Wishvite is a new way of creating social expressions. It provides users with a wide range of customizable greeting cards to send well wishes and messages for various events and occasions. The greeting cards available on the side are segregated into various categories that enable users to find greeting cards for certain event or occasion easily. Users can select any greeting card and customize it with their own choice of image, color, text and many more. They can send their self-created greeting cards via email or share them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and WhatsApp.

Awesome Feature
  • Select ecards from variety of ecard categories.
  • Send customized ecards for almost every event and occasion.
  • Create address Book, import Facebook contacts and create own contacts.
  • Merge device contacts with imported contacts.
  • Share ecards on Facebook timeline.
  • Send greeting cards to a single person or multiple individuals.
  • Social Media Integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, WhatsApp, Email, Pinterest with Drafts Facility.

iResumes App


iResumes is an effective and user-friendly online resume builder that allows users to create professional-looking resume in just a few minutes. It is the most powerful resume maker available at App store that can be installed and handled with a great easy. Users can create and send well-formatted resumes, cover letter, thank you/follow up letters and resignation letters at the tip of their fingers. The app allows users to view resume in PDF document and send it via email within the app.

Awesome Feature
  • Step-by-step resume writing wizard to create resume without any hassle.
  • Create multiple resume for multiple job positions.
  • Facebook login.
  • View resume in PDF format and sent it via email.
  • Create and send cover letter, thank you letter and resignation letter etc.

Zezzly cartoon video messenger


The concept of the project was to develop a group video messenger, an iOS native app for online video texting and informative website much similar to the glide and talking Tom. This app allows users to record video and sent it as a message to a friend or share it in a group. This is a broadcasting cartoon video messenger where users can share videos with all their friends. It provides users with an unique and exciting way to conduct messaging activity. Users can create account, add friends and invite them to connect. The messenger features two comic characters. Dog for men and cat for women. Users can choose these characters and start chatting with each other. These characters make users’ journey a sheer fun with some special effects such as poke, tickle, sneeze, laugh and  groan. Furthermore, users can record their messages in the voice of cartoon characters and share them with friends.

Awesome Feature
  • Record videos and send them to friends.
  • One to one and Group chatting functionality.
  • Video chatting functionality.
  • Smileys and Text messaging.
  • Voice recording integrated with animated Cartoon.
  • Sharing of videos on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Play with cartoon with effects such as Laugh, Tickle, Sneeze etc.
  • Invitation Notifications to the Facebook or Twitter user.
  • Integration of Facebook and twitter for login and contacts fetching.
  • Video chatting functionality integration.

GPS Route Tracker


This app enables users to find the distance between two places on the map and also get the Route Direction in detail with the option of “walk” or “driving a car”. It will also help in showing multiple paths/routes on the map with detailed information like the amount of distance travelled and estimated time for the same. Users can find nearby Restaurants, ATM, Airport, Bank, Bar, Beauty Salon, Bus Station, Cafe, Casino, Church, Doctor, Electrician, Food, Gym, Hospital, Library, Movie Theaters, Park, Police Station, Post Office, School, and Shopping Mall etc. Users can also find all the above-mentioned places in the map with pinpoints where the complete address and directions from the current location can be viewed. The App is useful for Marathon Runners to keep track of location, distance travelled, average speed and time taken.

Awesome Feature
  • Track location from start to end.
  • Record the tracking details of past routes which include start time, end time, duration and distance.
  • Share direction via Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.
  • Choose Map type either standard or satellite.
  • Find the distance between two places and also get direction from source to destination with detailed information.
  • Use GPS to map your running, walking and cycling routes.

SideLine App


Sideline brings a real world experience of watching live games on the mobile device. It is designed to be used as a second screen while watching a live sports event on TV. It empowers conversation with fellow passionate fans. It enables users to get engaged with all the fans or game viewers in an open forum. It also allows users to carry out personal discussion with the people of the same interest regardless of location they belong via private rooms that can be set up on the fly.

Awesome Feature
  • Group Chat Functionality.
  • Create forum for communication.
  • Connect with other fans.

Ledlightsg App


Ledlightsg is an ecommerce mobile app that makes it easy for its users to find and buy less expensive, yet high quality LED lights and tubes with just a few taps on their mobile. Whether you are looking for low-cost lights or tubes to replace with your old ones or need LED lights to cut your power bill or looking for cost-effective LED lights to decorate your place, Ledlightsg helps you to find and get the best quality LED lights in minimal cost at your fingertips.
Ledlightsg is an ecommerce platform that offers less expensive yet best in quality LED light products available in the market. Users simply have to log in into the app, select product from an appropriate product category, add products to the cart and checkout.

Awesome Feature
  • User-friendly front-end interface.
  • Product categories and product selection.
  • Product list.
  • Product comparison section to make the right choice.
  • Add to the cart.
  • Easy checkout.

JDH Developers App


JDH developers is a renowned name in the construction arena who is a well-recognized construction manager, design builder and contractor. This is a real estate app designed to sell available hotel properties belongs to JDH developers. This app is available for property management groups. Using this app, users can find the latest hotel properties available for sale, under contract properties and sold properties.

Awesome Feature
  • User-friendly design.
  • Easy search.
  • Region wise categories to find properties easily with filter option.
  • Property listings with address and distance details.
  • View a property on Map with address.

Local Pet Angels App


This app is for pet lovers. It satisfies their pet related needs smartly. Whether you have lost your pet, concerned about its health or found any abandon pet who needs help, Local pet angels comes to your help. It is a social network app for pet owners and lovers.
This is a platform where pet owners and lovers come together and solve pet related problems.

Awesome Feature
  • Find pet by geo-locating the place where you lost your pet and send alert to pet angels.
  • Send risk alert with pet’s picture for help.
  • Find the first aid for pet from nearby location or from the specific location.
  • Send alert about homeless or abandon pets.

AbridgeMe App


AbridgeMe is a news app that delivers fact-based stories and happenings in the form of news summaries to help users stay informed with latest news and happening around the world. Users can find every important news story ranging from disputes, wars, health, sports and more.
AbridgeMe offers unbiased news summaries written by experts. With AbridgeMe, you will find all important news updates in your pocket and always stay informed with the latest happenings.

Awesome Feature
  • Clean and concise news summaries to read the news within few seconds.
  • Easily find and read the latest news as well as world’s most discussed reference topics.
  • Share your favorite news summaries with others.
  • Swipe right and left to go to the next news.
  • Increase your knowledge by hitting the random button.
  • Go deep by diving into the latest news articles related to certain topic.
  • Integration of several news categories with certain features.
  • Developing swipe functionality.
  • Creation of user-friendly interface that showcase different news categories.

HokuMap App


HokuMap is an amazing app that brings great offers and coupons to the users. It sets users free from searching the latest offers and coupons in their vicinity. Once users install HokuMap, they just have to explore offers and coupons in their location. If you are next to the great offer or a coupon, you will be notified immediately. After receiving the notifications, you can visit the venue and grab the offer by showing your mobile device to the relevant authority.
HokuMap helps you to know about the latest offers and coupons as soon as they are released. You can reach to them instantly before anyone else and save dollars. Enjoy hiking route, shopping route, tour route and more with HokuMap.

Awesome Feature
  • Get notified with the latest offers and coupons next to you.
  • Learn about great offers before the others.
  • Visit the venue, show the offer using your device and get benefited.
  • Plenty of categories to search various offers easily.
  • Save your favorite offer in the separate folder.
  • Developing location wise search functionality as per client’s requirement.
  • Creating a system with interactive and user-friendly design.