Key Features of the Admin Console

  • Dashboard- Get quick summary, statistics on operation, and performance.
  • Manage Drivers- Add/Edit/Delete the driver, Active/Inactive driver status, Review driver request.
  • Manage Passenger- Admin can view details of all the platform users, see their ride details, and more.
  • Manage Rides- Manage all the ride details at one place
  • Manage reports- Get useful stats and insights to make data-driven decisions and grow the platform.
  • Manage Taxi type- Update your taxi offering to different passengers.
  • Manage Finance- view the driver finance information and generate payment voucher & payment receipt
  • Manage Booking Requests- View all the incoming booking requests, driver details who accept request, status, etc.
  • Manage region- Add/Edit/Delete the regions to provide the taxi booking service as a part of an operation
  • Manage Fare- Manage the fare setting according to taxi type and region
  • Manage Target Plans- Create target plans, assign to the drivers, and provide discount after completion of the target plan.


  • The client was very specific in terms of designs of the app and to meet the client design expectation was the biggest challenge
  • Waiting time calculation
  • Show the planned & actual traveled route on the map
  • Partial payment functionality
  • Quick Matching Algorithm to assign the request to nearest 5 drivers
  • Multilingual functionality




Wishvite is a new way of creating social expressions. It provides users with a wide range of customizable greeting cards to send well wishes and messages for various events and occasions. The greeting cards available on the side are segregated into various categories that enable users to find greeting cards for certain event or occasion easily. Users can select any greeting card and customize it with their own choice of image, color, text and many more. They can send their self-created greeting cards via email or share them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and WhatsApp.

Awesome Feature
  • Select ecards from variety of ecard categories.
  • Send customized ecards for almost every event and occasion.
  • Create address Book, import Facebook contacts and create own contacts.
  • Merge device contacts with imported contacts.
  • Share ecards on Facebook timeline.
  • Send greeting cards to a single person or multiple individuals.
  • Social Media Integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, WhatsApp, Email, Pinterest with Drafts Facility.

iResumes App


iResumes is an effective and user-friendly online resume builder that allows users to create professional-looking resume in just a few minutes. It is the most powerful resume maker available at App store that can be installed and handled with a great easy. Users can create and send well-formatted resumes, cover letter, thank you/follow up letters and resignation letters at the tip of their fingers. The app allows users to view resume in PDF document and send it via email within the app.

Awesome Feature
  • Step-by-step resume writing wizard to create resume without any hassle.
  • Create multiple resume for multiple job positions.
  • Facebook login.
  • View resume in PDF format and sent it via email.
  • Create and send cover letter, thank you letter and resignation letter etc.

Zezzly cartoon video messenger


The concept of the project was to develop a group video messenger, an iOS native app for online video texting and informative website much similar to the glide and talking Tom. This app allows users to record video and sent it as a message to a friend or share it in a group. This is a broadcasting cartoon video messenger where users can share videos with all their friends. It provides users with an unique and exciting way to conduct messaging activity. Users can create account, add friends and invite them to connect. The messenger features two comic characters. Dog for men and cat for women. Users can choose these characters and start chatting with each other. These characters make users’ journey a sheer fun with some special effects such as poke, tickle, sneeze, laugh and  groan. Furthermore, users can record their messages in the voice of cartoon characters and share them with friends.

Awesome Feature
  • Record videos and send them to friends.
  • One to one and Group chatting functionality.
  • Video chatting functionality.
  • Smileys and Text messaging.
  • Voice recording integrated with animated Cartoon.
  • Sharing of videos on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Play with cartoon with effects such as Laugh, Tickle, Sneeze etc.
  • Invitation Notifications to the Facebook or Twitter user.
  • Integration of Facebook and twitter for login and contacts fetching.
  • Video chatting functionality integration.

GPS Route Tracker


This app enables users to find the distance between two places on the map and also get the Route Direction in detail with the option of “walk” or “driving a car”. It will also help in showing multiple paths/routes on the map with detailed information like the amount of distance travelled and estimated time for the same. Users can find nearby Restaurants, ATM, Airport, Bank, Bar, Beauty Salon, Bus Station, Cafe, Casino, Church, Doctor, Electrician, Food, Gym, Hospital, Library, Movie Theaters, Park, Police Station, Post Office, School, and Shopping Mall etc. Users can also find all the above-mentioned places in the map with pinpoints where the complete address and directions from the current location can be viewed. The App is useful for Marathon Runners to keep track of location, distance travelled, average speed and time taken.

Awesome Feature
  • Track location from start to end.
  • Record the tracking details of past routes which include start time, end time, duration and distance.
  • Share direction via Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.
  • Choose Map type either standard or satellite.
  • Find the distance between two places and also get direction from source to destination with detailed information.
  • Use GPS to map your running, walking and cycling routes.