Textbookmango.com is the book lover platform who likes to read books but can’t afford to purchase them. The site enables users to search books and buy them on rent. Users can get books on rent, use them for certain period of time and return them to the site. They can also use the site to make their own books available for rent or sell.

Awesome Feature
  • Search accurate books as per keyword entered keyword.
  • Approve well-conditioned Books for rent from Admin panel.
  • Maintain rent duration for a particular book.
  • Multiple Payment options for purchasing the books.



ThaYam.com is India’s first online special effects custom t-shirt store. A precisely cut and stitched T-shirt makes you feel more comfortable. ThaYam T-shirts not only makes you look cool and smart, but also makes you look special! The website provides users with an online t-shirt customization tool to customize their favorite t-shirts with their own style preferences. Furthermore, users can make payment online with various payment options available on the site.

Awesome Feature
  • Product Selection.
  • Product Customization with integrated online t-shirt design tool.
  • Payment gateways for making payment online.
  • Designing an unique T-shirt customization tool with special effects to compete with other websites.
  • Implementation of category wise filtering and products display as per guys, girls and new arrivals.
  • Integration of multiple payment methods like online payment, PayPal and Net Banking with leading Banks.
  • Implementation of product sharing via Facebook and email.



Qube.asia is an E-commerce site for purchasing products such as CCTV cameras, DVRs, Smart TVs, and Computers etc. Website has included various Payment methods such as online payment gateway, online Banking, Cash on Delivery etc. with shipping facility.
The aim of Qube is to empower businesses, communities, customers and people everywhere with technology to realize their dreams.

Awesome Feature
  • Various product Categories.
  • Product Selection.
  • Enter discount codes.
  • Add to the shopping cart.
  • Online payment.
  • Implementation of categories of products with My Wish list.
  • Qube stores and Apps Drivers inclusion.
  • Shopping cart system integration.



This is a reverse auction website where user can select leather products such as bags, wallets, purses, and backpack etc. Users can select quantity and add that product to the cart. Also, they can check the status of availability products with a great ease.
The concept of the project is to develop an E-commerce website where admin will post the products from the backend while users (retailers and wholesalers) can browse through product categories & buy products as per their requirement by paying via credit card or depositing money to bank account. Users can also share their favorite products via  social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Awesome Feature
  • Interactive and user-friendly interface.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Product categories.
  • User-friendly admin panel.
  • Easily add and manage products from back-end.
  • Share products via social media.
  • Manage Server, Storage, Database, Data transfer, Support plan & Offer Cost from admin side.
  • Favorites and review management.
  • Database indexing to make search faster.
  • PayPal payment gateway implementation.



Neonblond is an E-commerce site for purchasing products such as gifts, card & postage, clothing & T-shirts, accessories, arts & posters etc. The website features various payment methods like online Banking and Cash on Delivery with shipping facility. Users can also enter discount codes while shopping as a regular customers. Sellers can create their own shop on the website and sell their products online.

Awesome Feature
  • Buyer and seller section for sellers to post their products for selling.
  • Create own shop.
  • Product Categories.
  • Shopping cart system.
  • My wish list to add favorite products.
  • Implementation of categories of products with My Wish list.

Market place


The concept of the website is to create an online marketplace site where buyers and sellers come together for the business purpose. Sellers open their shop online and add products in relevant categories available.  Buyers find those products by browsing through the categories and contact sellers. Although the actual buying and selling doesn’t happen through the website as a buyer has to contact a seller for buying that product. Website does not deal with any money related transaction. Buyers will contact the sellers through the website, if they want to buy a product.

Awesome Feature
  • Easy registration process for both the sellers and buyers.
  • Many product categories.
  • Create and manage online storefront.
  • User-friendly back-end to manage product categories.
  • Implementation of multilingual functionality.
  • Design management for the Arabic version of the website.
  • Management of dynamic categories in English and Arabic.
  • Changing client requirements.

Tailor Store


It is a designer tool for clothes such as shirts, pants, suits jackets etc. where user can purchase the products by browsing through the categories which are uploaded by the administrator. Users may customize the products in terms of fabric, style, pattern, contrast, measurement etc. and then buy them by adding to the cart and make payment via credit/debit cards or PayPal/cash on delivery payment method.

Awesome Feature
  • Interactive user-interface.
  • Multiple product customization.
  • Integrated with advanced customization features.
  • Secure payment gateways.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Developing functionality that meets client’s unique requirements.
  • Fresh and easy to adapt design.
  • Integration of secure payment gateways.
  • Designing site’s navigation.



GET style, a perfect beauty treatment marketplace where the supplier will be offering various beauty services like nail, facial, massage, face clean and skin cure. Here the customer can select and book a salon which they find the best. The website is designed with a friendly search bar and perfect dashboard for service provider and customer.

Awesome Feature
  • Marker Drag and Drop functionality for address locator on Google Map.
  • The Seller can add multiple skills to their profile.
  • Generates dynamic questionnaire along with their respective answers.
  • The Seller can manage the resource through calendar planner at any point of time.
  • A beauty parlor Sellers Profile picture can be cropped according to aspect ratios.
  • Management of Multiple salon and DBMS for the website.
  • Venue availability and master’s availability at the time of customers’ bookings.
  • Accomplishment of Resource through Google Calendar.

Choose so


This is an online store site that provides artistic with socks in the US. It is built with an attractive theme that catches visitor’s attention. It consists of the tool that allows users to customize socks in terms of various colors in the design. The system already consists of pre-set socks which are used for its own design.
Besides this, the system consists of simple shopping cart functionality for purchasing an item in any number of quantity all across the US. For users to subscribe for a subsequent month to the shop, they can do it by creating a recurring profile for it.


Awesome Feature
  • Product displays.
  • Shopping cart.
  • Custom tool.
  • Email subscription.
  • Integration of Communication functionality/ messaging system.
  • Implementation of an user-friendly dashboard for customers.
  • Tool integration.



This is an online salon service booking platform developed for the country of Portugal. The website provides users with the various services offered by the different venue owners who operate a variety of beauty treatment services. The venue owners can register with the site for offering their services. Customers can visit the site to find these services and book them easily. The site is integrated with an easy searching interfaces along wit well-designed dashboards for business owners and customers. The system is integrated with the MB payment gateway by which customers can pay for their bookings.

Awesome Feature
  • Sign Up
  • Sign In
  • Search functionality
  • Service management
  • Venue management
  • Service booking functionality
  • Calendar functionality
  • Payment Gateway integration [MB Payment gateway]
  • Multilingual functionality
  • Review and Rating
  • Social Media Integration
  • Calendar functionality
  • Service booking management
  • Discount management on services